BioInformatics & Database Development

  • NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • Entrez Genomes Project - NCBI's Complete Microbial Genomes Database
  • UCSC Genome Browser Wiki Site - another awesome resource
  • Ensemble - EMBL & Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute browser
  • EMBOSS explorer gui On-line access to the European MolBio Open Source Software suite of tools
  • Useful Links - excellent, curated list from U. Nottingham Molecular Evolution Lab

Other Research Resources

  • RDA Shared Research Resources The Research Development and Administration Office maintains a website with links to many of the Core Facilities & shared research resources at OHSU. It's a good place to start for research services.
  • The Cancer Institute Core Facilities The OHSU Cancer Institute subsidizes several shared resources for the use of its members as a way to control costs while providing top quality laboratory work and rapid results.
  • ABRF Yellow Pages The Association for Biomolecular Research Resource Facilities ( maintains a "Yellow Pages" for finding research resources that have registered with the ABRF.
  • Amino-acid Analysis AAAServs is a GLP facility offering high quality amino acid analysis with rapid turnaround time.
  • The BioAnalytical Shared Resource This OHSU Phys/Pharm core facility provides training and instrumentation (HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS) for the analysis and identification of small molecules.
  • High Resolution NMR at OHSU A new core facility here at OHSU; it is located in BRB 640A. High-resolution NMR can unequivically identify many bio-molecules such as neurotransmitters and metabolites.
  • Glen Research nucleic-acid synthesis reagent company Glen Research offers a wide range of phosphoramidites and solid supports for the modification and labeling of DNA and RNA oligos.
  • BioCompare search page for custom peptide synthesis A source for commercial peptide synthesis options. It is not clear how they are funded, but they claim to be quite comprehensive as a source for product information. Use in combination with the ABRF link (above).
  • GMP synthesis and PAGE purified oligonucleotides Oligos Etc can do PAGE purification and GMP synthesis for clinical (and pre-clinical) applications.

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