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Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource Consultation Policies

We encourage you to involve an informatician as a co-investigator from the initial grant application. This will ensure adequate budgeting and time for ideal data collection and management. If you would like further information that is not available on this website, please contact Dr. Michelle Hribar, hribarm@ohsu.edu

Fee for Service

Projects usually consist of a combination of services, including:

  • Consultation and project development
  • Specifications and detailed requirements
  • Application development
  • Scannable form creation, scanning and validation
  • Data management

Projects are billed on a fee-for-service basis. Initial estimates will be provided. Billing information must be submitted upon acceptance by the investigator of the initial project plan. Completed work will be invoiced quarterly and collected through OHSU’s internal billing system. For external work, payment is expected within 30 days of invoice.

Grant submission assistance

The ISR currently offers grant submission assistance free of charge to all OHSU researchers provided that informatics costs are budgeted in the grant applications.

Consultation Request

Investigators who wish to request an informatics consultation must submit a consultation request to the ISR. Submission of this request form constitutes the first of five steps in the consultation process .

IRB Approval

It is the responsibility of the principle investigator to have IRB approval for collection and storage of human subject data. ISR consultants will work with the investigator to ensure that OHSU’s privacy and security policies are met.


Acknowledgement of ISR contributions in relevant scientific publications is appreciated. Below is an example of such acknowledgement:

" Informatics support was provided by the Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource of the Center for Biostatistics, Computing and Informatics in Biology & Medicine at OHSU."