What is the OHSU Integrated Program in Community Research?

The Integrated Program in Community Research was established in 2014 to support and unify the existing strengths of the many investigators, programs and institutes that conduct community research across campus.

It is positioned to bridge the gap between OHSU and communities that exist due to geographical distances, demographic differences and traditional research approaches. The Integrated Program aims to grow the capacity for grant funded research across Oregon by connecting expertise and resources that may exist in silos and addressing the barriers that hinder community engaged research. 

Integrated Program in Community Research visual

Program Goals

  • Align and leverage programs conducting community engaged research across OHSU
  • Grow the capacity for grant funded community research throughout Oregon
  • Develop Core Resources that support existing programs and investigators
  • Enhance the role of community research across OHSU's missions of education, research and services


Why Community Engaged Research? 

There is a growing recognition across government, academic institutions and health organizations that engaging communities in research is essential to asking and answering the questions that address health disparities and regionally-specific health concerns. 

Uptake of research findings as well as research participation is greatly impacted when researchers focus on questions and utilize approaches that are of relevance to patients and communities.

Community-Academic Partnerships ensure that research questions, data and programs are driven by community needs, meet scientific standards, and include evaluation to measure success.

Why now?

There is a high demand from federal funders to increase the capacity for investigators to move their research portfolios from studying effectiveness to being able to implement and disseminate effective interventions into the communities that need them.