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University Shared Resources Cores

Advanced Computing Center - Consulting, research storage, application hosting, support for research computing systems. Perry Gliessman: acc@ohsu.edu; 503 418-2644

Advanced Light Microscopy - Access to and education on the use of advanced instrumentation for fluorescence microscopy in cells, tissues, and animals. Stefanie Kaech Petrie: almc@ohsu.edu; 503 494-3963

Bioanalytical/Pharmacokinetics - Support and consultation for the analysis of small molecules using state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS, GC/MS, or HPLC instrumentation. Dennis Koop: bsrpk@ohsu.edu; 503 494-7806

DNA Services - Automated fluorescent "long read" capillary DNA sequence analysis, solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis, and help with bioinformatics. Tom Keller: kellert@ohsu.edu>; 503 494-2442

Flow Cytometry - Cell sorting and analytical flow cytometry, data analysis, consultation, and user education and training.Phil Streeter:; facs@ohsu.edu; 503 494-6145

Gene Profiling - RNA expression profiling and DNA variation analysis services on Affymetrix and Illumina microarrays; assistance with RNA/DNA isolation and sample quality assessment.Chris Harrington: gpsr@ohsu.edu; 503 418-2737

Histopathology - Collection, distribution of samples of normal and neoplastic human tissues for researchspecimen imbedding, sectioning, staining, and immunohistochemistry; Sequenom MassARRAY system. George Thomas: hsr@ohsu.edu; 503 720-5986

Massively Parallel Sequencing - Sample preparation and genomic scale sequencing services on the Illumina HiSeq 2000.Robert Searles: mpssr@ohsu.edu; 503 418-2736

Proteomics - Mass spectrometric services to allow protein identification, detection of post-translational modifications, and profiling of changes in relative protein abundance. Larry David: proteomics@ohsu.edu; 503 494-8625

Transgenic Mouse Models - development of genetically engineered mouse models, cryopreservation, and other services. Lev Fedorov: transgenics@ohsu.edu; 503 494-1085

University Shared Resources Program Manager

Mulnomah Pavillion, Room 1302

Phone Multnomah Pavillion: 503 494-5887

Phone Bancroft: 503 494-1595