OSYN Work Request

Turnaround: Please order as early as possible (morning) for next day shipping. Orders submitted later in the day can't get made until the following day; hence a day's delay for delivery.


Prices: They vary and depend on the source you choose in the "Synthesis Source" field. Prices are listed here (subject to change). Some vendors have waived the shipping charge. The Corelab charges $5 per order.
For OHSU accounts (only): use your FAID for the account.

Choose the outside synthesis source you prefer. If you choose "Other", elaborate in the Comment field below.
DNA oligo, RNA oligo, labelled or special
Scale is nanomoles of starting material. Contact Dr. Keller regarding coupling efficiency, yields and large scale synthesis needs.
Use IUB Characters for your normal sequence bases ( A,G,C,T,M,R,W,S,Y,K,V,H,D,B,N ). For modied bases and labels, use 5,6,7 or 8 and define in the comment field.


Special instructions or comments; explain labels/modified bases

Press "Confirm", then check/edit your entries, print a copy for your records, then press "Submit" to send us the data as an email. We'll add your work-request to the queue.

Ambiguous Bases, Modified Bases and Labels

There is no additional charge for degenerate oligos with ambiguous bases in the sequence. For modified bases and labels we simply add the price of the required special reagents to the regular fee.

If you have more than a few Oligos, this spreadsheet may be easier.

Please note: Our synthesis products are for research only.