Oligo Modifications & Labels

Solid-phase Synthesis Reagents

Solid-phase automated oligo synthesis

We can incorporate any modified nucleotide or chemical label that is available as a cyanoethyl-phosphoramidite (CEP). The list of available modifications and labels is huge and continues to grow. You can get an idea of the possibillities by looking at the Glen Research catalog. 5'-terminal phosphate, amino-linker or biotin can also be incorporated to allow off-machine coupling to an even larger range of compounds and applications. 

We only charge our standard synthesis fees for the scale and processing requested plus the list price of the "special reagent" required for incorporating the modification or label.

There is no additional charge for oligos synthesized with mixed base (ambiguity codes) positions.

Summary of single-letter code recommendations:
Symbol Meaning Origin of designation
G G Guanine
A A Adenine
T T Thymine
C C Cytosine
R G or A puRine
Y T or C pYrimidine
M A or C aMino
K G or T Keto
S G or C Strong interaction (3 H bonds)
W A or T Weak interaction (2 H bonds)
H A or C or T not-G, H follows G in the alphabet
B G or T or C not-A, B follows A
V G or C or A not-T (not-U), V follows U
D G or A or T not-C, D follows C
N G or A or T or C aNy

Definition of complementary symbols:

Symbol A B C D G H K M S T V W N
Complement T V G H C D M K S A B W N
* Source.