Long-read DNA Sequence and Fragment Analysis

Sequence determination and analysis
AB (Life) 3130XL Fluorescence DNA Analyzer

We use an Applied Biosystems 48-capillary 3730xl automated sequence analysis system purchased through our NIH-NCRR shared instrumentation grant (S10-RR020977). It has a fast laser and uses the "POP-7®" multi-use, high-resolution, polymer for fast fluorescent data collection. The system provides automated polymer loading, sample loading, detection & analysis of both DNA sequencing and fragment analysis samples. Ancillary equipment for cycle sequencing is formatted for 96-well plates. 

We are using the Applied Biosystems "Sequence Analysis Software" v.5.2 with the "KB" basecaller v.1.2.

Salts and EDTA can interfere with Polymerase activity. Choose a template purification protocol specifically for fluorescent sequencing, attention to detail is critical.

We can perform data assembly and analysis for large sequencing and fragment analysis (SNP, AFLP, etc). Call or email regarding help with bioinformatics and research database development.