DNA Sequencing

We offer various service levels*

A-mode (Full-service with Data Analysis, Assembly, etc)
B-mode (Difficult Template Sequencing)
C-mode (Standard Cycle Sequencing)
  •    For internal clients
  •    For external pricing
D-mode (Do-It-Yourself)

*See  DNA Sequencing for details about the different levels of service. Work-request is here.

Batch discounts have been discontinued. The discount now is based on the amount of sequencing done by the lab during the month.*

* Effective 2/1/2013. Contact the lab for details (email or phone: 503-494-2472).

DNA Fragment Analysis (AKA Genotyping or AFLP)

$3.00 per labeled sample (may be multiplexed).

Deoxy-Oligonucleotide (DNA) Synthesis

Very competitive fees for various scales of starting material, and processing options are available. 

Note: 25 nmole scale should yield ~3 O.D.
There is a small handling fee per order. $5 per order - consider using the spreadsheet if you have lots of oligos in your order.

 Work-request is here.

Standard, desalted per base charge from IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies)

No shipping charge when you order through the Core Facility

25 nmole scale

$0.15 per base charge
0.00 Shipping charge
for 10-60 nts
100 nmole
$0.35 0.00 10-80 nts
250 nmole
$0.55 0.00 5-100 nts
1.0 µmole
$1.00 0.00 5-100 nts

Discounts of 10-15% for other IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies) products and services.


siRNA & RNA or mixed RNA/DNA Synthesis

Acknowledgments and co-authorship

When you publish, a simple "CE DNA sequencing was done by the MMI DNA Services Core Facility" is greatly appreciated. And send us a link to the publication too, it helps when we apply for new instrumentation.

For projects where we've contributed substantially, and beyond the services we provide for fees, co-authorship is appropriate. Here are some guidelines: Uniform Requirements for
Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals
and Ethical Considerations in
the Conduct and Reporting of Research: Authorship and Contributorship