Alias Activation Request

Activate, Update or Delete Aliases in CORES

All core services and products are billed to institutional Aliases electronically via CORES. Please contact your Departmental Administrator (usually the fiscal authority, lab manager or similar) directly to ensure the Alias you would like to activated is appropriate and allowable to be used for lab charges.

CORES does a nightly upload of active and open aliases for all Principle Investigators. If you need to activate a General Ledger/Department Alias or a Foundation Alias, please complete the form below:

Name of requester

E-mail of requester.

Alias number of requester.

Alias description as it appears in the Oracle General Ledger chart of accounts or Foundation chart of accounts.

Name of Fiscal Authority who has permission to oversee these charges.


Lab Managers and Department Administrators will be able to directly manage their center numbers in CORES, (GL and Foundation Aliases, once they are entered). Detailed instructions for adding and deleting centers are available.


E-mail us at cores@ohsu.edu