Andrew Jones

Research Assisstant

Research Interests:
Nerve & Spinal Cord Injury
Cell Therapy



Andrew Jones is a hard worker who brings a diverse array of talents to the team. His primary focus is our Nerve & Spinal Cord Injury program, where he is conducting research in the use of cell therapy toprevent damage and paralysis of the spinal cord after severe contusion injury. Mr. Jones is actively involved with many other projects at the center, working with Dr. Xie on burn regeneration and hemorrhage control, and working with Dr. Guo onthe implementation of newly developed biomaterials.

After completing his thesis and graduating from the Universityof Oregon Clark Honors College with a double major in history and Chinese, Mr. Jones turned his attention to the sciences, completing his pre-medical education as a post-baccalaureate student. His impressive combination of skillsin language, writing and the sciences make him a useful and flexible member ofthe CRM team.

Outside of the CRM, Mr. Jones is active as a Research Volunteerin the OHSU Emergency department, as well as with his numerous hobbies. He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and has lived, worked and traveled in mainland China for over two years. In his free time, Mr. Jones enjoys heading out to explore Oregon's diverse landscape, whether he enjoys hiking, skiing and just about everything else.