Research Laboratories

Research Areas:

  1. Total Worker Health (TWH): Improving Workforce Safety, Health, Wellness and Well-being
  2. Injury, Treatment, Recovery and Prevention
  3. Exposures: Consequences and Prevention
  4. Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
  5. Strategies and Solutions for Vulnerable Workers

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Faculty Laboratories

circadian rhythm, suprachiasmatic nucleus
synaptic transmission, gamma-aminobutyric acid, calcium, retina Total Worker Health (TWH), Intervention effectiveness, Workplace research, Training, Behavioral research, Neurotoxicology Sleep, Endogenous Clocks, Shift Work, Circadian System, Sleep Apnea Leslie B. Hammer Total Worker Health, Shift Work, Health Care Workers Neurodegenerative Diseases, Drosophila models DNA repair, DNA replication, Drug discovery/development, Human diseases (cancer, metabolic syndrome) DNA Repair, Skin Cancer, Chemical Exposure interventions, lone workers, behavior change Shift work, Circadian Biology, Sleep, Cardiovascular disease, Obesity Peter Spencer, PhD, FRCPath Mutation, Ionizing Radiation, Epigenetics