DSEQ Work Request

Capillary "Long read" Sequence Analysis

Capillary, fluorescent, Sanger cycle sequencing

We perform DNA sequencing & fragment analysis with our state-of-the-art, ABI 3730xl, capillary fluorescence instrument. Several levels of service are available to match your research needs and finances. We have a "break-even" fee structure, i.e., charge what it costs to provide the service.

(New clients: please read this!)
 Notes on Template Purification

For lots of samples, the batch order spreadsheet might be easier to use.

Three Sample drop-off refrigerators: Hiltop: RJH 5330 and RJH 5340; Waterfront: CHH, Equipment Room 13160, and at PSU in STRC 425 corridor west walk-in 4-degree fridge

Please Note: We are closed holidays.


Last name of the Grant account PI.

For OHSU accounts: use your FAID for the account, format is 4 CAP LETTERS, 4 digits. For non-OHSU accounts: enter your email username

A = Cadillac, B = Hybrid, C = Scooter (economical), D = Bicycle (DIY), E = Fragment Analysis
Use 'Type' and 'Subtype' to customize cycle sequencing conditions.

Example: Exo/Sap or Qiagen tip-20, or QiaSpin, Promega Wizard SV, etc

Number of samples to run on the sequencer (note: one template in both directions is 2 runs).

Separate each name with a comma, no more than 13 characters per name.  Do not use these characters: \, /,:,*,?,",<,>,|   Also, do not use line-feeds or returns. Thanks!

Only needed for A and B mode samples.

Edit this field for special instructions and comments.


Required fields are bold. Press "Submit", then check your entries. Use "Edit" to make changes.  Print a copy for your records. Finally, (whew!) press "Confirm" to send us the data as an email. Remember:
Print the page first, then Confirm to send the work-request.

Then bring the samples to the core lab. An "after hours" frig is available too.

If you have lots of DNA sequencing samples, a spreadsheet may be easier to use: DSEQ Batch Order