Consultation Process

Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource Service Consultation Process

The BMISR consultation process involves five key steps outline below.

Step 1: Consultation Request Form

For informatics support, please complete and submit the informatics consultation form.

Step 2: Initial Consultation

An initial one-hour consultation is free. The purpose of the meeting is to review the objectives and design of the project, to perform an initial assessment of the level of support required for the project, to go over the ISR policies, and to develop specific tasks and timelines.

Step 3: Project Agreement

Within a week of the initial consultation, you will receive a project agreement which outlines the scope of the project and estimated costs. Upon signing this agreement, you will be asked to specify a method of payment (for OHSU internal work, this requires an account alias and the name and FAID of the fiscal authority). Note that initial estimates of project time and costs may vary significantly from the final costs because of unforeseen changes in project factors such as refinements or changes to the specifications. Project costs are calculated on the basis of the actual time spent on a specific project and are billed quarterly.

Step 4: Project Specifications and Design

Before the start of the application development, you will meet with an ISR consultant to approve the project specifications and design. These specifications will be a detailed description of what functionality and services the application will provide and how the application will be used. If appropriate, you will also approve the design of the user interface (what the application will look like to the user).

Step 5: Project Completion

Throughout the development phase, you and the ISR consultant will meet periodically to review project progress and refine the requirements and specifications. At these times, you may be asked to help test the application as well.