Toxicology Info Center: Journals

These journals are available in the Toxicology Information Center.

Acta-Neuropathologica (1987-1992)

American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal (1996-2000)

American Journal of Industrial Medicine (1993-present)

American Journal of PharmacoGenomics (2002-present)

American Journal of Public Health (1997-2004)

Annals of Neurology (1991-present)

Annals of Neurosciences (2006-present)

Applied Industrial Hygiene (1987-1989)

Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (1990-1998)

Archives of Neurology (1974-1976)

Biotechniques (1999-present)

BNI Quarterly (1992-2003)

Brain (1974-1980)

Brain Pathology (1990-2001)

Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists (1993-2007)

Chemical Health & Safety (1998-2001)

Clinical Neuropathology (1982-1990)

Clinical Neuropharmacology (1982-1988)

Critical Reviews in Toxicology (1996-present)

Current Advances in Neuroscience (1987-1988)

Current Opinion in Neurology and Neurosurgery (1989-1993)

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (1998)

Environmental Health Perspectives (1996-present)

Environmental Health Perspectives Supplements (1996-2002)

Environmental Research (1995-1998)

Epidemiology (1996-present)

Food Chemical Toxicology (1986-1993)

Fundamental and Applied Toxicology (1981-1997)

Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Materials (1992)

Health Effects Institiute Reports (1990-2000)

Human Toxicology (1981-1983)

Journal of Anatomy (1974-1989)

Journal of Neurocytology (1972-1982)

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry (1974-1986)

Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology (1980-2005)

Journal of Neuroscience (1981-1982)

Journal of NIH Research (1989-1997)

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (1995-2005)

Journal of Occupational Medicine (1990-1994)

Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System (1996-present)

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (1988-1990)

Molecular Biology of the Cell (1995-2001)

Muscle & Nerve (1998-2005)

Natural Toxins (1995-1999)

Nature (2005-present)

Nature Medicine (2001-present)

Nature Neuroscience (2005-present)

Nature Reviews (2002-present)

Neurobiology of Aging (1979-present)

Neurodegeneration (1992-1996)

Neuroepidemiology (1996-present)

Neurotoxicity Research (2004-2005)

Neurotoxicology (1979-1991)

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (1996-present)

Pharmacogenetics (1996-present)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA (2002-2004)

Professional Safety (2006-present)

Science (2003-present)

Synapse (1987-1988)

Toxicological Sciences (1998-present)

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (1973-2001)

Toxicology and Industrial Health (1993-present)

Trends in Neurosciences (1986-2002)

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (1990-2002)