DSEQ Work Request

Capillary "Long read" Sequence Analysis

Capillary, fluorescent, Sanger cycle sequencing

We perform DNA sequencing & fragment analysis with our state-of-the-art, ABI 3730xl, capillary fluorescence instrument. Several levels of service are available to match your research needs and finances. We have a "break-even" fee structure, i.e., charge what it costs to provide the service.

(New clients: please read this!)

Notes on Template Purification

Please submit your sequencing requests through our iLab page

For questions regarding setting up your iLab account and submitting sequencing requests, email James at core@ohsu.edu.

If you are unable to set up your iLab account because your PI is unavailable please use the batch order spreadsheet and email your request to core@ohsu.edu.

Three Sample drop-off refrigerators:

  • Hiltop: RJH 5330 and RJH 5340
  • Waterfront: CLSB Loading Dock (directions on Contacts page)

Please Note: We are closed holidays.