Core Services

The DNA Sequencing and Tissue Culture support cores provide specialized and widely utilized scientific procedures and services which facilitate research projects in the Vollum. They operate on a fee-for-service basis with charges designed to recover the cost of staff time and materials. An Illustrations core is available for assistance with manuscripts, presentations, and posters, and to provide support for graphics software.

Vollum DNA Sequencing Core

DNA Sequencing Core

The Vollum DNA Sequencing Core provides DNA sequencing services to the scientists at the Vollum Institute and to other research units and departments at OHSU on a fee-for-service basis. The core uses an ABI 3130XL sequencer capable of running 174 samples in 24 hours.
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Vollum Tissue Culture Core

Tissue Culture Core

The Tissue Culture Core stocks commonly used items such as media, supplements and transfection reagents for many standard mammalian and fly cell culturing protocols.
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