Center for Regenerative Medicine

The OHSU Center for Regenerative Medicine is dedicated to helping patients regenerate tissue lost to disease, trauma, and aging by developing therapies utilizing the body’s proteins and progenitor cells.

Message from the Director


The OHSU Center for Regenerative Medicine investigates the use of cell therapeutics and novel biomaterials for the treatment of diseases and injuries. Focusing on translational research, researchers at the Center for Regenerative Medicine work to translate therapeutics from the lab bench to the hospital and battlefield, bringing cutting edge therapies and treatments into the hands of physicians and their patients.  Read more...



Dr. Kenton Gregory was featured in Oregon Bioscience Association article this spring; Mark Saltveit penned an article for the Oregon Bioscience Association describing Dr. Gregory's research and the new OHSU Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Read the full OBA article.

Giving to CRM

Among the many potential benefits of regenerative medicine research are the possibilities of mending ailing hearts, repairing damaged nerves, and repairing muscle tissue. Contributing to basic and translational research is the best way to advance the understanding of the regenerative capacities of the human body and move these regenerative therapies from the lab to the bedside.

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