Olympus FV1000


This laser scanning confocal is mounted on a fully motorized BX-71 upright microscope base.  The stage is motorized in X,Y to mark positions for revisiting or stitching neighboring field-of-views into a single image.  

The strength of this system is its upright stand configuration that allows samples to be imaged from the top using dipping objectives.


  • 405nm diode
  • 457/488/514nm Argon
  • 559nm DPSS
  • 635nm HeNe


  • 10x0.4 U Plan S-Apo
  • 20x0.75 U Plan S-Apo
  • 40x1.3 Oil U Plan Fluorite
  • 60x1.42 Oil U Plan Apo
  • 40x0.8 Water U Plan Fluor (dipping)
  • 60x1.0 Water U Plan Fluor (dipping)