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gillespie single hair cellProfessor of Otolaryngology,
Joint Appointment: Peter Barr-Gillespie

The Barr-Gillespie Lab studies mechano-electrical transduction by hair cells, the sensory cells of the inner ear. We are particularly interested in the molecules that make up the transduction apparatus. Visit our Projects page to find out more about ongoing research in the lab.



gillespielab_harmoninIn collaboration with Uli Mueller's laboratory, we have found that the scaffolding protein harmonin is present at the upper tip-link density in hair cells, a location critical for the regulation of mechanotransduction (Grillet et al., 2009). In this image, a bullfrog hair cell is labeled with phalloidin to highlight actin (red) and an anti-harmonin antibody (green). Harmonin is located in discrete clusters near stereocilia tips. We are presently investigating interaction of harmonin, the tip-link protein cadherin 23, and the adaptation motor myosin-1c.



Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral positions are usually available in the Barr-Gillespie lab for qualified PhDs. A background in cell biology, neuroscience, physiology, or biochemistry is ideal. If interested, please send your CV and names of three references to Peter Barr-Gillespie via email.

Graduate Student Program
Graduate students can enter the Barr-Gillespie lab via the Neuroscience Graduate Program or the Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Summer Research Opportunities
Every summer, we have a few stipend-supported positions for undergraduates. If interested, contact Peter Barr-Gillespie via email.



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(503) 494-2950

For more info, contact Peter G. Barr-Gillespie (gillespp@ohsu.edu) at (503) 494-2936.

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