ACC Pager Policy

The ACC pager number is provided as convenience to our customers. The Advanced Computing Center is a "best-effort" shop which should not be confused with 24/7 service center. We make every effort to provide high-availability service and we do our best to fix things as we become aware of problems. Given our current level of staffing, requests for service must often wait until the next business day.

Users that have not made prior arrangements to use the ACC pager number may be subject to additional fees for pager service including, but not limited to, off-hours hourly Advanced Computing Center consulting rates (currently $60.00/hr). The ACC pager number is 503 202-3545 or 11455 via the hospital system. If you require a return call please send your contact number as part of the page.

Please use the ACC pager only for emergencies and only after trying the other contact numbers listed on the right side of this page.