Work Request

billing information

We perform long-read (Sanger) DNA sequencing & genomic analysis.  Additionally, we facilitate ordering oligonucleotide (DNA, RNA, siRNA) synthesis with outside service providers.

For DNA sequencing, please fill out this form: DSEQ Work Request. Then bring your samples to RJH 5330 [or the after-hours frig outside RJH 5340].  If dropping off at either CHH or PSU dropoff locations, please indicate under the comments section of your work request.  Pickup at CHH or PSU is Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings at 7:30am.

For Oligo synthesis, please fill out this form: OSYN Work Request

Unless you have lots of samples, in which case, skip this form, and instead: download one of the spreadsheets linked below.

If you have lots of DSEQ or OSYN samples instead of the regular billing and DSEQ or OSYN work-request forms, a spreadsheet may be easier to use.

Workrequest Billing Information

We will need the following information:
  • PI Name:  the last name of the principle investigator on the grant or PO used to pay for the DNA services
  • Alias or PO#:  either the OHSU alias to a grant, foundation or departmental account; or a PO# for non-OHSU clients 
  • FAID: Only used for OHSU accounts, it is the Fiscal Authority ID. Please contact your Department Administrator for help if you do not know your FAID code. Additional FAID info can be found at the IBS website.
  • Contact info: your name, phone and email; so we can contact you when the work is done.

DNA Sequencing Work-request Information

We will need the following information:
  • Service type: Pick the level of service you need. More information
  • Type of DNA template: Pick a template type, where "large" plasmids are >10 Kb, cosmids and BACS are >30 kb, small PCR products are <300 bp, large PCR products are >1000 bp. High GC templates have >60% GC content.
  • Template Purification Method: Let us know what vendor/product you used to purify your DNA template. This helps us with any troubleshooting we might need to do.
  • Sample Drop-off refrigerators: "after hours frig" outside RJH 5340, in the SRTC 425 corridor west walk-in 4 degree fridge at PSU, and by the 13th floor equipment room (13160) at CHH. Be sure to add sample location in the Comment field if you use the latter two refrigerators for your samples.  If dropping off at either CHH or PSU dropoff locations, pickup is Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings at 7:30am.

Oligo Synthesis Work-Request Information

We will need the following information:
  • Synthesis source: Choose one of our outside source providers.
  • Synthesis type: Choose either DNA (deoxy-oligo up to 150 nts long), RNA , or special. If the latter, please explain in the comment field.
  • Scale: Pick the scale of synthesis where 40 nmole is primer scale and more than enough for most applications , 200 nmole is for hybridization probes or other apps using tons of oligo, and 1 µmole if for physical studies and such.
  • Post-Synthesis Process: Simple desalting with a Nap-10 Sephadex column gives the highest yield and is recommended for most applications. Reverse-phase cartridge purification is selected if greater purity is required. We no longer offer PAGE purification as a service. Contact if you think you need this.
  • Enter Name and Sequence: There is room for up to ten (10) oligos on each work-request. If you need more, you might find using the batch order spreadsheet more convenient.
  • Comment: If the oligo is to be labeled, contains modified bases, or is unusual in other ways, include this info in the comment box. Example: a 5' biotinylated oligo would look something like: 5GATCGACT and the 5 would be defined as 5'-biotin in the comment box.