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DNA Analysis Core Facility

CROET / Richard Jones Hall Quad
We are located on the hilltop campus of Oregon Health & Science University in Richard Jones Hall, Room 5330 Basic Sciences (building 18 on map)

The core facility director is Chris Harrington, Ph.D., phone 503-418-2737.

The Core Facility research staff:
   James Gowen-MacDonald - Lab phone: 503-494-2472 (Mon-Fri)     
   Mariah Reeves - Lab phone: 503-494-2472 (part-time)


Lab Email


Sample Drop-off / Pick-up
Mailing Address
  • RJH 5330 and RJH 5341
  • CLSB Loading Dock (directions below)

DNA Services Core Facility
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
mailcode L581
Portland, OR 97239-3079

There is a small fridge located on the shipping dock labeled “DNA SERVICES CORE SAMPLE DROP OFF”.  Samples will be picked up at 1:30pm daily by the courier service.



 Please place your parafilm-sealed sample tubes into an envelope labeled with the following information:

(your name)
(your email) 


Collaborative Life Sciences Building
2730 SW Moody Ave. Portland OR 97201

- The entrance to the loading dock is on the north side of the CLSB building, adjacent to SW Moody Ave.
- Walk up the north side of the building and enter the doors under the red awning.
- Walk down the hallway and take your first right (under the $ sign)
- Walk down the hallway past the vending machines and ATM and enter the double doors at the end of the hallway. This is the public access to the loading dock.
- Walk to the far end of the dock and take a right when you see the bright yellow lift and the staircase.
- The fridge is to your left on the floor below the computer.