Policies and Benefits

Postdocs move to employee medical benefits January 1, 2015

All postdocs are eligible to access the Joseph B. Trainer (JBT) Health and Wellness Center as their primary health care provider. At the Center, postdocs can access medical and behavioral health appointments. Beginning 07/01/2015, JBT will begin accepting and billing insurance for all primary care visits; however, you will NOT be subject to co-pay or deductibles when you use JBT's Primary Care clinic. Behavioral health services are not affected by this change. All child dependents may continue to see their regular pediatricianFor more information, please see the JBT Health and Wellness Center website.


Definition of Classifications

Two postdoctoral classifications are defined based on source of funding and job purpose:

  • Postdoctoral Researchers are individuals appointed in this classification to gain research experience under the guidance of a faculty mentor and who receive a salary to perform research. Individuals holding this title are employees of OHSU, are considered "at-will" and do not receive annual contracts.
  • Postdoctoral Trainees are individuals appointed in this classification to pursue advanced training under the guidance of a faculty mentor and who receive a stipend, which is funded from a training grant or individual external fellowship. Individuals holding this title are not employees of OHSU. They generally have an initial appointment of one year, which is reviewed annually for reappointment. A 30-day notice is given of non-renewal.
Please Note: Clinical Fellows are exempted from this policy.


Total Duration of Appointments

The total duration of appointments as a Postdoctoral Researcher or a Postdoctoral Trainee shall not exceed five years without approval from the appropriate Vice President.


Percent Effort

Postdoctoral appointments are generally 1.0 full time equivalent. Exceptions must be approved by the Dean or Institute Director of the work unit and the funding agency. For appointments of less than 1.0 full time equivalent, the faculty mentor must make the appointee aware in writing that only the agreed percentage of time needs to be devoted to the postdoctoral position.


Pay Scale

The Postdoctoral Researcher salary scale was developed using the NIH scale as a guide but taking into account OHSU budgetary restrictions.

OHSU Minimum Rates and NIH (FY2015) Stipend Scales 

Years Exp
Stipend for FY2015
0 42,840
1 44,556
2 46,344
3 48,192
4 50,112
5 52,116
6 54,216
7 or more

The Postdoctoral Trainee stipend is set by the external funding agency. If the stipend level is less than the OHSU minimum, it is to be supplemented to the OHSU minimum or approved as an exception by the appropriate Vice President.


Leave Time 

Postdoctoral Researchers shall receive 80 hours annually of vacation to be tracked at the departmental level. These hours may be carried over from year to year. Sick leave is granted at 8 hours per month to be tracked at the departmental level. Neither sick nor vacation accruals shall be paid out at the time of termination. Holidays shall be granted consistent with the unclassified employee policy. 

Postdoctoral Trainees shall receive vacation and sick time consistent with the funding agency's requirements and tracked at the departmental level. If no vacation or sick time is addressed by the funding agency, the Postdoctoral Researcher policy above shall apply.


Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity

The Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Department is a resource for OHSU staff, faculty, students, patients, and employment applicants in their effort to support diversity and prohibit discrimination in all facets of the University's activities, including patient care, education, research, and employment.


OHSU Code of Conduct

The OHSU Code of Conduct guides the behavior and performance of members of the Oregon Health & Science University community. It is designed to help employees understand the philosophy, policies, and expectations of the university. All members of the OHSU community are held accountable for following these standards.