For Faculty & Administrators

Postdoc Funding Changes

OHSU Postdoctoral Fellows moved to a new insurance plan effective July 1, 2013. As part of this transition the way departments are charged for the benefit contribution has changed. After much review with Central Financial Services and SPA, Human Resources has decided to set up an Internal Billing System (IBS).

As part of this change, we require the funding information for each Postdoctoral Fellow in order to charge the department for its portion of the Postdoc Medical Expenses. Because we are no longer running the charge through the payroll system a new method is needed for updating the funding for the Postdoc Medical Expenses. A Postdoc Funding Changes form has been set up online that needs to be completed when funding changes. Please submit updates no later than 25th of the month to insure that the correct account is charged.


Extending an Offer Letter?

There are two kinds of offer letters extended to postdocs at OHSU depending on title classification, researcher or trainee. Standardized letters are available below and faculty should use these as a guide when offering an appointment or reappointment for a postdoctoral position.