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Upcoming Event:  Oregon Statewide Transition Conference 2/16-2/17 2017

Come find opportunities to learn, network, and share innovative approaches regarding transition practices in Oregon.

Oregon's first statewide transition conference, Building Bridges to the future, invites the submission of proposals for breakout sessions. This year's conference is structured around three topical strands: 1) Educational Practices for Transition Aged Youth; 2) Vocational Rehabilitation and Youth; 3) Research and Evidence Based Practices in Transition. This collaborative, cross-stakeholder event includes state agency staff, educators, service providers, and community members who share a commitment to the successful transition of students to adult life. The conference will be held at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Portland.  You can go here to register.


Upcoming Event: OHSU Brain Institute Brain Fair 3/11/17

Learn about the amazing adaptive power of the brain at one of the largest brain fairs in the country.

The OHSU Brain Fair is an annual event at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI). No museum admission is required to attend.

This year’s Brain Fair includes interactive exhibits, real human and animal brains, prizes and dozens of OHSU Brain Institute neuroscientists explaining and demonstrating their groundbreaking research in a way that will be fascinating for all ages.

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Upcoming Event: Autism Society of Oregon Annual Autism Walk 4/30/17

More details to come!




Webinar: Thomas Parsons Discusses New Tools for Enhancing Neuropsychological Assessment 


AUCD: Oregon Health & Science University Join the Nation's Largest Autism Study (OR UCEDD)

The OHSU SPARK team looks forward to working more with UCEDD's to promote SPARK throughout communities (particularly rural communities) in the Northwest, Midwest, and Pacific Islands. The goal of SPARK is to connect participants to researchers and to offer them the opportunity to impact the direction of autism research... Read More


OHSU SPARK Team in Search of Intern 10/3/16

OHSU SPARK Study: A National Autism Cohort In collaboration with The Department of Psychiatry, The Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics, and the Simons Foundation, the SPARK for Autism study is currently accepting applications for interns. The SPARK Intern will work closely with the SPARK Study Coordinator to speak with and recruit participants for the study. The position will also include assisting with the dissemination of SPARK materials at local events, explaining the study to potential participants over the phone or in-person, and some data entry in Microsoft Excel. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a well-structured national autism research study and get job experience at the same time. Primary Duties: The primary duty for this position is recruiting participants for SPARK.

Eligibility: We are seeking applicants with the confidence to reach out to patients about the SPARK study through various means, but mostly through phone calls. The applicant must have Microsoft Excel experience, be a great communicator, and be enthusiastic about autism research. Applicants must have prior knowledge of or be willing to learn about the tenants of basic genetics and basic/exploratory genetic studies, and must be willing and able to clearly communicate these principles to potential participants. Applicants must be over the age of 18 and interested in a career in research. Preference will be given to people with prior customer service and/or research experience.


FOX 12 News: OHSU joins nation's largest autism study

“You can imagine a hundred families from across the country who all find out their children have autism for the same reason, having them be able to talk to each other and connect with each other,” O'Roak said... Read More

Webinar: Brian O'Roak discusses the accelerating pace of autism genetics