Faculty & Research

Vollum Director, Marc FreemanVollum Director

Marc R. Freeman, Ph.D.

  Name Research Area(s) Lab
Isabelle Baconguis Baconguis, Isabelle, Ph.D. ion channel, sodium channel, channel gating, structural biology, x-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, ion selectivity, channel physiology, membrane protein, protein biochemistry Baconguis Lab
Peter Barr-Gillespie Barr-Gillespie, Peter G., Ph.D. hair cells, mechanotransduction, myosin, motors, ion channels, cytoskeleton, pumps and transporters, inner ear, hearing, balance, molecular Barr-Gillespie Lab
Paul Brehm Brehm, Paul, Ph.D. cellular neuroscience, zebrafish genetics, imaging, electrophysiology, ion channel function Brehm Lab
Mike Forte Forte, Michael, Ph.D. mitochondria, neurodegeneration, axonal targeting Forte Lab
Vollum Director, Marc Freeman Freeman, Marc R., Ph.D. neuronal-glial interactions, neuronal circuitry, neurodegeneration, astrocytes, Drosophila genetics Freeman Lab
Richard H. Goodman Goodman, Richard H., M.D., Ph.D. metabolic regulation of gene expression, characterization of activity-regulated genes Goodman Lab
Eric Gouaux Gouaux, Eric, Ph.D. synaptic transmission, chemical synapses, glutamate receptors, neurotransmitter transporters, ligand-gated ion channels, x-ray crystallography, membrane proteins Gouaux Lab
Craig Jahr Jahr, Craig, Ph.D. synaptic transmission, glutamate transport, multivesicular release, electrophysiology, two-photon microscopy, cellular neuroscience Jahr Lab
Soo-Kyung Lee Lee, Soo-Kyung, Ph.D. neurodevelopment, spinal cord, motor neuron, neurogenesis, cell fate specification, gene regulation, transcription, microRNA, epigenetics, histone modifiers, molecular mechanism Lee Lab
Gail Mandel Mandel, Gail, Ph.D. molecular, neurogenesis, microRNA, transcription, Rett Syndrome, neuronal circuitry, epigenetics, neurodevelopment, neuronal-glial interactions Mandel Lab
Tianyi Mao Mao, Tianyi, Ph.D. basal ganglia circuit analysis, cortical-subcortical interactions, optogenetics, genetically engineered calcium indicators, two-photon calcium imaging Mao Lab
Teresa Nicolson Nicolson, Teresa, Ph.D. genetics of sensory hair-cell function, genetics of hearing and balance, hair cell mechanotransduction and synaptic transmission Nicolson Lab
Fred Robinson Robinson, Fred L., Ph.D. phosphoinositide phosphatases, myotubularin, cellular signaling, myelin homeostasis, membrane trafficking and dynamics, cellular and molecular neuroscience, neuropathy, axonal degeneration, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Robinson Lab
Phil Stork Stork, Philip J. S., M.D. small G proteins, MAP kinase, B-Raf Stork Lab
Larry Trussell Trussell, Laurence, Ph.D. synaptic physiology, auditory, hearing, receptors, synapses, neurotransmitters, plasticity Trussell Lab
Henrique von Gersdorff von Gersdorff, Henrique P., Ph.D. exocytosis and endocytosis of synaptic vesicles, short and long-term plasticity in the retina and brainstem, electrophysiology of auditory pathway von Gersdorff Lab
Gary Westbrook Westbrook, Gary L., M.D. synaptic transmission, glutamate receptors, neurogenesis and hippocampal circuits, olfactory microcircuits, cellular and molecular neuroscience, clinical neurology, epilepsy, regeneration and repair Westbrook Lab
Matt Whorton Whorton, Matt, Ph.D. signal transduction, structural biology, membrane proteins, ion channels, transporters, x-ray crystallography, electrophysiology Whorton Lab
John Williams Williams, John T., Ph.D. opiate desensitization and tolerance, receptor trafficking, dendrodendritic transmission Williams Lab
Kevin Wright Wright, Kevin, Ph.D. neurodevelopment, genetics, axon guidance, neuronal migration, synaptogenesis, neural circuitry Wright Lab
Haining Zhong Zhong, Haining, Ph.D. chemical synapses, synaptic signaling, protein dynamics, electrophysiology, two-photon microscopy, photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM), fluorescence lifetime imaging, FRET, cellular neuroscience Zhong Lab

Emeritus Faculty

  Name Research Area(s)
John Adelman Adelman, John P., Ph.D. potassium channels, Ca2+-activated, structure-function, synaptic transmission and plasticity
Wolfhard Almers Almers, Wolfhard, Ph.D. mechanisms of exocytosis and endocytosis, total internal reflection fluorescence, single molecule imaging
Tom Soderling Soderling, Thomas, Ph.D. calcium, protein kinases, learning and memory, neuron development