Room Reservation Form

Vollum Room Use Policy and Details

Check calendars for room availability

Complete the form below to reserve any of the Vollum rooms. If the reservation is for an ongoing or repeating event, exact start and end dates are required. You will be contacted within two business days if the room you requested is not available.

  • Note that reservations for seminars and classes take precedence over those for study groups.
  • Laser pointers can be checked out from the Vollum Administration office (Rm. 1401), but you will need to provide your own A/V assistance.

Reserving a room implies that you will be responsible for its condition.

If you plan to allow food or drink for your event, you will need to clean up afterward. You are responsible for taking out your own trash if you reserve a room on the weekend, as we do not have janitorial service on the weekends. If you need assistance with custodial issues, contact OHSU Environmental Services at 503-494-8813.

Questions? Email:

Room Reservation Form and Instructions

  1. Fill out all fields in the form.
  2. Click SUBMIT to review your event's details on the confirmation page. EDIT if necessary.
  3. Click SEND to email the form and complete the room reservation process.
  4. Remember…click both SUBMIT and SEND.

If you would like a copy of the form details for your records, please print the confirmation page BEFORE clicking SEND.

Please provide details for the seminar series, class, thesis defense, study group, etc.

An end date is required for all recurring events. If "Other" is selected, please explain in Event details.

I have read the rules regarding the serving of food within Vollum seminar/meeting rooms and assume full responsibility for leaving the room in a clean and presentable state.