About CRM

The Center for Regenerative Medicine was created on January 1st, 2012 and is directed by Dr. Kenton Gregory. The research team is integrated into the research mission of OHSU, not only performing their own basic research and preclinical studies, but providing assistance and expertise to other researchers and departments at OHSU to further OHSU’s research goals. In addition, the Center for Regenerative Medicine collaborates with outside companies and investigators, working to bring novel therapeutics and devices to market.

The Center for Regenerative Medicine is dedicated to the translation of regenerative therapies from the bench to the clinic and battlefield. We are working on developing novel biomaterials for the replacement of damaged tissues, perfecting cell-based therapies to regenerate a variety of damaged organs, and engineering enhancements to medical devices such as vascular stents.

Our Mission Statement

The OHSU Center for Regenerative Medicine is dedicated to helping patients regenerate tissue lost to disease, trauma, and aging by developing therapies utilizing the body¹s stem cells, progenitor cells and proteins.