Research Resources

OHSU Investigator's Guide

Refer to the OHSU Investigator's Guide as you begin to navigate the research funding process. It gives a brief overview of structure of Research Administration at OHSU. If you have questions at any time, don't hesitate to .

Developing the Project

Find Funding

The OHSU Funding Portal is a centralized resource that will help you find fellowship and other research funding opportunities from both federal and private sources.

OHSU Training Grant Recruitment

Many research programs at OHSU support investigators through institutional training awards, and some of these programs are recruiting. See if any of these opportunities are a good fit for you.

Resources for Proposals

Once you've found a funding opportunity, use this page to find institutional boilerplate, proposal samples and information about responsible conduct of research.

University Shared Resources Program 

OHSU has an innovative core resources program. There are many shared resources available for your project, including transgenic mouse models, a flow cytometer, and an in vivo optical imaging center.

Submitting the Application

Research Grants and Contracts (RGC) 

Research Grants and Contracts is the pre-award office at OHSU. RGC analysts will help you understand the processes involved in submitting an application, reviewing a proposal, and setting up an award to ensure you get your money. Each department at OHSU is assigned a specific RGC analyst. Learn who your analyst is early on and talk to them frequently while you're developing a proposal.

Depending on your research, you also may need to contact the Clinical Trials Office or the Technology Transfer and Business Development group. Not sure which office to talk to? Use the OHSU Pre Award Office Finder tool to navigate the system.

Managing the Project

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

OHSU's post-award office works with investigators to manage the administrative aspects of active projects. They will help set up awards and project accounts, work with you to ensure proper fiscal management of funds, and advise on best practices.

Research Policies

OHSU has policies in place to guide and regulate research at the institution. It is important for all members of the research community to understand these policies.
Want to make sure you're up to date? Follow Research News – we'll post whenever there is a policy change that might affect the OHSU research community.