Grants and Awards

Jay Nelson, Director

Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Center: Project 1: Identification and Development of Anti-Flavivirus Lead Drug Candidates
International Herpesvirus Workshop
Molecular Aspects of Cytomegalovirus Latency
Targeting IRFs for Immune Adjuvant Enhancement of Vaccine Immunogenicity

Louis Picker, Associate Director

DARE: Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise to Find a Cure
Development of Optimized CMV/TB Vectors: OHSU/AERAS Project 3
Understanding Mechanisms of Prophylactic SIV Vaccine Efficacy
Human CMV-TB Vaccine Early Manufacturing Support
Targeting MAIT Cells for TB Vaccines
Reducing Latent Viral Reservoirs in Infant Macaques
HIV B-Cell Lineage Vaccine Design Based on Replicating Ad and Env Protein in NHP
Endogenous Retrovirus-specific Antibodies to Block AIDS Virus Infection
Gaft Versus Host Immunity in SIV Clearance Following Stem Cell Transplantation
A Novel APOBEC-Based Vaccine Approach for HIV
A Universal MHC-E restricted T cell vaccine for HIV
Development and In Vivo Characterization of Safety-Enhanced RhCMV/SIV Vectors
Development of a CMV Vector-Based Therapeutic HIV/AIDS Vaccine
Development of Attenuated CMV Vectors for an HIV/AIDS Vaccine
Role of Memory T Cell Dynamics in SIV Infection
Induction of Broad Functional Class II Restricted CD8+ T Cell Responses: Translation from NHP Humans

Klaus Fruh, Professor

Evasion of Antigen Presentation by Rhesus Cytomegalovirus
Mechanisms of Orthopoxvirus Host Control and Viral Immune Evasion: Project 3: T Cell Control by Cowpoxvirus

Scott Wong, Professor

Rhesus HHV-8 homologue in AIDS-related malignancies

Michael Axthelm, Professor

Development of Immunologic Strategies for HIV Remission/Eradication
Core F1: Nonhuman Primate Core
Establishment of Specific Pathogen Free Rhesus and Pigtail Macaques Colonies
Development of an Effector-Memory T Cell AIDS Vaccine

Ashlee Moses, Associate Professor

Heme oxygenase-1 as a tumor factor and therapeutic target for Kaposi sarcoma
The Use of HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Daniel Streblow, Associate Professor

Developing a Model for Determining the Casual Relationship Between Zika Virus Infection During Pregnancy and Fetal Microcephaly
Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Center: Project 3: Novel Therapeutic Strategies Targeting Re-emerging Alphaviruses

Scott Hansen, Associate Professor

Impact of Retroviral infection on non-classical, mycobacteria-specific T cells
CHAVI ID: Immunogenicity of RhCMV Vectored Conserved SIV Vaccine
Efficacy of Strain 68-1 RhCMV Vectors Expressing 5' Leader Polypeptieds

Afamefuna Okoye, Assistant Research Professor

Combination Immune Checkpoint Blocker Inhibition to Eliminate HIV Latency
Replication in Rhesus Macaques on Optimally Suppressive ART

Jonah Sacha, Associate Professor

A Nonhuman Primate Model of Stem Cell Transplantation to Understand Determinants of Post-transplant SIV Clearance
Reversal of Adaptive Immune Dysfunction in Shock and Kill HIV Cure Strategies
Impact of Retroviral Infection on Non-Classical, Mycobacteria-Specific T Cells
Oral, Replicating Ad4-HIV Vaccine Development & Evaluation in NHP Challenge Model
Reducing Latent Viral Reservoirs in Infant Macaques
Targeting MAIT Cells for TB Vaccines
HIV B-Cell Lineage Vaccine Design Based on Replicating Ad and Env Protein in NHP

Rebecca Skalsky, Assistant Professor

The Role of Viral and Cellular miRNAs in B-cell Lymphomagenesis
Characterizing Critical microRNA Interactions Mediating EBV Latency and Reactivation

Benjamin Burwitz, Assistant Research Professor

HIV Reservoir Clearance by Allogenic, CCR5 Knockout Stem Cell Rransplantation

Haesun Park, Assistant Research Professor

Macaque Pilot Testing of Recombinant Human Vaults with Conserved HIV-1 Gag Regions

Helen Wu, Graduate Student

Establishing a non-human primate model of HLA-E-restricted CD8+ T cells