Zeiss LSM710

This top-of-the-line laser scanning confocal was configured for imaging both fixed and live-cell specimens.


  • 405nm diode
  • 457/488/514nm Argon
  • 561nm DPSS
  • 633nm HeNe


  • 5x0.16 PlanApo
  • 10x0.45 PlanApo
  • 20x0.8 PlanApo
  • 40x1.2W C-Apo
  • 40x1.4 PlanApo
  • 60x1.4 PlanApo








The Zeiss LSM710 is mounted on a fully motorized AxioObserver Z1 inverted microscope stand.  The stage is motorized in X,Y to mark positions or acquire images of areas larger than the field of view through tiling of individual image stacks. 
An optional stage-top incubator is available to control temperature and atmosphere and a Definite Focus attachment compensates for slightest Z-drifts during live-cell timelapse imaging.