For Postdoc Administrators - Compensation Guide

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For Postdoctoral Scholars paid by OHSU, OHSU sets the salary scale following the current NIH Kirschstein-NRSA stipend levels (NOT-OD-16-134). All current Postdoctoral Scholars should be paid according to the  OHSU FY2017 stipend level commensurate with their years of experience, if possible, in consideration of budgetary restrictions. However, it is mandatory that all Postdoctoral Scholars be paid at least the year 0 stipend of $47,484.

OHSU Minimum Salary Rates for Postdoctoral Scholars by Years of Experience

Years of
OHSU FY17 Stipend
(effective 11/28/2016)

0 $ 47,484
1 $ 47,844
2 $ 48,216
3 $ 50,316
4 $ 52,140
5 $ 54,228
6 $ 56,400
7 or more
$ 58,560

For Postdoctoral Scholars paid by stipend, specifically those on training grants or individual fellowships, the salary scale is set by the external funding agency. If the external funding agency's salary scale is lower than the  OHSU FY2017 minimum guidelines for years of experience, the principal investigator or department must supplement the postdoc's salary up to the minimum.