Incident Abstracts

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Abstract Incident ID Industry Description Report Year Abstract
OR 2013-43-1 Manufacturing Homicide   2013 A 46 year-old warehouse supervisor was found dead from a gunshot wound in a company parking lot. Employees arriving for work early one morning found the victim, and notified the police. Officers arrived on site and began their homicide investigation.
OR 2013-42-1 Mining Fell from equipment   2013 A 79 year-old owner and operator of a granite pit fell off a large front-end loader and died of cardiac arrest from trauma. He was believed to be repairing or conducting maintenance work while standing on the front-end loader when he fell approximately eight feet from the loader to the ground. The medical examiner determined that the cause of death was sudden cardiac arrhythmia due to stress of genital and pelvic injuries he suffered from the fall.
OR 2013-41-1 Unknown Complications from paraplegia   2013 A 60-year old worker died from complications of years of paraplegia following an industrial accident. The medical examiner report and the death certificate indicated that the worker’s condition was as a result of a traumatic work injury that occurred approximately 25 years prior to his death. The worker died in Lincoln County. However, documents related to his injury and where it occurred could not be found. His occupation was recorded as ironworker.
OR 2013-40-1 Transportation Motor vehicle accident   2013 A 52 year-old courier suffered fatal chest trauma with rib fractures in a freeway motor vehicle accident. The courier was on his last run of the day and was on the southbound western most lane of a freeway. His small passenger vehicle was hit from behind by a speeding pick-up truck forcing his car to collide with the vehicle in front. He did have lap and shoulder restraints in place and the steering wheel air bag had deployed.
OR 2013-39-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Heat stroke   2013 A 38 year-old certified arborist suffered heat stroke while he was climbing a 150 foot fir tree in +95°F temperature and died on the way to the emergency room. The arborist had climbed three smaller trees the morning of the incident. On the way to the afternoon job, the crew stopped for lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant. At the site the arborist climbed a tall tree to attach rigging for a tree-falling job. When the arborist reached the first set of branches, about 60 feet off the ground, he began behaving erratically and was not following sound climbing procedures. He fell backward but was caught by his fall restraint harness and appeared to be having a seizure. A fellow arborist climbed to his location and lowered him to the ground. Electrolyte drinks were available at the site and the crew had been trained on heat stress prevention. Emergency personnel administered CPR but no pulse was re-established.
OR 2013-38-1 Transportation Crushed by rolling vehicle   2013 A 40 year-old towing company worker was killed when a vehicle rolled off the towing dolly pinning him underneath. The worker and two other employees were dispatched to transport two vehicles. One vehicle was to be transported on a towing dolly pulled by a pick-up truck. The worker drove the vehicle onto the dolly, elevating the front of the vehicle, and placed a block behind the right front tire to secure it. In order to prevent damage to the transmission, the driveline of the vehicle to be towed had to be removed. He then crawled under the vehicle and began removing the four bolts securing the driveline. To reach the last bolt he had to move the vehicle backwards. Once the vehicle was moved, he crawled back underneath to remove the last bolt but did not replace the block. When the bolt was removed the vehicle rolled off the dolly and onto the worker.
OR 2013-37-1 Agriculture Pinned beneath ATV quad   2013 A 31 year-old rancher was killed while mending fences on a family ranch when his four-wheeled ATV overturned and crushed him. The rancher left to mend fences mid-morning. When he didn’t return by late afternoon, a family member went searching for him. He was found that evening in a ravine pinned under his four-wheeled ATV. Tracks at the scene showed the four-wheeler near the edge and went off a 45 degree bank sideways and fell five feet rolling ¾ of a turn and landed on the head, neck and upper torso of the rancher. Toxicology report confirmed 0.160 g/dL of alcohol in the rancher’s blood.
OR 2013-36-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Struck by container door   2013 A 21 year-old worker died when he was struck in the head by a 700-pound top-hinged steel door of a 20-yard waste container. The worker and another employee were assigned to hook plastic liner sheets in the container. To enter the container, the steel door was opened by using a forklift and was propped opened by only one metal door stand (bar with indentation for door) held in place by the weight of the door. The liners were attached inside the container on hooks at the end, center and at the door. As the worker stepped backward out of the container, he bumped into the door stand, knocking the stand away, and the door swung down striking the worker’s head.
OR 2013-35-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Electrocution   2013 A 39 year old self-employed landscaper was electrocuted when his metal saw came into contact with a high-voltage power line. The landscaper was hired to trim hedges that were approximately 20 feet high. He used a 14-foot aluminum orchard ladder against the thick hedges to access the top. Evidence suggests that when the metal blade of his gas powered saw contacted the 7200 volt power line he fell off the ladder to the ground below. His employee glanced towards the location of the landscaper and saw the power tool engulfed in flames. He then found the landscaper on the ground with his right arm in contact with the metal ladder. The landscaper died at the scene.
OR 2013-34-1 Construction Electrocution   2013 A 27 year-old apprentice electrician was eletrocuted when he was connecting electrical wires in a junction box in a bathroom ceiling space. During a building bathroom remodel, the electrical subcontractor disconnected lighting circuits at junction boxes mounted in the ceiling space in the hallway area outside of the bathroom. Tags were not attached at all points where circuits could be energized. Emergency and general lighting fixtures and wiring were installed and wires were run to adjacent junction boxes: one for general lighting and the other for emergency lighting. The apprentice electrician located the circuit breaker for the emergency lighting on a different floor, shut off and locked out the circuit breaker. He then reconnected wires to one of the existing junction boxes in the hallway. A witness observed him finishing up connections in general lighting rather than the emergency lighting junction box in the restroom. The apprentice mentioned to the witness that he had just been shocked. The witness heard the apprentice electrician fall and then found him collapsed on the restroom floor. It appeared that the apprentice electrician reconnected the wrong wires in the hallway junction box and energized the general lighting circuit.
OR 2013-33-1 Other services Animal attack   2013 A 36 year-old animal caretaker died when she was mauled by a cougar. Although the company policy required two qualified staff members to work together during the lockout of dangerous animals, she was working alone. Investigation report revealed that inadequate staffing caused frequent violations to this rule. The caretaker was attempting to enter and clean one of the cougar enclosures when the incident occurred. The company lockout procedure was ineffective and during the process subjected caretakers to contact with cougars. This procedure and the poor design of the enclosures made cleaning a time consuming task, which compelled the keepers to violate the lockout policy.
OR 2013-32-1 Public Administration Homicide   2013 A 41 year-old reserve police officer was shot while responding to a house fire and died the following day. The reserve officer and his partner heard a call about a house fire. While on their way to respond the dispatcher notified the officers that there was a report of a man with a handgun at the location. At the scene, the partner dropped off the reserve officer at one end of the block where the fire was reported. In his vehicle, the partner proceeded to where an unidentified male was being interviewed by another officer who arrived on the scene. The reserve officer saw his partner and other officer with the unidentified male and began walking towards them. At some point, the reserve officer realized that the individual being interviewed by the other two officers was not the suspect. He then headed back to the where he was dropped off. On his way, he encountered the resident of the burning house with a gun. A neighbor reported that he saw the reserve officer with his gun at his side yelling at the individual to drop his weapon just before the gunshot hitting the reserve officer in the head.
OR 2013-31-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Fell down staircase   2013 A 74 year-old security guard died of a blunt force head injury when he fell down office stairs. The guard had called dispatch to notify them he was going off duty. Two hours later his spouse called the company to inquire about her husband’s whereabouts who had not arrived home as expected. He was found unresponsive at the base of the stairs face down on the concrete floor. Blood was found on the floor and the handrail at the top of the stairwell was loose. Videotape confirmed that no one entered or left the office from the time the guard called dispatch until the victim was found.
OR 2013-30-1 Transportation Overturned vehicle   2013 A 70 year-old who had been a mail carrier died of complications from injuries sustained in a work vehicle accident in the spring of the previous year. The incident occurred as she was negotiating a downhill curve. She had inadvertently hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. The vehicle slid and spun into the embankment, then overturned both end-over-end and sideways coming to rest on its top, facing the opposite direction in a ditch. Road conditions were dry and the investigator noted that speed contributed to her losing control of the vehicle.
OR 2013-29-1 Transportation Crushed in rollover   2013 An 80 year-old truck driver suffered blunt force head trauma when he lost control of his vehicle which rolled over and crushed him in the vehicle cab. The truck was pulling two trailers loaded with recycled material, and was traveling westbound on a straight, level highway. A witness reported that the back trailer was on the westbound shoulder moving perpendicular to the first trailer subsequently causing the vehicle to overturn. The truck and the first trailer came to rest on their tops on the westbound shoulder. The back trailer then landed on top of the first trailer.
OR 2013-28-1 Transportation Helicopter crash   2013 A 53 year-old pilot died when his helicopter crashed while transporting logs. The pilot was on his first run following a break during which the helicopter had been refueled and inspected. He was moving logs from the logging site to a location next to the logging road. Witnesses reported that the pilot dropped the logs just before the crash, indicating it was possible that the pilot had detected a serious problem and was attempting corrective action.
OR 2013-27-1 Construction Collapsed truss fall Report  2013 A 33 year-old carpenter foreman sustained fatal blunt force head trauma when he fell and was struck by a truss as it collapsed during installation on a residential building. Throughout the installation and prior to the collapse workers expressed to the foreman that bracing was inadequate. Lateral braces were installed but not ground or diagonal bracing as directed in the diagram provided by the manufacturer upon delivery of the trusses.
OR 2013-26-1 Agriculture Crushed by tractor rollover   2013 A 53 year-old Hispanic orchard worker died when the tractor he was operating left a roadway, rolled down a steep ravine, and crushed him. The worker had been trained by the employer to operate the tractor during the previous fruit harvest. Based on his employer’s observations during the first season, he was asked to continue operating the tractor during the following fruit harvest. Investigation revealed that the rollover protection structure (ROPS) was not in position and that the seat belt did not appear to be worn. Toxicological examination confirmed the presence of methamphetamine and amphetamine.
OR 2013-25-1 Construction Fall from articulating boom lift   2013 A 31 year-old worker suffered head/abdominal injuries after being ejected 30 feet out of a boom lift and died two weeks later. The worker was repairing communication equipment on top of a light pole. The repair was complete and the lift was lowered to allow the co-worker to exit the lift bucket and conduct tests on the ground. The worker re-entered the lift bucket to ascend and take photographs of the completed work. He raised the boom lift up to its maximum angle with the counterweight downhill on a slope. This caused the lift to tip over ejecting the worker from the bucket. He had a full body harness on but it was not connected to the anchorage point on the lift.
OR 2013-24-1 Transportation Vehicle rollover   2013 A 69 year-old driver who shuttled and transported motor vehicles sustained a fatal head injury when her passenger vehicle rolled over. She was traveling westbound on a highway and was attempting to pass a log truck on a curve. The log truck overturned and logs rolled off. Her vehicle rolled over. It did not appear that her vehicle was struck by the logs or the log truck. She was trapped inside her vehicle until removed by paramedics and pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2013-23-1 Transportation Crushed by rolling vehicle   2013 A self-employed 69 year-old semi-truck driver suffered fatal chest and abdominal injuries when truck tires ran over him. The driver had just completed repairs on the truck. He reached up, turned on the engine, but it was still in gear and began moving. The driver was then seen running alongside the vehicle on the driver side attempting to either pull himself up or trying to turn the key off. He may have pulled on the steering wheel to pull himself up but directed the truck to the left causing it to crash into another trailer. The driver was found on the ground with abrasions and marks to the abdomen area that appeared to have been caused by a tire.
OR 2013-22-1 Construction Struck by object   2013 A 60 year-old construction crew leader was struck and killed by a highway arrow board sign hitched to a pick-up truck after it was hit by a semi-truck. The crew leader was removing lane closure signs from the previous night’s work and getting traffic control devices staged for the following night’s work. She parked her pickup on the side of the road behind the fog line with lights flashing and the arrow board sign connected to the tow hitch. She was removing a sign from behind the guardrail when the arrow board and pick-up was struck by a semi-truck/trailer. The collision caused the arrow board to swing over the guardrail and strike the worker.
OR 2013-21-1 Forestry/Logging Truck rollover   2013 A 19 year-old water tender (tanker) truck driver died at a fire fighting site when his truck slid off the road and hit an embankment and rolled over. The driver had previously received ride-along training sessions and was evaluated by an experienced driver. This was his first day of driving the tanker truck on this fire. He was finishing the night shift and was returning to the fire camp. The truck gained speed as it was going downhill. Heading into a right turn the vehicle slid, hit an embankment on the left side of the road and then rolled over. Post-collision assessment of the truck indicated inadequate tread on the front tires, the right side brake on the front drive axle was out of adjustment, and the outside edge of the tire tread on the left front tire was damaged.
OR 2013-20-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by falling tree   2013 A 58 year-old timber cutter was killed when he was struck by a burning tree snag. Two cutters were dispatched to cut a burning snag after a lightning strike in a national forest. They were met by Forest Service personnel and escorted to the area. The fire crew had made some cuts on the tree the night before, but the fire was too active and they left the tree standing. The cutters assessed and discussed where to fall the tree. After the area was clear of personnel, one of the cutters looked up and saw that a large section of the tree had burned through and snapped. The limbs of the falling snag hit and injured him. The other cutter was struck and crushed by the butt of the snag that began to burn as it hit the ground. He died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest. The injured cutter was taken by life flight to a hospital, treated for a shoulder injury.
OR 2013-19-1 Construction Electrocution   2013 A 35 year-old journeyman lineman was electrocuted when he made contact with high-voltage electricity. The lineman climbed up onto a metal structure that supported isolation switches for a 115 KV transmission line. The power was shut off to the transmission line and it was tested prior to hooking up ground to the line. The lineman assumed he was in an equipotential zone and was rigging straps so that the structure could be moved by a crane to a new foundation a few feet away. In the work set-up there was no ground between the driven ground rod and the grounding grid for the metal structure creating a difference in potential between the ground on the power line and frame being moved. The driven ground was not checked for voltage after being hooked to the power line. The test would have shown electrical power on the driven ground rod. The lineman was electrocuted when he made contact with the metal frame work and the middle horizontal switch which was still connected to the line.
OR 2013-18-1 Transportation Ejected from cab   2013 A 51 year-old logging truck driver was killed when he was ejected from the cab as the truck rolled down an embankment. The driver detected a problem with his vehicle motor and was driving his unloaded truck to a shop for evaluation. While traveling westbound on a highway that was slightly uphill with a long sweeping left turn his truck tires left the roadway at the beginning of the turn and continued half on the pavement and half off the pavement. The truck then tipped and rolled over once down an embankment coming to rest against trees. The driver was not wearing a safety belt and was ejected. The tire marks from the accident indicated that the driver never attempted to come back on the roadway. Investigators believed that speed may have been a factor.
OR 2013-17-1 Manufacturing Crushed by iron frame   2013 A 27 year-old worker was crushed and died of traumatic asphyxiation from blunt chest trauma when an iron frame he was dismantling slid off a forklift, pinned his leg and then rolled over on top of him. The worker was dismantling and salvaging parts from a rectangular iron frame (called a truss press head) that weighed approximately 1500 pounds. He used a forklift to lift the iron frame on one edge to provide better access to a motor attached to the frame. He did not secure the frame onto the forks. It is believed that as he kneeled alongside the frame on the side opposite the forklift and attempted to pull the motor, the frame dropped on his back preventing him from moving or breathing. He died at the scene.
OR 2013-16-1 Manufacturing Crushed by steel sheet   2013 A 55 year-old manufacturing employee was struck and killed when a steel sheet fell out of the C-clamp crushing him on the concrete floor. The worker was in the process of placing a sheet of steel into a 750 ton press brake using a 2-ton hoist. As he was lifting the ~1600 pound sheet, he placed himself underneath the suspended load to push the bottom edge into the press brake jaws. The sheet slipped out of the C-clamp and fell on the worker’s back as he was trying to escape, crushing him on the concrete floor.
OR 2013-15-1 Construction Crushed in cab   2013 A 50 year-old construction worker suffered fatal injuries when he lost control of his truck going down a steep hill and ran off the road. He was working at a drilling site and was hauling mud from the work site down a steep hill. A large vacuum pump unit was used to vacuum mud into a holding tank. The tank mounted on the chassis of his three-axle truck, was nearly full of mud when the worker drove off the site. Evidence showed that the worker tried to control the truck but couldn’t negotiate a turn and went through a guardrail. The vehicle ran into an embankment crushing the worker between the dashboard and the back of the cab. Based on witness statements and physical evidence including skid marks, the investigator believed that the operator must have progressed down the steep grade at a rate that was too fast for the brakes to hold the vehicle’s speed. The brakes got too hot and began to fade requiring additional pressure on the brake pedal to achieve the same stopping power. Heavy pressure on the brake pedal caused occasional locking of the wheels leaving skid marks and created a “runaway vehicle” condition.
OR 2013-14-1 Agriculture Struck by falling tree   2013 A 45 year-old logger died of blunt force chest trauma when he was struck by a tree. The logger was felling timber on a steep hillside. After he radioed for help, his co-workers found him next to a tree facing down, unable to talk and had difficulty breathing. He expired at the scene. Based on the trees that had been cut and their location, it was speculated that he was felling 2-3 trees at the same time and an additional tree that was behind him might have been entangled and came down and struck him from behind.
OR 2013-13-1 Forestry/Logging Crushed by rolling tractor   2013 A 71 year-old farmer suffered fatal crushing injuries when a tractor’s rear tire rolled on top of him. The farmer was hooking up a battery to get the tractor started and didn’t notice that it was in gear. As the battery engaged, the tractor lunged forward trapping him underneath the rear tire.
OR 2013-12-1 Transportation Struck trees off the highway   2013 A 57 year-old truck driver died from a chest injury he sustained in a motor vehicle collision after losing control of his vehicle in a turn. His truck was pulling a trailer of particle board, and traveling westbound on a highway when he failed to negotiate a right curve. The truck and trailer crossed the east bound lane, struck a guardrail and continued off the south side of the highway where several trees were struck before coming to rest off the highway. Investigators noted that he did not have his safety belt on.
OR 2013-11-1 Construction Fall from scaffold   2013 A 25 year-old construction worker died from a fall off a scaffold. The worker was building a scaffold in between girders under a traffic bridge. He was creating the scaffold with 4X4 timbers set in-between the girders below the bridge with 1-foot spacing then setting 5/8 inch thick plywood on top of the 4X4 timbers for a working/walking surface. He was not wearing his fall protection and when he stepped off the leading edge of the scaffold he fell 23 feet to the rocks below. He died in the hospital 24 hours later from blunt force head trauma he sustained in the fall.
OR 2013-10-1 Transportation Crushed by vehicle   2013 A 17 year-old mechanic was killed when a semi-truck lurched forward crushing him under the right front wheel. The mechanic was on the ground adjusting or checking the brake of the semi-truck. His co-worker got into the cab of the truck and was attempting to start the vehicle while in gear, when it lurched forward and crushed the victim.
OR 2013-09-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by falling tree   2013 A 38 year-old Hispanic logger was struck by a falling tree and died of cervical spine fracture/spinal cord injury. The logger was bucking or cutting trees that were already down. A faller nearby signaled that he was going to cut and the logger responded to go ahead. The logger continued to work in the area and did not move into the clear. Investigation revealed that the supervisor was not enforcing a policy for maintaining clear distance (twice the height of the trees being felled) between falling trees and personnel in the area. Toxicological examination confirmed the presence of methamphetamine.
OR 2013-08-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Contact with rotating machinery Report  2013 A 41 year-old Hispanic sanitation worker was killed when he either fell or was pulled into an industrial meat blender. The worker was a member of a contract cleaning crew for a meat processing facility. He was on a platform washing the blender from above while the the unguarded rotating blades were in operation. A common work practice described by his co-workers was to wrap the long hose around the torso and legs while washing equipment. There were no witnesses to the event. The investigator surmised that a segment of the hose may have fallen into the blender that became entangled in the rotating blades, pulling the worker in, or that the worker slipped on the slippery platform and fell into the blender.
OR 2013-07-1 Agriculture Pinned beneath ATV quad   2013 A 53 year-old rancher died from blunt head trauma and compressive asphyxiation when his all-terrain-vehicle went over backward and pinned him beneath it. The rancher was believed to be repairing fences. The racks of the ATV had approximately 90 pounds of tools and supplies for fence repair. At the time of the incident, he was driving the four-wheel ATV up a dirt trail along a fence line. The trail was sloped and narrow with elevated sagebrush roots.
OR 2013-06-1 Public Administration Pinned under raft   2013 A 25 year-old female water biologist drowned when her pontoon boat flipped and the strap of her life jacket became entangled on the oarlock, pinning her underwater. Her co-worker, in a second boat, observed that she had difficulty maneuvering her raft initially. After some coaching she appeared to get better. They came upon some rapids and a willow tree that extended over and across the channel. She lost control of her boat, was swept broadside into the swiftly running channel, and then hit the tree. This flipped her boat and she was pinned under the water unable to free herself.
OR 2013-05-1 Agriculture Fall from mobile machinery Report  2013 A 41 year-old Hispanic vineyard worker sustained a fatal head injury when he fell from a trailer and struck his head on the pavement. A tractor was pulling a trailer-mounted chemical tank while the worker stood on a make-shift wooden platform attached to the trailer. The platforms were added on each side of the trailer for employees to stand on and ride to and from the field. The worker’s baseball cap blew off and the tractor operator stopped so that the worker could retrieve his cap. It is not known whether the worker fell while attempting to step back on the platform while the trailer was moving or whether he fell once on the platform and the trailer started moving. The vineyard worker died at the scene.
OR 2013-04-1 Transportation Struck trees off the highway   2013 A 71 year-old truck driver sustained significant blunt force injuries to the head and neck causing his death when his truck went off the road and hit a stand of large trees. His semi-truck was towing a fuel trailer on a northbound lane of an interstate highway with a slight curve to the right. The truck left the lane of travel continued across the median to the southbound lanes and onto the west shoulder area hitting a stand of trees. The roadway had an inch of snow, but there was no evidence of evasive maneuvers. It is not known why the truck left the lane of travel. The medical examiner report stated that the driver may have experienced a medical emergency which caused him to lose control of the vehicle.
OR 2013-03-1 Forestry/Logging Crushed by heavy machinery (yarder)   2013 A 31 year-old Hispanic logger suffered fatal pelvic and abdominal injuries after he was crushed by a yarder that collapsed when a guyline broke. The logger was assigned to buck logs and maintain the landing area. The loader operator had just dropped logs in the cleanup area and signaled the logger to trim them. The logger was walking past the yarder with his chainsaw when the guyline broke at the sleeve shackle near the anchor stump. The yarder fell forward and landed on the logger. Evidence suggests that the guylines were not placed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
OR 2013-02-1 Construction Fall from elevation   2013 A 33 year-old construction worker fell off a roof approximately 15 feet from the ground and died 11 days later from multiple injuries sustained in the fall. His company was contracted to replace roof shingles on a residential facility. On the day of the incident, it was planned to re-install anchors for fall protection and continue removing the old shingles on another section of the house. The worker was observed climbing the extension ladder with nails and an anchor. Another worker inside the garage heard the impact on the garage roof and then onto the sidewalk. The homeowner and other workers indicated that there was frost in the yard and roof of adjacent homes at the time of the incident. The deceased may have slipped, falling onto the garage roof and then onto the concrete sidewalk.
OR 2013-01-1 Construction Chemical exposure   2013 A 50 year-old worker died from exposure to methylene chloride while stripping a second layer of bathtub coating. He was working alone in a small windowless bathroom with door closed. Other than the ceiling fan there was no additional ventilation. Three hours after he began the work he was found hunched over the side of the bathtub, with his head submerged in the water. It is speculated that the asphyxiating effects of the methylene chloride may have altered his judgment. At some point he decided to turn the water on in the tub, possibly to splash is face. He never regained consciousness and died two days later. Cause of death was cerebral anoxia from near drowning and inhalation of methylene chloride. On the worker’s truck a portable ventilation fan and supplied air respirator were found but not used.
OR 2012-46-1 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Mall shooting   2012 A 45-year-old kiosk owner died of a gunshot wound during a public shooting in a mall. The victim was shot while he was tending to his kiosk and died at the scene.
OR 2012-45-1 Public Administration Self-inflicted gunshot   2012 A 46-year-old police lieutenant died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head while at his home. He had a two-year history of anxiety and depression and was on family and medical leave. His medical leave was about to expire and his request to extend the leave had been denied. It was reported that he had been increasingly depressed and despondent for approximately one year prior to his death and had been seeing a psychologist. Records indicated that the victim’s depression increased notably approximately three months prior to his death and he was exhibiting isolative behavior and articulating suicidal ideations.
OR 2012-44-1 Fishing Commercial fishing boat capsizes   2012 A 52-year-old fisherman was drowned while working on a 42-foot commercial fishing vessel. Reports indicate that the vessel began sinking around 4:30 am approximately two miles from shore. Crewmen told the Coast Guard that the vessel quickly capsized and the crew did not have time to get into their survival suits. Three of the four-man crew were rescued. Search for the victim, continued until it was determined that survival was not likely without a survival suit.
OR 2012-43-1 Finance/Insurance Back injury complication   2012 A 20-year-old office worker died from complications of a back injury and the resulting immobilization. The injury was believed to have occurred five months prior to her death while she was bending over and reaching down to a lower cabinet drawer at her office. The victim was on several medications. She began experiencing shortness of breath and collapsed at home. The victim’s roommate initiated CPR until EMS arrived. She could not be revived and the medical examiner declared that cause of death was complications of back injury and immobilization (pulmonary thromboembolism).
OR 2012-42-1 Wholesale Trade Suicide by hanging   2012 A 52-year-old maintenance employee died when he hung himself with a chain attached to a forklift at his place of employment. He was off duty but was at his place of work talking to employees on duty. They indicated he smelled of alcohol and was upset about a break-up with a girlfriend. The on-duty employees left the maintenance shop and on their return found the decedent hanging from a large link chain that was attached to the forklift. It appeared that he placed the chain around his neck securing it with a snap hook then used the automatic lift control to raise himself up off the ground.
OR 2012-41-1 Other Services Fall from chair   2012 A 63-year-old workshop employee died from hip fracture complications. The victim, who was developmentally disabled, slipped out of his chair, fell to the floor while at his bi-weekly work program. The incident was believed to have been caused by a hypoglycemic event. He did not appear to have sustained any significant injury at the time of his fall and he continued to work throughout the day. That evening, the caretaker became concerned and took him to an emergency room. A pelvic CT scan revealed a fracture of his left femoral neck. He underwent surgery and was discharged to a rehabilitation center where he died the following morning, which was five days after the incident.
OR 2012-40-1 Forestry/Logging Motor vehicle accident   2012 A 23-year-old member of a logging crew was a passenger in a van heading to a worksite. At approximately 3:40 am the van was struck on the passenger side by a pickup truck that entered the intersection against a red light. Three van occupants, including the victim, were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected. They were transported to the hospital where the victim was pronounced deceased at 4:18 am. The other two ejected passengers survived. Both vehicles were inspected and found to have been in a safe operating condition prior to the incident.
OR 2012-39-1 Agriculture Head on collision   2012 A 76-year-old rancher was killed in a collision while driving a pickup truck pulling an empty livestock trailer. The pickup was traveling up a hill around a curve. An SUV traveling down the hill struck the pickup head on. The victim was found with his seat belt on trapped behind the steering wheel and had to be extracted. He sustained blunt force chest trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene. There were no witnesses.
OR 2012-38-1 Retail trade Truck roll-over crash   2012 A 69-year-old truck driver was killed when the company pickup he was traveling in crashed. At approximately 6:45 am the pickup hit black ice, turned sideways and rolled into the median. The victim, who was a passenger, was found with his seatbelt on and his head trapped between the collapsed roof and the passenger seat headrest. Paramedics pronounced the victim deceased at the scene. Police report indicated that the driver presented no signs of intoxication. A witness reported overtaking the pickup and passing it at about 45-50 mph when the pickup lost control and slid into the median.
OR 2012-37-1 Healthcare/Social Asst Heart attack   2012 A 36-year-old mental health security technician was actively restraining a disorderly patient when he collapsed on top of the patient and died. Emergency medical service arrived on the scene and made several attempts to revive the victim. When the victim arrived at the hospital he was without any heart activity and pronounced dead. The medical examiner declared that the cause of death was atherosclerotic heart disease.
OR 2012-36-1 Other Services Accidental hanging   2012 A 31-year-old commercial laundry janitor died after he hung himself at his place of work. The victim’s fiancé was scheduled to pick him up from work at 11:30 pm. She called his cell phone and knocked on the door but there was no response. She then contacted the victim’s co-worker for assistance. The co-worker returned to the workplace, searched for the victim, and found him in the boiler room with a bandanna and laundry bag drawstring around his neck suspended from a metal grate. The medical examiner cause of death was ligature hanging autoerotic asphyxia.
OR 2012-35-1 Transportation Truck roll-over crash   2012 A 46-year-old log truck driver died from blunt injuries sustained when his truck rolled down an embankment. The victim had been driving log trucks for approximately one year and was hired by the company the previous month. He received training that included evaluation by other drivers and no problems were identified. A witness in a vehicle behind the log truck stated that the truck had gained speed and cut corners. At approximately 8 am the truck rolled down an embankment and the victim was ejected out the passenger door of the truck. The gas tank of the truck came to rest partially on the victim’s head. There were no apparent defects with the brakes and the truck had passed a level 1 ODOT inspection during the 2nd quarter of that year. It could not be determined if the victim had been wearing his seat belt prior to the crash. The driver’s side cab was totally crushed.
OR 2012-34-1 Construction Ladder fall   2012 A 59-year-old construction worker died when he fell from a ladder and hit his head. He was working overhead on a four-foot ladder installing trim around a skylight opening. Co-workers heard a crashing sound, found the victim unconscious and called EMS. There was a wood stove and brick hearth nearby. It is unknown whether the victim struck either or both of these items, but EMS noted that they found no evidence of hitting the stove or hearth, with the possible exception of a small tear in the plastic on the hearth. There was a laceration on the right-side of the victim’s head. Head CT showed a large subdural hematoma, large midline shift and multiple skull fractures. The worker remained unresponsive and died three days later when the ventilator was removed. The medical examiner declared that the cause of death was blunt force head trauma due to fall from height.
OR 2012-33-1 Accommodation/Food Services Motel homicide   2012 A 19-year-old motel housekeeper was found dead with multiple stab wounds in a motel room where she was employed. On the victim’s 5th day at work, in the late afternoon, her co-workers noticed that she had not completed cleaning her assigned rooms. One of her co-workers went looking for her to provide assistance, and found the victim lying in a bathtub. The medical examiner concluded that the victim died as a result of homicidal violence including multiple stab wounds and strangulation.
OR 2012-32-1 Transportation Taxicab driver homicide   2012 A 58-year-old taxicab driver died of a gunshot wound while he was on duty. The last company contact with the victim was at 10:40 pm when he notified a dispatcher that he had picked up a fare. After several attempts to reach the driver by radio and telephone, the police were notified at approximately 1:00 am that he was missing. After several hours of searching by the police, family and other drivers, the police found his vehicle suggesting a criminal assault. A few hours later his body was found in a field with a gunshot wound to the head. Police ruled the death a homicide.
OR 2012-31-1 Agriculture ATV overturned   2012 A 43-year-old ranch hand working on an irrigation system was reported missing and was found a day later face down near his overturned ATV. The skid marks found at the scene suggested that he lost control of the ATV. Toxicology results reported his blood alcohol level at 0.2% (above the legal limit of 0.08%).
OR 2012-30-1 Forestry/Logging Logging fall   2012 A 65-year-old logger died from paralysis complications as a result of an injury suffered in 1970. The injury occurred during a logging incident when he fell and fractured his back that resulted in paralysis of both legs. He later became an electrician and mechanic. In 2004 he underwent a below-the-knee amputation and was also diagnosed with other paralysis complications. The victim slowly declined in health and remained at home for the last several years of his life.
OR 2012-29-1 Education Services Plane crash   2012 A 52-year-old flight instructor died when a high performance experimental aircraft crashed. The victim was an instructor pilot for kit planes who delivered them to pilots and provided instruction. The accident flight was with an aircraft owner/pilot. According to initial radar data, the pilot had been maneuvering at about 10,500 feet mean sea level. The airplane then entered into a level right turn and about the time that it had completed a full 360 degrees of turn, it began to climb. The airplane climbed to about 11,700 feet as its airspeed slowed from about 270 mph to 130 mph. Within a few seconds after it reached the 11,700 feet, the airplane descended near vertically into the terrain.
OR 2012-28-1 Other Services Struck by vehicle   2012 A 64-year-old children’s education minister was killed after being struck by a vehicle while she was attending a conference. At approximately 12:00 pm she was walking across a busy thoroughfare intersection when she was struck by a vehicle. She died 11 hours later of multiple traumatic head injuries at the hospital. Although unconfirmed, a news report indicated that there was no marked pedestrian crosswalk and that other similar incidences had occurred at the same location.
OR 2012-27-1 Retail trade Crushed by vehicle   2012 A newspaper delivery man died at the age of 63 on January 2012 due to complications of traumatic quadriplegia from a previous occupational injury. The initial injury occurred on September 27, 1995 while he was trying to stop his moving vehicle. He was on his delivery route when his truck began to roll down the street. While trying to stop the vehicle he became pinned underneath. The accident left him a quadriplegic with complications that lead to his death.
OR 2012-26-1 Construction Ladder fall   2012 A 55-year-old self-employed construction worker died when his ladder slipped and he fell hitting his head on the concrete surface below. The victim and his sole employee were each on a 21-foot extension ladder approximately 16 feet high trying to level a 20-foot board “belly band,” (a siding board) near the top portion of a two-level house. It is believed that the angle of the ladder was too steep, and while the victim was installing a wood screw his ladder began to slip which caused him to fall.
OR 2012-25-1 Education Services Drowning   2012 A 26-year-old youth counselor at a community church summer camp drowned after slipping and falling 30 feet into a water pool below. A young camper who was with the counselor also drowned. A witness reported that the counselor and a camper were walking around the rim of a pool to reach the area behind a waterfall. They both slipped and slid into the pool below. Another witness threw a rope at the victims but they were unable to reach it. Two more witnesses attempted a rescue and entered the pool but neither of the victims was able to hang on before the rescuers had to return to shore. A diver recovered the victims’ bodies the following afternoon.
OR 2012-24-1 Retail trade Mechanic fell overboard and struck by propeller   2012 After repairing a boat, a 69-year-old marine mechanic was conducting a test drive when he fell overboard and was struck by the propeller. Witnesses reported that they saw the boat leave the dock, and then as it returned the mechanic was seen creating maneuvers, “spinning cookies.” They stated that after the boat lurched out of the water in one of the turns they no longer saw the mechanic at the helm. They heard a cry for help and saw him in the water with the boat hitting him. All witnesses stated that they did not see a personal flotation device on the mechanic. No mechanical issues with the boat were reported by investigators.
OR 2012-23-1 Agriculture Tractor rollover   2012 An 80-year-old dairy farmer was operating a tractor when it rolled over trapping him. He sustained serious chest injuries and was taken to the hospital where he was treated and recuperated for four days. Three days after his release, he was working on the farm. When he did not return for a period of time, his employees searched for him and found his body face down in a puddle of water. The medical examiner reported that the death was directly related to the crushing injury he suffered the week prior to his death.
OR 2012-22-1 Wholesale Trade Fell lifting sculpture   2012 A 70-year-old wood carver died when he fell off a stump and hit his head. The wood carver was delivering a wooden sculpture and was having difficulty moving the sculpture out of the back of his pickup onto a stump where the owner wanted the sculture placed. After the facility owner told him that he would get help, the victim proceeded to move the sculpture while seated on the stump. The victim fell over backwards off the stump hitting his head on a large boulder below, at the base of the stump. According to the victim’s spouse, the victim had been having bouts of dizziness and fainting spells.
OR 2012-21-1 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Plane crash   2012 A 41-year-old commercial airplane pilot died of blunt force chest trauma when a light plane he was piloting collided with trees and terrain during takeoff. The airplane was leased by the pilot’s employer who allowed the pilot to operate the plane for scenic tours. The purpose of the fatal incident was to provide scenic air tours for three of the pilot’s co-workers. Neither the weather nor mechanical problems were believed to be factors in the crash. Preliminary toxicological examination indicated the presence of cannabinoids.
OR 2012-20-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Suicide by hanging   2012 A 21-year-old equipment rental company employee committed suicide at the company’s garage/storage building. On the morning of the incident at approximately 11:50 am, a customer arrived at the rental facility. Soon thereafter he was joined by another customer and they both waited for assistance. Not wanting to wait any longer, the customer who arrived first went searching for help in the back of the facility where he found the victim hanging from a rafter. The deceased had been a person of interest in a legal case.
OR 2012-19-1 Accommodation/Food Services Crewmember fell overboard   2012 A 35-year-old galley steward fell overboard the sternwheeler he was working on. The vessel was moored on the Columbia River. Witnesses saw him surface once but after a six-hour search he could not be found. Five days later his body was found floating face down in the river. No reference to personal flotation device was made in any of the reports.
OR 2012-18-1 Manufacturing Caught in lathe Report  2012 A 69-year-old journeyman machinist with over 30 years of experience was killed while operating an engine lathe. The victim reached over the rotating part, which was an eccentric shaft, to smooth out the radius using emery cloth and a file. His loose clothing (left arm sleeve) became entagled pulling him to the part. The victim suffered multiple fractures to the left arm and injuries to the neck and chest as he was struck repeatedly by the part.
OR 2012-17-1 Retail trade Knee injury complication   2012 A 38-year-old tire sales/service employee died from massive pulmonary thromboembolism caused by a work related knee injury. Three weeks prior to his death, the victim reported pain in his right knee from repeated bending and kneeling activities the previous day. Based on the employee’s state­ment, the employer assumed it was a result of normal strain/sprain. The victim had scheduled vacation and when he returned seven days later, he filed a workers compensation claim and was treated at an im­mediate care clinic. The knee was drained to reduce swelling and he was released to work four hours per day until his next visit scheduled for a week later. At his second medical visit his restricted hours were ex­tended. Two days later the employee complained of breathing difficulty. He lost consciousness at home and died in the emergency room. The medical examiner reported that the victim died of massive pulmonary thromboembolism as a result of right deep leg vein thrombosis from the knee injury.
OR 2012-16-1 Construction Road compactor overturned   2012 A 73-year-old road compactor operator was killed when his compactor rolled over. On the day of the incident the victim was reconstructing logging roads. He was moving his compactor to another area when he lost control and rolled down a 10-12 degree grade on a single tract road. He was found under the compactor with his head partially compressed by the muffler. The compactor manufacturer stated that a seat belt was optional on that model compactor and no seat belt was observed. The cab guard was not a certified Rollover Protection System (ROPS).
OR 2012-15-1 Construction Struck by vehicle   2012 A 48-year-old construction worker was killed while preparing for night construction work. The victim had placed his third temporary traffic control sign at the fog line (white line on the edge of road) on the southbound side of a two-lane road. At approximately 7:39 pm, an intoxicated motorist traveling southbound struck the worker. The victim suffered major injuries and was transported to a hospital where he died. The victim was wearing a fluorescent safety vest and orange helmet. His vehicle had a flashing light bar on the top, dipped headlights, and flashing orange hazards lights.
OR 2012-14-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by logs   2012 A 30-year-old logger was killed when a log broke from the choke and struck him in the chest. The victim was the rigging slinger and had the radio signal control of the carriage. He sent the signal to the carriage to pick up the drop line before he and others were in the clear, and the yarder was signaled to move the carriage ahead. As the logs began to move, one of the choked logs broke, flew, and struck the victim in the chest.
OR 2012-13-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by logs   2012 A 26-year-old logging chokesetter was killed when he was struck by a log. On the morning of the incident, he was working with a brand new rigging slinger who had been moved to that position that day. The victim and the new rigging slinger set chokers on a log and then started retreating to an area uphill. Before the victim was in the clear, the rigging slinger gave the go ahead signal to the yarder operator. One end of the log unexpectedly swung forward and struck the victim in the chest and head
OR 2012-12-1 Healthcare/Social Asst Stabbed by client   2012 A 39-year-old mental health specialist was stabbed and killed by her client. The client had been found guilty of attempted murder and placed under jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB). After stabilization and monitoring by PSRB the client was released to reside in a resident treatment facility. He was being titrated off the mental health medication to undergo treatment for a separate medical condition. Upon entering a duplex apartment supervised by her employer to administer the client’s medication, the victim was stabbed several times in the neck and chest by the client.
OR 2012-11-1 Education Services Plane crash   2012 A 47-year-old flight instructor died of blunt force head and chest injuries when his plane crashed. His 17-year old student pilot died of blunt force head trauma. Search began when the flight was reported overdue by the airplane owner. The plane wreckage was discovered in a steep nose-down attitude in a level grassy field. A missing wing section was found where it impacted a tall conifer tree 200 yards from the wreckage. It is believed that the weather may have been a factor. On the day of the crash, in the area where the wreckage was found, thick fog with steady rain was reported limiting visibility to ¼ mile.
OR 2012-10-1 Transportation Struck animal   2012 A 59-year-old part-time taxi driver suffered a traumatic head injury after he struck a black cow on a highway. It happened at approximately 11:00 pm. The driver’s side hood, windshield and vehicle roof were damaged in the collision. The two passengers stated that there was an ongoing conversation with the driver before impact. One noticed that the driver’s head was turned while talking to the other passenger. Toxicology tests did not detect alcohol or the presence of controlled substances of common pharmaceuticals. The medical examiner declared that the cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries.
OR 2012-09-2 Fishing Capsized boat   2012 A 38-year-old commercial fisherman was killed when his fishing boat capsized. The 21-foot boat capsized in high waves after an engine failure. Witnesses called for help and reported that there were two men on the boat. Initial responders were not able to locate the men. The search was suspended due to hazardous conditions. The boat was secured after it washed ashore approximately 10 hours later. The motor outdrive (exposed propeller) was bound with rope and believed to have caused the motor to lose power. One of the two victim’s bodies, was found onshore 5 days later. No use of personal flotation devices was described in the reports.
OR 2012-09-1 Fishing Capsized boat   2012 A 38-year-old commercial fisherman was killed when his fishing boat capsized. The 21-foot boat capsized in high waves after an engine failure. Witnesses called for help and reported that there were two men on the boat. Initial responders were not able to locate the men. The search was suspended due to hazardous conditions. The boat was secured after it washed ashore approximately 10 hours later. The motor outdrive (exposed propeller) was bound with rope and believed to have caused the motor to lose power. One of the two victim’s bodies, was found onshore 5 days later. No use of personal flotation devices was described in the reports.
OR 2012-08-1 Construction Crushed by pipe   2012 A 31-year-old electrical mechanic in training died when he was struck by a falling PVC pipe. The mechanic was called to troubleshoot an electrical problem on a production line where PVC pipes were processed and stacked. The malfunction may have allowed PVC pipes to be stacked beyond the constraints of the rack’s retaining pin. While examining/diagnosing the problem, a 390-pound pipe dropped from a malfunctioning lift hitting the mechanic in the neck and head.
OR 2012-07-1 Public Administration Struck by vehicle   2012 A 60-year-old public works employee on a road crew was struck by a vehicle. The crew members exited the flatbed truck parked in the southbound lane and were getting into position to do cold-patching work on the southbound lane of a two-lane road. An oncoming south­bound vehicle attempted to pass the flatbed and struck the victim who was standing near the left side of the flatbed truck. Investigation revealed that other than a vehicle-mounted strobe light there were no other traffic control measures in place at the time of the incident. Toxicology report was negative for presence of controlled substances or common pharmaceuticals. Cause of death was blunt chest trauma.
OR 2012-06-1 Accommodation/Food Services Restaurant host homicide   2012 A 30-year-old restaurant/lounge host was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance outside his employer’s establishment. As the host verbally interacted with the individuals causing the disturbance, an unknown assailant came around a corner and fired several gun shots towards the group hitting the victim in the torso. The victim died at the scene.
OR 2012-05-1 Transportation Caustic fluid exposure   2012 A 57-year-old port engineer was found in the bottom of a barge holding tank containing lignin. Although not known, the victim may been overcome by fumes or fell into the tank while collecting a sample to conduct tests. A co-worker on an adjacent barge observed the victim standing near a holding tank. Ten minutes later he did not see him anywhere on the barge. He found the hatch open to the tank near where the victim was last seen. Emergency response found the victim at the bottom of the holding tank along with a five-gallon metal bucket used to collect samples for testing.
OR 2012-04-1 Construction Ladder fall   2012 A 59-year-old electrical contractor fell as he stepped off a roof onto a step ladder sustained a head injury. The victim used a 12-foot step ladder to access/egress the roof. The step ladder was not tied off and did not have adequate length/height to provide 36 inches of grasping rail nor was there a structure or grab rail device to provide adequate grasping when stepping off/onto the ladder. It was believed that the victim was attempting to step off the roof, failed to make adequate contact with the steps of the ladder and fell approximately 10 feet to the concrete sidewalk. The victim underwent surgery and treatment for blunt head trauma and died 16 days later.
OR 2012-03-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by falling tree limb   2012 A 44-year-old logger was killed while working alongside his employer who was falling a maple tree. The victim was standing next to the Maple tree and as the tree was going over, a large dead Maple limb that was hung-up in the top of the tree, struck the victim in the head. The employer cut and logged small farmer patches and had hired the victim on and off for ten years.
OR 2012-02-1 Transportation Crushed by truck trailer   2012 A 65-year-old truck mechanic was crushed and died while diagnosing a problem underneath a dump truck trailer. The victim and his supervisor had discussed a brake system leak on one of two dump truck trailers that was reported by a truck driver. They decided that the truck with the trailers should be moved to a more suitable location for inspection. While the supervisor was driving the truck trailer from the parking area to the shop he was flagged by another truck driver. He stopped the truck he was operating, left the truck idling, got out and walked to the other driver and engaged in a conversation with him for several minutes. The supervisor then returned to the truck and drove it to a service location, not realizing that the mechanic was underneath the trailer.
OR 2012-01-1 Utilities Self-inflicted gunshot   2012 A 49-year-old control room operator died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The victim left the main control room to make his normal rounds checking machines. Two hours later, the second operator made several attempts to contact the victim using the company radios, PA system and cell phone. After there was no response from the victim, the second operator searched the facility and found the victim in the yard with a gunshot wound to the head. The victim’s co-workers had not detected any signs of depression nor did they hear the victim express any suicidal thoughts.
OR 2011-60-1 Construction Plumber homicide   2011 A 58-year-old owner and operator of a plumbing busniess was shot and killed by an assailant in his home office. According to news reports published at the time of this printing, the assailant was holding a woman and child captive. Reportedly, the assailant shot the victim because he believed the victim had helped the woman and child escape.
OR 2011-59-1 Agriculture Struck by bull   2011 A 54-year-old owner and operator of a feedlot was killed when he was knocked over by a bull. As the victim and his son were moving cattle, the son opened the gate for the bull. The victim was standing in the runway when the bull entered it and pushed him against the steel fence rail. The victim then knocked him to the ground. The bull weighed approximately 1,500 pounds. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died the next day from an anoxic brain injury due to blunt closed head trauma.
OR 2011-58-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Landlord homicide   2011 A 49-year-old property owner was killed when the tenant he rented a room to shot him in the back of the head. After the shooting, the tenant called 9-1-1 and she was taken into custody immediately. The assailant was a friend of the family’s. It is unclear as to why she shot the victim. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
OR 2011-57-1 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Surgery complications   2011 A 63-year-old server died from complications from surgery for a knee injury that happened on August 11, 2010. She sustained a torn meniscus after tripping on the knap of new carpeting at her workplace. The victim died in the hospital from a pulmonary embolism. Medical reports indicated that the pulmonary embolism was a complication of the surgery for the knee injury.
OR 2011-56-1 Forestry/Logging Old logging injury   2011 A 63-year-old former logger died from complications of a traumatic brain injury that was caused by a logging accident on January 1, 1967. The original injury occurred when the victim was driving a skidder in a logging operation and a tree fell on him. He was in a coma for 90 days after the incident and in a long-term care facility for the rest of his life. The victim died in the long-term care facility. Medical reports indicated “failure to thrive” because of his traumatic brain injury.
OR 2011-55-1 Construction 40-foot fall   2011 A 77-year-old former construction worker died from complications of a head injury that was caused from a fall in December 1965. The victim’s original injury occurred when he reportedly fell approximately 40 feet from a platform. The victim died in an adult foster home. The medical examiner’s report indicated that his death was related to the original work injury.
OR 2011-54-1 Healthcare/Social Asst DHS Volunteer   2011 A 70-year-old social services volunteer was killed when the SUV he was driving crashed into a tree. The victim failed to navigate a curve in the road. After his SUV left the road it struck a tree stump and a large tree and turned onto its passenger side. The decedent was reportedly hung-up on his safety belt, which along with his chest trauma may have prevented him from exiting the SUV. The airbags deployed. The decedent died at the scene from blunt chest trauma.
OR 2011-53-1 Agriculture Ag Manager MVA   2011 A 47-year-old ranch manager was killed when the truck he was driving was struck by an oncoming vehicle. The oncoming vehicle struck the victim’s truck head-on when it entered into the victim’s lane and caused the truck to roll over. The victim was thrown from the truck. He was not wearing a safety belt. He died at the scene from blunt head trauma.
OR 2011-52-1 Healthcare/Social Asst Fractured knee cap   2011 A 31-year-old social worker died from a pulmonary embolism. Approximately one month before the victim’s death, she sustained a fractured kneecap after she slipped and fell on the floor while at work. The subject was walking with a brace and was reportedly doing well. On the day of her death, she was sleeping at home and awoke with severe shortness of breath. An ambulance was called and she went into cardiac arrest while en route to the hospital. She was transferred to the ICU and died a short time later. Medical reports indicated the pulmonary embolism was most likely caused by a blood clot associated with the traumatic knee fracture.
OR 2011-51-1 Public Administration Roadside help   2011 A 42-year-old correctional facility officer was killed after he stopped along the highway to assist a person in a stranded vehicle. The victim was in uniform and on his way to work at a state prison. As the victim approached the vehicle, the motorist lunged toward and stabbed the victim multiple times in the chest and neck. The perpetrator stole the victim’s truck and left the victim in the middle of the road. He was found by passing motorists who called 911. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died several hours later from his stab wounds.
OR 2011-50-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by smaller tree Report  2011 A 41-year-old logger was killed after he was struck in the back by a falling tree. The victim was working as part of a two person logging crew, cutting alder trees on private logging land. In twenty-minute intervals, each worker would turn off their saw to listen for their partner’s saw. The victim’s partner performed this safety check, but did not hear his partner’s saw. He went to check on the victim and found him face down with a treetop, 12-inch in diameter and 34-foot long, across his back. Apparently, when the victim cut down his last tree, it collided with a nearby tree, which caused the top of that nearby tree to break apart and fall over onto the victim. The victim was conscious when his partner found him, but died on his way to the hospital. He died from head and chest trauma.
OR 2011-49-1 Information Newspaper delivery   2011 A 57-year-old newspaper delivery driver was killed after his SUV crashed into a tree. The victim was delivering newspapers on his daily route using his personal vehicle. The victim was driving through a curve on a roadway that was ice-covered. Apparently, the victim lost control of the vehicle, drove through the curve, and hit a tree. The victim was wearing his safety belt and the car’s airbags deployed upon impact with the tree. He died at the scene from chest trauma and a fractured spine.
OR 2011-48-1 Construction Road grader vs. train   2011 A 63-year-old road maintenance worker was killed when the road grader he was operating was struck by an oncoming train. The victim was grading a section of a roadway that was near unguarded railroad tracks. The victim was observed to be standing in the cab, and bent over to look at the rear tires. The train engineer sounded his horn as the train approached an intersection near the grader. The grader advanced toward the intersection, momentarily stopped, then resumed crossing the tracks. The engineer activated the emergency brakes, but he struck the grader at 28 miles per hour and dragged it across the train tracks for roughly 100 feet. The victim was ejected, crushed, and trapped by the steel plate attached to the grader, killing him immediately. It is unclear whether the victim wore hearing protection to prevent him from hearing the horn, or a safety belt.
OR 2011-47-1 Fishing Wheelhouse   2011 A 68-year-old crab boat captain was killed when the vessel he was operating capsized. The victim was part of a fishing crew of three people that was preparing for the opening of crab season. The boat was roughly three miles out from a bay when it became unstable and began to tilt. Before the crew could determine the problem, the boat was hit by a large wave and tipped it on its side. The two deckhands were able to put on personal flotation devices and swim to a nearby boat where they were pulled onboard. The captain was apparently trapped inside the wheelhouse when the boat fully capsized and he was unable to escape.
OR 2011-46-1 Forestry/Logging Chainsaw kickback   2011 A 25-year-old forest conservation laborer was killed after the chainsaw he was operating kicked back and cut his throat. At the time of the incident, the victim was cutting trees and limbs from trees already felled. The victim was working alone at the time of the incident, but it appeared as though the chainsaw kicked back and cut his neck and face. He died at the scene from blood loss due to an aortic laceration.
OR 2011-45-1 Agriculture Falling siding   2011 A 51-year-old former cattle rancher and row crop farmer died from complications caused by a spinal cord injury that happened on May 23, 2008. The victim’s original injury occurred at his farm after a piece of siding fell and struck his neck. The victim sustained an inoperable cervical spine fracture that left him paralyzed. Over the course of three years, his condition gradually deteriorated. He died in a long-term care facility.
OR 2011-44-1 Information Slow truck   2011 A 36-year-old wireless communications technician was killed when the SUV he was driving crashed into the rear trailer of a slow moving semi-truck. The driver of the semi-truck reported that he was traveling in the right hand lane on the highway at roughly 18 miles per hour when the victim crashed into his trailer. Reports indicate that the victim’s airbag deployed, but there was no indication as to whether or not the victim was wearing a safety belt. A post-crash investigation did not find evidence of tire marks from the SUV’s brakes. The victim died at the scene of the crash from a neck fracture.
OR 2011-43-1 Forestry/Logging Yarder cab   2011 A 57-year-old former yarder engineer died from pneumonia and sepsis resulting from a logging injury on March 2, 2005. The victim’s original injury occurred when the logging crew was in the process of yarding in a turn of logs. As the turn was being yarded to the landing, an out of place guyline failed which unstabilized the yarder and caused it to tip over. Several other guylines then crushed the cab and pinned the victim to the cab. He sustained injuries to his face and chest. The victim’s right leg was also severely crushed and was later amputated above the knee. He also suffered a brain injury. The victim lived in the care of his family at their residence for over six years where they helped him manage his disabilities and chronic illnesses. Several weeks prior to his death his health declined more severely, and he was ultimately admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure and sepsis. He died at the hospital.
OR 2011-42-1 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Horse trainer   2011 A 62-year-old trainer/co-owner of a racehorse was killed after she was kicked in the face by a horse. On the day of the incident, the victim visited boarding stables to care for and exercise her horse. As she was leading her horse to a hot walker, a device used to cool a horse down after exercise, another horse broke free from the device and kicked the victim in the head. She died at the scene within minutes due to head trauma.
OR 2011-41-1 Accommodation/Food Services Pizza delivery   2011 A 22-year-old pizza delivery driver was killed when his car crossed into the opposing lane of traffic and collided head-on with a pickup truck pulling a trailer. According to the driver of the pickup truck who survived the incident, the victim did not attempt to avoid the crash and drove straight into his truck. The victim was not wearing a safety belt at the time of the crash. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died from an aortic rupture.
OR 2011-40-1 Educational Services Fall from horse   2011 A 43-year-old instructor at a community college was killed after he fell off a horse. The victim was teaching a rodeo class, when he was bucked off the horse and landed on his head. The victim was taken to a hospital where he died several hours later from his injuries.
OR 2011-39-1 Construction Dump truck fall   2011 A 79-year-old dump truck driver was killed after he fell 6 feet from a trailer. The victim was hauling a front-end loader on a trailer when he and another dump truck ahead of him drove around a sharp “switchback” corner on a steep incline. The dump truck the victim was driving lost traction, spun out, and then slid off the road. The driver of the other truck attempted to pull the victim’s dump truck back onto the road. When the attempt failed, both drivers decided to unload the front-end loader from the trailer and use it to pull the dump truck back onto the road. As the victim opened the door of the loader, he slipped, and fell to the ground. The victim died at the scene from a fatal head injury.
OR 2011-38-1 Forestry/Logging Deer in road   2011 A 59-year-old logger was killed when the utility truck he was traveling in as a passenger lost control and struck a power pole. The victim and two coworkers were traveling to a worksite when the driver of the truck swerved to miss a deer in the road. The driver lost control of the truck and crashed into a power pole. None of the occupants were wearing safety belts. The victim died at the scene from multiple blunt injuries, but the coworkers survived.
OR 2011-37-1 Agriculture Tractor down ditch   2011 An 88-year-old farmer was killed when the tractor he was operating rolled down a ditch. The victim was driving a tractor, with an attached scoop, removing blackberry bushes that bordered his farmland. He was working alone at the time of the incident, but it appeared as though he had made one pass clearing bushes along the side of the road and was heading back down the path he had already created when the wheels of his tractor went over the edge of a 15-foot embankment, overturned, and pinned him underneath. The victim died at the scene from a fatal head injury.
OR 2011-36-1 Transportation Boat transport   2011 A 61-year-old owner of a specialty freight transport business was killed when her pickup truck crashed. At the time of the incident, the victim was towing a 32-foot aluminum boat on an interstate highway when she lost control of her truck on a downgrade. Witnesses reported that the truck began to fishtail. Reports indicated the trailer then separated from the truck, which then rolled several times. Reports indicated the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. She was wearing her safety belt. The victim died from multiple blunt force injuries.
OR 2011-35-1 Manufacturing Fall off truck bed   2011 A 57-year-old truck driver died from complications following a surgery to repair a broken femur caused by a fall at work that occurred ten days prior. On the day of the incident, the victim was in the process of securing a load of large concrete pipes onto a flatbed truck to deliver the next day, when he jumped up onto the truck bed to grab a tie-down chain, misjudged his clearance, and stepped off the edge of the deck. The victim then fell to the ground, landed on his hip, and broke his femur. He had only been working for two weeks with his employer at the time of the incident. He was admitted for surgery two days after his fall and released from the hospital three days later. The victim’s condition improved while at home, but then worsened the fourth day into his recovery. He went to the Emergency Department with complaints of severe abdominal pain and vomiting. He died several hours later from multiple organ failure, which was caused by a postoperative bowel obstruction.
OR 2011-34-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Body shop suicide   2011 A 43-year-old body shop technician at an industrial vehicle repair business died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The victim had recently returned to work after taking a two-month leave of absence for depression. On the morning of the event, the victim was talking to his manager about his concern about possibly being fired for recently fighting with coworkers. His manager expressed that he was in no danger of being fired and conveyed his support for assisting the victim with his emotional issues. About an hour after speaking with his manager, the victim walked outside, to the rear of the body shop, and shot himself. The victim’s family confirmed the deceased had a long history of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.
OR 2011-33-1 Healthcare/Social Asst Conservation suicide   2011 A 36-year-old laborer at a non-profit organization died after he hung himself from a rafter in a storage shed at his place of work. He had a long history of alcohol abuse, and had expressed suicidal thoughts and plans for his death to family before his suicide.
OR 2011-32-1 Forestry/Logging Tree on hill   2011 A 48-year-old tree faller was killed after a snagged tree fell on top of him. The victim was working as an independent contractor cutting trees. He had just felled a large tree on a hillside, which uprooted a rotten tree on its way down. The rotten tree hit the victim from behind and pinned him underneath. He was working alone at the time of the incident. The victim died at the scene from crushing injuries.
OR 2011-31-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Shopping mall suicide   2011 A 65-year-old owner of a commercial real estate property died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The victim was experiencing financial difficulties. He had expressed suicidal thoughts to family before his suicide. The victim shot himself inside his office at the shopping complex he owned.
OR 2011-30-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Transformer   2011 A 60-year-old electrician was killed when he was electrocuted while removing a transformer from a power pole. The victim shut off the main power and was in the process of testing three transformers to make sure they did not have residual power. The victim, lifted by a crane, successfully removed two of the three transformers. He was checking the third when he was electrocuted and caught on fire. The victim died immediately.
OR 2011-29-1 Agriculture Irrigation canal   2011 A 55-year-old farmer was killed after he drowned in an irrigation canal. At the time of the incident, the victim by himself was checking for broken lines in a drip irrigation system. When he did not appear for his usual lunch break, his family went to check on him and found him face down in a small eddy in the irrigation canal. On-scene investigators did not find evidence for an obvious point of entry marking where the victim slipped or fell into the canal.
OR 2011-28-1 Warehousing Fall through skylight   2011 A 59-year-old maintenance technician at a refrigerated warehouse was killed after he fell 27 feet through an open skylight. The victim was working on the roof labeling pipes when he fell through the skylight. The skylight measured 22 inches wide and 8 feet long and did not have skylight screen or fixed railing barrier. The victim was working alone at the time of the incident, so it is unknown exactly how the victim fell. However, smudges on the inner walls of the skylight indicate he likely was backing up and fell backward through the skylight. He was not wearing any fall protection. The victim died from chest trauma. The victim worked for this employer for 31 years and had returned to work 3 days before the incident after being off duty for several weeks.
OR 2011-27-1 Agriculture ATV rollover   2011 A 17-year-old farm worker was killed after he fell off the ATV he was riding through a field. The victim was working on his family’s farm, operating combines and changing out irrigation pipes. Apparently, he was riding the ATV back-and-forth to each task at approximately 20 miles per hour when he hit permanent irrigation piping, which caused the ATV to overturn. The ATV rolled onto the victim. He was able to immediately radio a coworker for help. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died several hours later from internal chest and abdominal injuries.
OR 2011-26-1 Agriculture Field fire   2011 An 87-year-old farmer was killed in a fire that broke out in the field where he was working on a farm that he had leased for many years. Apparently, he was packing gopher holes with sulfur and injecting flames into the holes with a torch. The victim was working alone, so it is unknown exactly how the fire broke out and became uncontained. Emergency responders discovered the victim while they were attempting to stop the spreading fire. The victim sustained third-degree burns on 45% of his body. The victim was taken to a hospital where he died later the same day.
OR 2011-25-1 Transportation Oil truck   2011 A 54-year-old truck driver was killed after the semi-truck he was driving rolled over him. The victim parked the truck and attached tanker trailer in a small parking lot for a business complex. He kept the engine running and exited the truck to ask for directions. While getting directions from a business owner inside, the truck began to roll forward. The victim ran out to the truck in an attempt to stop it, but the truck rolled over him in the process. According to one witness, the driver attempted to enter the cab through the passenger side before he fell. The truck ran over the driver, and then stopped after colliding with a car and the side of a business in the complex. A witness who turned off the truck observed that it was in neutral and the parking brakes were not set. The driver died from traumatic chest injuries.
OR 2011-24-1 Transportation Chip truck   2011 A 39-year-old truck driver was killed after his truck and double trailer drove off an embankment. The victim was hauling a 40-foot chip hauler and a 2-foot pup chip hauler. He apparently entered a curve too fast, braked hard, and lost control of the truck. The truck then rolled onto its side and slid across the highway, broke through the guardrail, and rolled down the embankment. The truck came to rest 40 feet down the hillside. Emergency responders noted that the victim was not wearing a safety belt, but it would likely not have saved the driver in this case. The entire cab of the truck was crushed in the incident, and the victim died instantly from severe head trauma.
OR 2011-23-1 Forestry/Logging Yarder turn   2011 A 27-year old hook tender on a logging operation was killed when a 25-foot log, with an 8-inch diameter, struck him in the head. After setting chokers, the victim and his coworker cleared the area to a nearby hillside about 32 ft from the yarder. As the yarder pulled the load of logs up toward the landing, the longest choked log struck and picked up a log off the ground and threw it onto the victim. The victim died from head trauma within an hour of the injury.
OR 2011-22-1 Transportation Log truck crash   2011 A 40-year-old log truck driver was killed after his truck hit a dirt embankment. He was in the process of hauling a full load of logs to a mill on a US Forest Service road, when his log truck apparently lost control while he was navigating a sharp downhill turn. The truck ran off the road and slammed head-on into an embankment. This caused the restraining chains on the log load to snap, scattering them onto the road. The driver was not wearing a safety belt. The victim died immediately from crushing injuries. Prior to the crash, the victim had been periodically talking on his cell phone. His toxicology screen tested positive for methamphetamine, but it is not possible to determine the degree to which drug use contributed to the incident.
OR 2011-21-1 Construction Plumber fall   2011 A 65-year-old plumber was killed after he fell 10 to 15 feet off a ladder onto his head. The victim was in the process of installing a compressor in a refrigeration unit on top of an approximately 16-foot high roof. He was working with a coworker in the back storage area of a retail shop. However, the coworker had stepped away and found the victim had fallen when he returned. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died 3 and half hours later from head injuries.
OR 2011-20-1 Transportation Cattle truck   2011 A 54-year-old rancher was killed when the loaded cattle hauler truck he was driving crashed. As the victim was driving toward a road construction zone, he was directed to stop by the flagger, but failed to do so. He then drove into a single lane of oncoming traffic. The cattle hauler truck sideswiped 2 vehicles, crashed into a third car, then overturned onto a fourth car. Several witnesses stated that there was smoke coming from the brakes. It is unknown whether the victim was wearing a safety belt. The victim died at the scene from blunt chest trauma.
OR 2011-19-1 Transportation Tanker explosion   2011 A 54-year-old commercial truck driver was killed after he was involved in a crash and subsequent fire. The victim was driving a truck pulling a tanker loaded with 8,300 gallons of aviation fuel. He was headed uphill on a highway when, for an unknown reason, the truck suddenly traveled onto the shoulder and broke through a guardrail. The truck and trailer rolled 200 feet down an embankment and burst into flames. The victim died in the resulting fire.
OR 2011-18-1 Other services Salon homicide   2011 A 54-year-old salon owner was found dead in the salon she owned. She had been beaten, strangled, and shot in the back. According to news reports published at the time of this printing, the victim’s husband was formally charged with her murder, along with two other suspects.
OR 2011-17-1 Other services Plasma cutter   2011 A 31-year-old heavy equipment diesel technician was killed after he was fatally burned during a welding explosion. The victim was using a plasma cutter to cut the top off a 55-gallon drum, when the drum exploded and the contents of the drum splashed onto the victim. His clothes then caught on fire .The victim sustained burns on over 50% of his body. He was taken to a hospital burn unit where he died 36 hours later.
OR 2011-16-1 Manufacturing Accumulator explosion Report  2011 A 61-year-old millwright was killed after an explosion at a lumber mill. The victim was working with two other millwrights who were attempting to disassemble a gas-charged hydraulic accumulator. The victim was standing directly in front of the accumulator while he and two coworkers tried to remove its end-cap. Pressurized nitrogen gas in the accumulator had not been released, which caused the cap to unexpectedly blow off. It ricocheted off nearby shelving and struck the victim in the pelvis. The cap measured 8 inches in diameter and was approximately 3 to 4 inches thick. The victim died at the scene from severe, rapid blood loss.
OR 2011-15-1 Public Administration Overexertion Heart Attack   2011 A 57-year-old mental health technician died from a heart attack. The technician was on a work outing with a client when they got into an altercation. Moments after the fight ended, the technician collapsed and died at the scene from a heart attack. While heart attack deaths at work are normally excluded from occupational fatality counts, this incident was included because an acute traumatic altercation at work triggered the fatal event. The victim was a smoker and diagnosed with high blood pressure.
OR 2011-14-1 Public Administration Police chase   2011 A 43-year-old police officer was shot and killed while attempting to stop a motorist for violating a traffic law. The police officer attempted to stop the motorist, who had been following the officer too closely from behind. The motorist refused to pull over and led the officer on a high-speed pursuit. The motorist became blocked by traffic at a red street light. The officer pulled alongside the car, dismounted his motorcycle, and signaled for the motorist to pull over. The motorist then shot the officer in his chest, just above his protective vest. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died within a half-hour of the incident from a gunshot wound to the chest.
OR 2011-13-1 Agriculture Run over by tractor   2011 A 55-year-old cattle rancher was killed after he was run over by a tractor. The victim was working alone at the time of the incident, but it appeared as though he had put the tractor in a low gear while he worked on an attached hay trailer feeding cattle in the pasture. As the tractor approached a steep incline, it seems the victim moved from the trailer and tried to get back into the tractor cab. He fell out of the cab, and the rear left tractor tire crushed him. He died at the scene from significant internal injuries.
OR 2011-12-1 Manufacturing Struck by wood splinter   2011 A 52-year-old sawmill clean-up worker was killed after he was struck in the eye by a wood splinter. The victim was in the process of cleaning up under a chipper feed conveyor, which was running at the time of the incident. He was working alone, but apparently a piece of lumber discharged from the conveyor and struck the victim in the eye. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died 16 days later from a penetrating brain injury. An autopsy revealed that a sliver of wood, recovered from the preorbital tissue of the eye, penetrated the brain and was approximately one inch in length.
OR 2011-11-1 Other services Mechanic crushed by car   2011 A 52-year-old auto mechanic was killed after an SUV fell from the jack stands and crushed him. The mechanic raised the front end of the vehicle and placed jack stands under the front end to inspect the wheel bearings. At the time of the incident, the SUV was running and in gear to make the front axle turn. He then used a “creeper” to get under the vehicle in order to use a mechanic’s stethoscope to locate the problem. At this point, the all-wheel drive apparently engaged, which caused the vehicle to fall off the jack stands, and land on top of him. He was taken to the hospital where he died from head injuries within an hour of the incident.
OR 2011-09-1 Transportation Truck over embankment   2011 A 69-year-old truck driver was killed after the truck he was driving left the roadway and drove off a bridge into a small creek 30 to 40 feet below. It is unknown why the truck left the roadway. The victim was wearing a safety belt. He died at the scene from internal injuries.
OR 2011-08-1 Transportation Struck by truck axle   2011 A 48-year-old semi-truck driver was killed after he fell 200 feet down an embankment. The truck driver stopped his truck along the highway shoulder to retrieve a left rear axle and dual wheels that had dislodged from beneath the tractor. A pickup truck that was traveling by the truck driver struck the loose axle, which hit the victim and sent him over the guardrail. The victim died upon impact.
OR 2011-07-1 Forestry/Logging Trail construction   2011 A 59-year-old owner of a hiking trail construction business was killed after he was struck by a boulder. The victim was working alone in a forest, but based on observations at the scene, it is believed that the victim was standing on the top of a 50-foot tall rock shelf that he had made with the use of explosives. While he was drilling into the rock to place additional explosives, the rock shelf collapsed and the victim fell to the ground. He was crushed by a boulder and died at the scene from head injuries.
OR 2011-06-1 Forestry/Logging Struck by falling tree   2011 A 53-year-old logger was killed after he was struck in the head by a treetop. The victim was felling a tree when it apparently pulled over a smaller adjacent tree. The top of the smaller tree struck the victim in the head. It was estimated to be 5 inches in diameter and 15 pounds. Although the victim was working with a small logging team, he was working alone at the time of the incident. The victim died at the scene from blunt head trauma.
OR 2011-05-1 Wholesale Trade Keg struck head   2011 A 25-year-old night shift, side loader operator was killed when several full beer kegs struck his head. The victim was using a forklift to load kegs from raised pallets in a refrigeration unit onto trucks for distribution. The victim was working alone so there were no witnesses, but it appeared that a shelving unit collapsed after it was struck by the forklift, which caused multiple kegs to drop onto the victim. The victim died at the scene from severe head injuries.
OR 2011-04-1 Wholesale Trade Cattle stampede   2011 A 77-year-old cattle rancher was killed after a cow struck him. The victim was at a cattle auction where 3 cows escaped. The cows were running loose in the event parking lot. The victim and others began to wave their arms to turn the cows back in order to prevent them from running onto the highway. As the victim began to run away, one cow charged toward him. The cow struck him on the hip and threw him 10 feet. The victim landed headfirst onto the pavement. He was taken to the hospital where he died a day later due to multiple blunt force injuries.
OR 2011-03-1 Forestry/Logging Track hoe off bridge   2011 A 44-year-old logging equipment operator was killed after he drove a log loader off a small railcar bridge. The victim was working alone so there were no witnesses, but apparently one of the loader’s tracks got too far over the edge of the bridge, which caused the shovel to fall 20 feet into a creek below. He was operating the equipment in the dark at the beginning of his early morning shift. The victim was found pinned underneath the log loader. He died at the scene from crushing head injuries.
OR 2011-02-1 Public Administration Police Chief homicide   2011 A 55-year-old city police chief was killed when he was shot in the head while attempting to stop a car burglary. The victim received a report regarding an auto theft. When the victim confronted the suspect at the scene of the crime, the suspect began to hit the police chief in the face and head, knocking him unconscious. The suspect then withdrew the victim’s gun from its holster and shot him once in the head. The victim died at the scene.
OR 2011-01-1 Accommodation/Food Services Bouncer homicide   2011 A 32-year-old bouncer at a nightclub was killed after he was shot in the chest outside the club where he worked. The victim and another employee escorted a group of combative patrons outside. Once outside, an altercation took place between some of the bouncers and some of the patrons. Gunshots were fired, and the victim was hit. The victim was taken to the hospital where he died approximately 4 hours later.
OR 2010-49-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Construction hanging   2010 A 52-year-old repair person died after hanging himself in an apparent suicide. A suicide note blames the victim’s employer for causing his suicide.
OR 2010-48-1 Educational Services Skydiver   2010 A 36-year-old skydiving instructor was killed while performing a high-performance maneuver. The victim was an experienced skydiver with more than 15 years experience and was living in Oregon for the summer to teach skydiving lessons. The victim was taking a “fun run” at work before his workday started and was performing a maneuver called a “swoop.” Toward the end of the maneuver, the victim was making a right hand turn to complete the landing, but was too low during the turn and landed hard on the ground. He died from head and chest injuries.
OR 2010-47-1 Profession/Science/Tech Architect suicide   2010 A 55-year-old architect died after he committed suicide by carbon monoxide exposure at his home. The victim connected a hose to his truck’s tailpipe, led it through the passenger side window of his vehicle, and sealed the space between the window and hose with a towel. According to reports, the victim had expressed to family that he was stressed because of the economic downturn and the impact it was having on his architecture business and other investments. He was also in the process of a difficult divorce. He had a previous suicide attempt several months before his death.
OR 2010-46-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Janitor Crash   2010 A 32-year-old owner of a janitorial business was killed when the van he was operating struck the rear of a semitrailer. According to reports, the victim likely fell asleep while traveling through Oregon to his home in California. He was traveling with his wife and an employee, cleaning in either Washington or Oregon. Industrial cleaning supplies were present in the van and all appeared to have been recently used. The passengers in the van were not fatally injured.
OR 2010-45-1 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Landlord homicide   2010 A 55-year-old property owner was found dead in the backyard of the residence she owned and rented out. The suspect in the victim’s murder was the man who rented a bedroom from her. The victim posted an advertisement on an Internet classified site and the two had lived together for about eight months. The assailant pleaded guilty to the murder. Reports indicated that the day of the murder, the victim rebuffed sexual advances made by the murderer.
OR 2010-44-1 Retail Trade Appliance store suicide   2010 A 47-year-old owner of a household appliance store died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was found in his vehicle in the parking lot of the store. Reportedly, he was distraught over a pending corporate take-back of the business due to financial issues.
OR 2010-43-1 Transportation Trucker overdose   2010 A 37-year-old truck driver died from an apparent overdose of methamphetamine and heroin. His body was found at a truck stop. He was overdue to check in with the trucking company by two days. The medical examiner confirmed the presence of alcohol, methamphetamine, and heroin.
OR 2010-42-1 Transportation Struck by a water pipe   2010 A 65-year-old truck driver was killed after a pipe fell off his truck and struck him on the head. The victim was delivering water pipes to a work site and was standing next to the trailer during the off-loading process. Only one side of the truck was guarded by a piece of heavy equipment. No one at the work site saw the victim standing next to the trailer so the boom operator began to off-load the pipes. A pipe then rolled off the side of the trailer and hit the victim. He died from head injuries three days later.
OR 2010-41-1 Health Care/Social Asst Chiropractor suicide   2010 A 39-year-old chiropractor died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. A note at the scene indicated that he felt the expectations of being a chiropractor and a business owner were “just too much…”
OR 2010-40-1 Transportation Food truck crash   2010 A 45-year-old team driver was killed when the semi-truck she was in crashed. At the time of the incident, she was off-duty in the sleeper berth. Her partner was driving the truck, which was carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen food. Her partner lost control of the truck while they were traveling on an icy stretch of the highway, when it slid on a curve, hit the center barrier, and moved back through the road lanes. It then crashed through a guardrail and rolled down an embankment. The sleeper berth was crushed by the trailer, killing the victim. The driver of the truck survived.
OR 2010-39-1 Manufacturing Van crushed by tree   2010 A 57-year-old worker at a facility that manufactures prefabricated shelters and restrooms was killed after a large tree fell on his van during a rainy windstorm. The victim worked at a factory roughly 200 miles from his home and would often sleep in his vehicle if he were too tired to drive the rest of the way home. The victim parked in a pullout off the highway that was surrounded by trees. A tree with a three-foot diameter at the base toppled during the storm and fell across the rear of the van. The victim died from crushing injuries.
OR 2010-38-1 Retail Trade Butcher suicide   2010 A 57-year-old owner of a butcher and meat storage business died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The victim had a fight the previous night with his spouse and threatened suicide. He shot himself inside his business the following day.
OR 2010-37-1 Utilities Icy MVA   2010 A 50-year-old manager of a renewable energy plant was killed after the work pickup truck he was driving crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and collided head-on with a semi-truck hauling lumber. Road conditions were icy at the time of the crash.
OR 2010-36-1 Health Care/Social Asst Physician methadone overdose   2010 A 63-year-old physician died after he overdosed on methadone and other sedative drugs at work. The victim had extreme financial stressors, a history of depression, and a previous suicide attempt. He was found by coworkers in his office.
OR 2010-35-1 (1989-- Construction 1989 scaffolding fall   2010 A 47-year-old former sandblaster died from infectious complications as a result of a cervical fracture and quadriplegia. The cervical fracture and quadriplegia were caused 21 years prior when he fell from scaffolding while sandblasting a water tower in 1989.
OR 2010-34-1 Construction Construction suicide   2010 A 62-year-old owner of a construction company died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the office of his business. The victim reportedly had financial problems.
OR 2010-33-1 Transportation Runover by truck   2010 A 44-year-old commercial truck driver was killed after he was run over by a semi-truck in the loading yard of the company where he was working as a subcontractor. The victim drove his truck into the yard and exited his vehicle to go into the office for his daily dispatch. On his way to the office, he stepped on an orange cone, tripped, and fell over. He got up and kicked the cone into the air near another employee who retrieved the cone and threw it back toward the victim. As the victim went to get the cone, which landed by the rear chassis of a nearby semi between two tires, the truck’s driver entered the cab and drove forward, crushing the victim under the rear tires. The driver stated that he did not see the victim bent down next to his vehicle. Company policy prohibited more than one driver being out of their truck at a time.
OR 2010-32-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Armored truck crash   2010 A 24-year-old security guard was killed after the armored truck he was riding in struck a tree and rolled several times. He was riding unrestrained in the rear of the armored truck. The driver of the armored truck lost control, overcorrected, and veered off the highway. The driver was reportedly cited by police for careless driving in the incident. The victim was transported to the hospital and died from a traumatic brain injury one day later.
OR 2010-31-1 Transportation Chip truck driver suicide   2010 A 47-year-old commercial truck driver died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He drove to a highway truck pullout at the beginning of his shift and shot himself on the side of the road. Reports indicate that the victim had made suicidal comments as far back as two and a half years prior to the incident, and had a number of personal problems including financial stressors and health issues.
OR 2010-30-1 Agriculture Homicide in forest   2010 A 28-year-old forest worker was killed after he was shot and killed by another person on private forestland. The victim was gathering plants, used in floral arrangements, to sell. The person who shot the gun was in the woods hunting and reportedly thought the victim was a deer.
OR 2010-29-1 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Van off cliff   2010 A 40-year-old tree trimmer was killed while he was traveling as a passenger with nine other workers in a cargo van on a snowy, gravel forest service road in order to cut tree boughs at a worksite. The driver of the van lost control after the rear tires slid on the snow, and the van fell approximately 100 feet down an embankment. The van was retrofitted with two bench seats that were not equipped with safety belts. The victim was not wearing a safety belt and was ejected from the van. The victim died from head and chest trauma. None of the other passengers were killed.
OR 2010-28-1 Public Administration Biologist MVA   2010 A 52-year-old wildlife biologist was killed after the work pickup truck she was driving from a worksite was hit by a semi-truck. A car entering the highway from an intersection pulled directly into the path of the semi. The truck driver pulled into the center lane to avoid the collision, which caused the empty trailer to jackknife, flip, and land on the roof of the victim’s pick-up. The victim died at the scene.
OR 2010-27-2 Agriculture Guatemalan CO exposure   2010 Two foreign-born workers, ages 17 and 25, were killed from carbon monoxide exposure after using a charcoal grill inside a van. Both were living in the van while working in the forest to collect salal to sell. Salal is a plant used in floral arrangements and native plant gardens in the Pacific Northwest. The victims appeared to have died in their sleep.
OR 2010-27-1 Agriculture Guatemalan CO exposure   2010 Two foreign-born workers, ages 17 and 25, were killed from carbon monoxide exposure after using a charcoal grill inside a van. Both were living in the van while working in the forest to collect salal to sell. Salal is a plant used in floral arrangements and native plant gardens in the Pacific Northwest. The victims appeared to have died in their sleep.
OR 2010-26-1 Agriculture Strychnine injestion   2010 A 40-year-old cattle ranch hand was killed after he intentionally ingested rodent poison at work. According to reports, he had a history of depression.
OR 2010-25-1 Forestry/Logging Cutter struck by tree   2010 A 28-year-old self-employed tree cutter was killed after he was struck by a dislodged treetop and crushed between previously felled logs and underbrush. The victim had cut a small second growth tree, but it had hung up in another tree as it fell. He was attempting to fall another larger tree when the hung tree broke free and fell on him.
OR 2010-24-1 Transportation Loader boom shock   2010 A 53-year-old truck driver was killed after he was electrocuted. The victim had finished receiving logs from a loader. The loader operator was in the process of moving his vehicle to a nearby landing when the loader boom came into contact with a live overhead power line. The victim, who was outside of his truck and in contact with the surface of the loader, received an estimated 15,000-volt shock. He died immediately.
OR 2010-23-1 Wholesale Trade Meat truck stuck cow   2010 A 54-year-old commercial truck driver was killed after his truck hit a black cow in the roadway during the dark early morning hours. After the truck struck the cow, it veered off the road, struck a group of trees, rolled, and caught fire. The stretch of highway runs through an open range where livestock are lawfully permitted to run at large.
OR 2010-22-1 Agriculture Tractor dragging log   2010 A 67-year-old farmer was killed when the tractor he was driving flipped and crushed him. He was attempting to drag a large tree behind his tractor with a logging chain on his farm. It appears the victim released the clutch too quickly, which caused the front tires to lift off the ground and flipped the tractor over backwards. He died of compression asphyxia.
OR 2010-21-1 Public Administration Military suicide   2010 A 42-year-old member of the National Guard died after he shot himself in the chest in his car. The victim was stationed at an armory preparing for a second deployment to Iraq. He killed himself on a farm road five miles from the armory. According to reports, the victim was having financial and family problems at the time of his death.
OR 2010-20-1 Transportation Trucker crushed between trailers   2010 A 53-year-old commercial truck driver was killed while he and another driver were connecting a second trailer to their tractor-trailer combination. As the victim lowered the second trailer onto the dolly, the tractor-trailer combination rolled backwards toward the second trailer. The victim was caught between the two trailers. The parking area was on a slight grade, and the tractor/trailer parking brakes had not been set. The victim died from crushing chest injuries and compression asphyxia. The other driver was uninjured.
OR 2010-19-1 Forestry/Logging Falling snag   2010 A 51-year-old logger was killed after he was struck by falling snag that was caught in the tree he was cutting. He was working on a steep hillside, and his partner was 250-300 yards away. His partner searched for the victim after he had not heard the victim’s saw in 40 minutes. He found the victim dead with a tree on top of him. The victim had 25 years of logging experience.
OR 2010-18-1 Agriculture Teenager ATV rollover   2010 A 16-year-old farm worker was killed after he flipped an ATV while spraying weeds on a farm owned by his extended family. Apparently, the victim was operating the ATV with excessive speed and when he attempted to turn, he struck a rut in the field. The victim was not wearing the provided safety belt, and was ejected and crushed by the overturned ATV. The vehicle had a built-in roll cage, but he slipped through as the ATV was rolling. He died of chest trauma and compression asphyxia.
OR 2010-17-1 Manufacturing Welder suicide   2010 A 59-year-old owner and operator of a welding business died after he hung himself off the frame of a forklift at work. According to reports, the victim was distressed about the finances of his business and had expressed suicidal thoughts for several months.
OR 2010-16-1 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Rock band van crash   2010 A 28-year-old lead singer for a band was killed after the vehicle he was riding in rolled and ejected him. The victim was sleeping in the cargo area of a van en route to Nevada from Oregon and was not wearing a safety belt. At approximately 5:30 in the morning, the driver of the van fell asleep; this caused him to veer off the highway, and flipped the van in the process. The band had been touring for nearly two months had been experiencing inconsistent sleep.
OR 2010-15-1 Mining Gold mining cave-in   2010 A 42-year-old novice miner was killed after the walls of a mining cave collapsed while he was prospecting for gold. He was reportedly digging inside a small mining cave about 20 feet from the entrance, when the rock and dirt wall caved in on top of him. Three other people who were with the victim were uninjured in the incident. The victim died of head trauma.
OR 2010-14-1 Accommodation/Food Services Restaurant stabbing   2010 A 46-year-old co-owner/operator of a restaurant was killed by her husband/co-owner after he repeatedly stabbed her at their restaurant. At some point during the altercation, 911 was called and police responded to the scene. Police found the victim dead and shot the assailant after he took aggressive action toward them. He later died on the way to the hospital. Reports indicated that the victim wanted a divorce, but the assailant did not. There was no recorded history of domestic violence between the couple.
OR 2010-13-1 Forestry/Logging Meth-related heart attack   2010 A 55-year-old log truck driver experienced a heart attack while driving his truck. His loaded log truck veered off the roadway at a low speed and struck a tree. The crash itself caused minimal damage to the truck cab. The cause of the heart attack was the result of recent methamphetamine use as concluded by the medical examiner.
OR 2010-12-1 Forestry/Logging Father-son log truck crash   2010 A 33-year-old driver of a loaded log truck was killed after his truck traveled off the highway shoulder and struck a tree. The impact from the crash sent the load of logs through the rear windshield and into the truck cab. The driver died instantly. His 10-year-old son, who was riding in the truck at the time of the crash, survived. The victim died of head trauma.
OR 2010-11-1 Health Care/Social Asst Recovery worker overdose   2010 A 47-year-old live-in manager at a residential drug and alcohol recovery center died from a methadone overdose at the worksite. The victim’s toxicology report was positive for methadone and at least five other drugs.
OR 2010-10-1 Transportation Trucking business owner suicide   2010 A 51-year-old owner and operator of a log-trucking firm shot himself in the chest while at work. He later died at the hospital. The victim was depressed and suicidal regarding the finances of his company and family relationships. He had threatened suicide on multiple occasions prior to his death.
OR 2010-09-1 Transportation Tanker explosion   2010 A 58-year-old driver of a tanker truck was killed after his truck drifted off the highway, rolled over, and then exploded into flames. He was hauling 11,000 gallons of diesel and gasoline fuel. Reports indicated that the victim was new to driving that type of tanker truck. A witness stated they saw the truck traveling at a high speed before the crash occurred.
OR 2010-08-1 Transportation Semi trucks collide   2010 A 48-year-old truck driver was killed after his loaded, westbound semi negotiated a corner too fast and hit a concrete barrier that divided the east and westbound lanes. The truck and attached trailer collided with both a railroad trestle and an oncoming, eastbound commercial truck. The victim was ejected from the cab and died from multiple blunt force injuries. The passenger, in the truck’s sleeper berth at the time of the crash, survived. The victim’s toxicology report was positive for methamphetamine use. It is unknown if the victim was wearing a safety belt at the time of the incident.
OR 2010-07-1 Retail Trade Semi struck by hay   2010 A 37-year-old truck driver was killed when several 1,100-pound hay bales from an oncoming tractor-trailer fell on his truck on the highway. The victim was driving toward the truck loaded with hay when a bale fell off the oncoming vehicle and demolished the victim’s cab, which then caused the truck to roll to its side onto the shoulder of the road. The victim died from severe head, chest, and abdominal injuries.
OR 2010-06-1 Transportation Courier crush Report  2010 A 62-year-old driver for a courier service was killed after he was pinned between the back of a semi-trailer and a loading dock. The driver had just delivered his load, and as he started to drive away from the dock, he remembered he left some tie-down straps inside the warehouse. The victim stopped his truck on the sloped loading ramp and exited the cab to get his straps at the dock. While the loading dock manager was getting the straps, the truck and trailer moved backward toward the driver and the dock. The victim attempted to get out of the way but was crushed against the dock by the trailer. He died of crushing abdominal and pelvic injuries.
OR 2010-05-1 Transportation Train engineer suicide   2010 A 44-year-old train engineer died from a self-inflicted a gunshot wound to the chest. A coworker discovered his body near railroad tracks where they worked. According to several sources, he was stressed over financial and marital problems.
OR 2010-04-1 Transportation Log truck off road   2010 A 51-year-old log truck driver was killed after his truck left the roadway when negotiating a curve, traveled into a ditch, and then struck an embankment. The crash caused the loaded logs on the trailer to shift forward into the cab and crush the victim’s chest. Skid marks were not present at the crash site, which suggest that the driver was distracted and veered gradually off the road. The victim’s dog was in the cab with him. The driver died of traumatic asphyxia.
OR 2010-03-2 Public Administration Fish and wildlife plane crash   2010 Two wildlife biologists, ages 52 and 49, were killed when their small plane crashed into mountainous terrain. One victim was working as the pilot and biologist, and the other was working as a contract biologist. Both were involved in the annual midwinter count of migratory birds and spent the day flying over estuaries along the Oregon/Washington coast. Their plane crashed on the return flight home. According to investigation reports, it is likely the pilot failed to maintain sufficient altitude above the clearance from terrain, which was an area where mountains were often obscured by low clouds, precipitation, and mist.
OR 2010-03-1 Public Administration Fish and wildlife plane crash   2010 Two wildlife biologists, ages 52 and 49, were killed when their small plane crashed into mountainous terrain. One victim was working as the pilot and biologist, and the other was working as a contract biologist. Both were involved in the annual midwinter count of migratory birds and spent the day flying over estuaries along the Oregon/Washington coast. Their plane crashed on the return flight home. According to investigation reports, it is likely the pilot failed to maintain sufficient altitude above the clearance from terrain, which was an area where mountains were often obscured by low clouds, precipitation, and mist.
OR 2010-02-1 Public Administration Fall through bridge opening   2010 A 55-year-old highway maintenance coordinator on a bridge construction project was killed after he fell through a gap between a newly constructed bridge and a temporary bridge. The reason for the fall was unknown, but reports suggested the victim exited his vehicle to check on a roadway hazard and hopped over the roadway barrier as traffic approached. Apparently, the victim misjudged the location of the jersey barrier system and fell approximately 36 feet into a creek below the bridge. Suggested contributing factors include the early morning time of the incident (2 A.M.) and rainy weather conditions. He died from head and chest trauma.
OR 2010-01-1 Manufacturing Crushed by steel plates   2010 A 40-year-old shift supervisor at a steel manufacturing plant was killed after he was crushed between several tons of stacked steel plates and a moving gantry crane. The victim and a coworker were not within sight of the crane operator and both had their backs turned to the moving crane. The victim was bent down inside a pinch point next to the stacking post when the crane hit and pinned him between the crane and the steel plates. The victim was transported to the hospital where he died two hours later. He died of traumatic crushing asphyxia.
OR 2009-58 Public Administration Firefighter suicide   2009 A 52-year-old city firefighter died after he shot himself with a shotgun. The victim had been experiencing work-related stress over a forced resignation, and killed himself at his home the night before his termination date. The decedent also had a history of depression and previous suicide attempts.
OR 2009-57 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Bucket drowning   2009 A 57-year-old live-in manager of a storage facility died after he fell headfirst into a bucket of water he used to extinguish cigars. The cause of death was drowning. It is unknown what caused the decedent’s fall, but his blood alcohol was 0.36.
OR 2009-56 Finance/Insurance Finance depression   2009 A 52-year-old owner of a financial investment group died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He killed himself in the basement of his business. The decedent was being treated for depression.
OR 2009-55 Other Services Pickup collision   2009 A 42-year-old diesel mechanic was killed after his truck was struck by another car on the highway. The victim was returning home in a company pick-up from a work assignment when another vehicle crossed the centerline and struck the victim’s truck head-on. Prior to the incident, witnesses noted the offending vehicle speeding and passing “poorly.” The decedent died from injuries sustained during the crash. His wife and daughter, who were passengers, survived the collision.
OR 2009-54 Agriculture Truck into fence   2009 A 54-year-old cattle rancher was killed after she was run over by a heavy hay trailer. The victim was operating a pick-up, with an attached hay trailer, to feed and track cattle into a field to prepare for a cattle shipment the following morning. While performing this task, she apparently fell from the moving hay trailer and was struck by the vehicle, fatally crushing her back and pelvis. Her blood alcohol level was 0.28.
OR 2009-53 Agriculture Chainsaw kickback   2009 A 72-year-old self-employed tree cutter was killed as a result of a severe wound caused by a chainsaw. On the day of the incident, the victim was using a chainsaw to cut firewood on a ranch to prepare it for sale. He lost control of the chainsaw causing it to pierce his leg and consequently died of rapid blood loss. He was working alone.
OR 2009-52 Public Administration Prybar recoil   2009 A 60-year-old highway snowplow driver was killed from a head injury. The employee was attempting to adjust jammed springs on a snowplow blade with a 6-foot pry bar. The plow blade abruptly sprung back, causing the pry bar to strike the victim in the head. Reports indicate that the same plow had jammed (cammed over) previously. There were no manuals, written procedures, or any training specific to adjusting springs available or provided to the worker describing hazards or procedures to follow when a snowplow was cammed over.
OR 2009-51 - 2 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Wire fragment   2009 A 49-year-old owner and operator of a lawn care business was killed after a wire fragment penetrated his chest. At the time of the incident, the subject was operating a Bobcat skid steer mower, mowing brush around trees, when the machine unearthed and shredded an electrical wire. The piece of the wire then flew and struck the victim in the upper right chest, causing his lung to hemorrhage.
OR 2009-50 - 2 Manufacturing Caught in chain   2009 A 39-year-old sawmill stacker operator was killed after he became entangled in running machinery. There were no witnesses to the incident, but evidence suggests the victim was operating a lumber un-scrambler and crawled under the machine either to reattach a loose conveyor track chain or to remove wood debris. While the victim was under the machine, the machine cycled and drug him up through an opening about 10 inches wide. Post-incident reports indicate the system had not been locked/tagged out, and that the only way the victim could have been cycled through the machine was if someone had stepped on the treadle that moves the chain. The victim did not have authorization to perform repairs, as company policy required that when un-scrambling chains went off track, two-person teams of millwrights were the only authorized personnel to perform this type of repair.
OR 2009-49 Transportation Trucks in heavy snow   2009 A 49-year-old commercial truck driver was struck and killed by a passing truck while he was putting chains on a vehicle during a heavy snowstorm. The victim was driving in a multi-truck convoy on an interstate highway, when all the trucks stopped to chain their tires. The victim pulled off onto a cloverleaf off-ramp to assist another truck driver in chaining up his vehicle. The victim and another trucker who worked for the same company were wearing reflective jackets while applying chains to their rigs, but visibility was poor due to falling snow. A third truck from another company exited onto the off-ramp and its trailer slid, hitting both men. The victim was pinned under the passing truck’s wheels and was dragged. The other truck driver survived his injuries.
OR 2009-48 Fishing Crab vessel overboard   2009 A 33-year-old crab fisherman was killed after he was pulled off of a 75- foot crab boat in the Pacific Ocean about 6.5 miles NW of the mouth of the Columbia river. He was found underneath the vessel entangled in the propeller shaft. He was wearing rain gear and a jacket, but no personal flotation device, at the time of the incident.
OR 2009-47 Transportation Fall off dock in dark   2009 A 23-year-old towboat worker was found drowned in a river after he was reported missing by his boss. Prior to the incident, the victim called his father and informed him that he was going to spend the night on the boat so he could be at work early the next morning. Sometime during the evening, the victim fell through a dimly lit 2.5 to 3-foot gap between the boat and dock. The victim did not know how to swim. His blood alcohol content was 0.30.
OR 2009-46 Construction Nailgun puncture   2009 A 39-year-old framing carpenter was killed after a nail penetrated his head. The victim was working on a ladder using a nail gun to install a metal strip to join wall and roof construction. The victim reached up at head-height to attempt to nail through pre-drilled holes in the strip. Instead of hitting a pre-drilled hole, a nail hit metal and ricocheted into the victim’s head. He died two days later. Reports indicate that the task was usually accomplished with a hammer, not a nail gun. The victim was not wearing safety glasses with side guards, but based on the point of penetration of the nail, it is not clear that such glasses would have prevented the incident.
OR 2009-45 Other Services Hairstylist   2009 A 20-year-old hairstylist at a salon was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend. The assailant called earlier in the day to ask whether the victim was working that day. Shortly before the victim’s shift was complete, the assailant entered the salon and they moved into the break room to have a conversation. They began to fight and the assailant shot her multiple times, then shot himself once in the head. According to news reports, the ex-boyfriend had a history of domestic violence and the victim had ended the relationship one month before the shooting. He had been stalking and harassing her since the break-up and the victim was in the process of filing a restraining order.
OR 2009-44 Manufacturing Mill scaffold   2009 A 60-year-old millwright was killed after he sustained fatal brain damage caused by a fall. On the day of the incident, the victim was in the process of adjusting a piece of machinery used to finish plywood. The repair required the victim to work on a platform above the machine. Apparently, the bolts supporting the platform had been removed and not replaced during a different repair operation. Two of the corners of the unsecured flooring broke off immediately after the victim hopped onto the platform. The victim fell 9 feet and hit his head on a concrete floor. He died 5 days later.
OR 2009-43 Other Services Van on black ice   2009 Three victims, ages 20, 23, and 24, were among sixteen passengers in van involved a highway crash. All of the occupants in the vehicle were under 26 years old. The passengers were from a church group from Colorado traveling to Portland to raise funds for their ministry. Their van was traveling at approximately 80 MPH and hit a patch of ice on the roadway. The van skidded off the road and overturned in a ditch. The victims were not wearing safety belts and died from crash-related injuries.
OR 2009-42 Health Care/Social Asst Estranged husband   2009 A 36-year-old technician for a drug-testing laboratory was killed when her estranged husband entered her workplace and shot her nine times. The assailant died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Reports indicate that one week prior to the incident, the victim and assailant were separated and that the assailant may have received a restraining order from the victim. Two of the victim’s coworkers were shot during the incident, but survived.
OR 2009-41 Forestry/Logging Tractor on dark road   2009 Two Hispanic agricultural harvesters, ages 17 and 23, were killed when the pick-up they were riding in crashed into a jack-knifed semi that was blocking traffic on the highway. At the time of the crash, the pick-up had six occupants and the driving conditions were dark with heavy fog. The victims were hired by the driver of the pick-up to gather foliage in the forest to be used for flower arrangements. Both victims were in the cab; the driver-victim was not wearing a safety belt, the passenger-victim was belted. The cab was not equipped with an airbag. Of the four surviving occupants, two were in the rear jump seats (most likely unbelted) and two were riding in the truck bed.
OR 2009-40 Agriculture Gored by bull   2009 A 68-year-old male was killed after he was attacked by a bull. He was tending to livestock duties on his son’s rural property when the bull charged and fatally gored him. The cause of the bull’s behavior is unknown. The bull weighed approximately 1,200 pounds.
OR 2009-39 Agriculture Fall off trailer   2009 A 46-year-old farm laborer was killed after he was run over by the front tires on a loaded onion trailer. The victim had just started his workday and approached the tractor to climb onto the attached onion-harvesting platform. As the tractor was still in motion, the victim either climbed onto or tried to jump over the trailer dolly, fell, and was crushed by the trailer’s tires. The victim’s blood alcohol was 0.23 and he tested positive for methamphetamine.
OR 2009-38 Agriculture Harvester auger   2009 A 59-year-old orchard worker was working alone as a harvester in a hazelnut orchard and died after he was caught in an unguarded auger of a hazelnut harvester bin. The victim tried to clear the device to make room for more nuts when the auger caught the lower part of his coat. The auger entangled the coat and suffocated him. The victim’s toxicology screen was positive for methamphetamine, however, it is not possible to determine whether the drug adversely impacted the victim.
OR 2009-37 Fishing Setting river nets   2009 Two fishermen, ages 22 and 46, were among a five-person tribal fishing crew setting nets in a river for salmon when they drowned. The fishermen, who were fishing in a 16-foot long open boat, had just moved upriver due to rough water conditions. The vessel was hit by two 6-to-8-foot waves in a 25 MPH wind and capsized roughly 240 feet from the shore. The two victims were discovered separately three days later. No personal flotation devices were onboard the vessel. Both victims’ toxicology screens tested positive for alcohol at levels less than 0.08.
OR 2009-36 Profession/Science/Tech Plane towing glider   2009 A 41-year-old commercial pilot was killed during a glider towing operation. The victim was in the process of testing landing and takeoff procedures and refining a safety plan in preparation for starting a sailplane and banner-towing business. Witnesses reported that shortly after takeoff, it appeared that the glider overtook and moved ahead of the tow airplane as the tow plane descended. Witnesses also reported that the tow plane appeared to be slow, and approximately 20-feet above the ground, when it abruptly nosed over and impacted terrain. The tow plane then burst into flames and caused a grass fire in a large field. The glider pilot returned to the airport and landed without further incident. The victim’s toxicology screen tested positive for marijuana, cough suppressants, and allergy medication.
OR 2009-35 Public Administration Raised bridge   2009 A 44-year-old vacuum truck driver was killed after he crashed his truck into a raised bridge and sustained facial fractures. The victim was preparing to clean the northbound section of a bridge roadway and was given the “all clear” to proceed. He was the lead for the crew and accelerated to 20-25 MPH, however, it was still dark outside and the subject did not see that the bridge was still slightly lifted and drove head-on into the lift section of the bridge. He sustained multiple facial fractures during the accident. Approximately 4 months later, he underwent a second reconstructive surgery and died from complications of his multiple facial fractures.
OR 2009-34 Agriculture Binge drinking   2009 A 25-year-old laborer on a melon farm was killed as a result of outdoor heat exposure. The victim became very tired toward the end of the workday, and was told to rest in the shade and drink water. He chose not to rest and began to walk home. He was found unconscious and seizing in a ditch near the farm. Reports indicate he was coming off a four-day alcohol and drug binge, which may have magnified the adverse effects of heat exposure. The daily high was approximately 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
OR 2009-33 Construction Helicopter laying lines   2009 A 37-year-old commercial helicopter pilot was killed when the helicopter he was operating collided with a wooden power pole. Earlier in the day, the pilot had assisted in the placement of several pulleys onto power poles. The plan was that once all the pulleys were installed, the helicopter would place ropes in the pulleys, which the ground crew would use to pull power lines into position on the poles. At the time of the incident, the helicopter was operating in a 32.4-foot space between the top of the power pole and the mounted pulley. The pilot had just finished placing a rope in the second mounted pulley when the five main rotor blades came into contact with the power pole. Each of the blades separated from the hub. The impact caused the helicopter to crash to the ground and roll 30-feet down a 30-degree slope. The victim died immediately from head and neck injuries.
OR 2009-32 Profession/Science/Tech Head-on collision   2009 A 32-year-old attorney was killed after his vehicle crossed the centerline of a highway and collided head-on with a pick-up pulling an empty livestock trailer. The victim was driving to a hearing in a neighboring county. The decedent’s vehicle sustained extensive front-end damage during the crash. Witnesses to the crash noted the victim was driving with excessive speed and inattention.
OR 2009-30 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Backing dump truck   2009 A 50-year-old flagger at a construction site was killed after he was run over by a dump truck backing into position to offload asphalt. The victim walked into the path of the oncoming truck in order to direct traffic. Both the dump truck operator and flagger were not aware of one another’s positions and the dump truck backed over the flagger. The flagger was not carrying a sign paddle, a CB radio, a whistle, or air horn and was not working in an established flagger station at the time of the incident.
OR 2009-29 Educational Services Helicopter crash   2009 A 34-year-old certified flight instructor was killed after a helicopter piloted by his student crashed into terrain. The flight instructor was rating a student pilot, who had planned to practice autorotations with power recoveries, when the crash occurred. A post-crash inspection found that the helicopter was not mechanically capable of this maneuver because the main rotor could not reach the required RPM. This mechanical limitation likely resulted in a stall and immediate, uncontrolled descent of the helicopter. Both the instructor and student sustained fatal injuries from the impact and post-crash fire.
OR 2009-28 Information Residential roof fall   2009 A 43-year-old service technician for a satellite TV provider was killed after he fell off of a rooftop. At the time of the incident, the victim was working with his manager to relocate a satellite dish for a customer when he lost his balance, slid approximately 15 feet down the roof, and then fell 9-10 feet further to the ground where he landed on his head. The satellite dish had been moved and secured, and the only step remaining was to connect the coaxial cable. No electrical tools or wires were near the site where the worker fell. Both employees were wearing roof cleats, though neither wore fall protection.
OR 2009-27 - 2 Accommodation/Food Services Motel homicide   2009 A 54-year-old owner and operator of a motel was killed after he was shot in the chest during a robbery. Three assailants, who were later arrested, entered the residence attached to the office of the motel and shot the owner once in the chest during the robbery. The victim’s son found his father shot and called the police.
OR 2009-26 Accommodation/Food Services Bartender homicide   2009 A 31-year-old bartender was killed after he was shot in the chest during a robbery that occurred shortly before the bar closed for the night. Although there was an alarm box with a police button for employees to use in case of a robbery (if employees felt it was safe to do so), reports indicate this button was not attempted to be used during or after the incident. The victim died immediately from the gunshot wound.
OR 2009-25 Transportation Drowsy driving   2009 A 46-year-old courier was killed after his car veered off the highway, ran into a power pole, and erupted into flames. The victim delivered medical supplies on a daily route of approximately 400 miles, 4 days per week. He was returning home after completing a delivery and was about 20 miles from his home, when, apparently, he fell asleep and crashed his car into the power pole. He died from blunt force trauma. His blood alcohol content was 0.04; however, it is not possible to determine whether drug use contributed to the incident.
OR 2009-24 Fishing Clam diver   2009 A 42-year-old clam diver drowned while fishing for clams on his own. The victim borrowed an inflatable boat and diving equipment to fish for clams in the bay. When he did not return as expected, the boat owner requested that the Coast Guard search for the missing diver. The Coast Guard was able to locate the boat. The motor that pumped air to the diver was not running when they arrived. The diver was found underwater attached to the air hose, and was unresponsive when they pulled him out of the water. The boat owner speculated the diver’s weight belt might have caught on the hose as he tried to surface, trapping him in the water.
OR 2009-23 Forestry/Logging Asleep at the wheel   2009 A 53-year-old log truck driver was killed after he likely fell asleep, drifted off the shoulder, and collided with a large tree. During the crash the log truck, including a loaded trailer, overturned onto its side, which caused some of the load to shift forward into the cab. The driver’s chest and abdomen were crushed upon contact with the load. Prior to the event, the victim’s logbook indicated he had exceeded maximum driving and duty hours twice during the previous eight days.
OR 2009-22 Public Administration Dead treetop   2009 A 52-year-old forest service worker was killed after he was struck in the head by a falling tree. The victim was working with law enforcement to remove a marijuana growing operation in a forest. As the victim was standing and talking to other workers in a field where a helicopter was being used to receive and lift bales of marijuana away, a dead tree broke off at its base and struck him in the head. The victim was wearing a helmet, but died immediately from head trauma.
OR 2009-21 Construction Truck on grade   2009 A 46-year-old dump truck driver was killed after a high impact crash. The dump truck driver was hauling cinders in two dump trailers attached to a semi tractor on a 2-lane highway. The driver lost control while making a turn on a downhill slope, left the roadway, and rolled backward off an embankment. Before his death, the victim told a witness at the scene he had lost control of his truck due to brake failure. This was the victim’s second day on the job and he did not hold the proper endorsement to drive this specific truck-trailer combination. The victim was extricated from inside the cab but died at the scene from blunt force injuries.
OR 2009-20 Forestry/Logging Log truck off road   2009 A 59-year-old driver of a loaded log truck was killed after he lost control and crashed. The victim was driving on a gravel logging road with an 8% downgrade when he lost control and ran off the road. His truck overturned and impacted an embankment above the roadway. The truck and victim were found fully engulfed in flames by another log truck 30 minutes after the crash. Investigators did not find signs of abrupt wheel movement or braking. The victim died from chest trauma.
OR 2009-19 Forestry/Logging Water truck rollover   2009 A 20-year-old water tank truck driver was killed after the truck he was driving rolled and crushed him inside the cab. The victim was hauling a half-full 2,000-gallon water tank to a new logging site. He was driving on a steep logging road and lost control as he was making a turn toward a highway intersection. The truck rolled onto its side and the force of the crash collapsed the cab. Witnesses observed smoke emitting from the tires after the driver applied the brakes and heard the victim use the horn. Coworkers noted the truck was old and often difficult to drive. It was a 1959 truck with a twin stick transmission. The victim obtained his CDL less than 2 months before the crash. The driver died from multiple blunt force injuries.
OR 2009-18 Utilities Pole off trailer   2009 A 48-year-old journeyman lineman was struck in the head and chest by a 55-foot long, 1,500 lb. utility pole, that fell off of a trailer. The lineman was working with three other crewmembers replacing telephone poles that were burned in a fire. The crew was in the process of loading the replacement utility poles onto a trailer. After loading the fourth pole. He gave the signal for the line truck operator to come up on the load line. As the line was being pulled it caught the newly loaded pole, which came free and rolled off the trailer. The pole bounced off another pole that was on the ground and struck the victim from behind. The pole hit the lineman's head and came to rest on his torso. He was transported to the hospital and died from head injuries 10 days later. The trailer frame had one cradle for holding a single pole, with no chocks on the frame. The victim was newly hired and had worked for his employer for five or six days before the incident.
OR 2009-17 Transportation Orchard ATV   2009 A 49-year-old orchard foreman was killed after the ATV he was operating rolled over and crushed his head and neck. The foreman was returning to a barn after he finished nightly irrigation duties when he apparently lost control of the ATV and over-corrected the steering. This caused the ATV to roll and land on top of the victim. He died immediately from trauma to his head and neck. At the time of the crash, the victim was not wearing a helmet and a toxicology report indicated his blood alcohol content was 0.22.
OR 2009-16 Forestry/Logging Crushed by boulder   2009 A 40-year-old logger was killed after a large rock rolled downhill and struck his torso. The logger was working in a ravine at a very steep and rocky logging site. He was operating a power saw in order to notch a stump. Apparently, the noise from the power saw prevented the victim from hearing the rolling boulder, which had been knocked loose by a log pulled up by a yarder. The victim’s nearby coworkers shouted warnings but the noise from the saw overwhelmed their calls. The boulder struck the victim in the back, causing severe trauma that killed him.
OR 2009-15 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Chainsaw artist   2009 A 58-year-old wood sculptor was killed after his throat was struck by a chainsaw. The artist was using a 23-inch long chainsaw to carve a wooden sculpture in a studio located at his residence. At some point, the chainsaw blade made contact with the artist’s neck and severed both his carotid and jugular arteries. The victim died quickly from rapid blood loss.
OR 2009-14 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Tree removal   2009 A 49-year-old free-lance arborist was killed after he was struck by a falling tree. The arborist was hired by a homeowner to remove seven trees from their residential property. The victim had been cutting trees with a coworker for four days. The victim and his coworker were making the final cut to a 30-to-35-foot tall fir tree. When the tree began to fall, it hit the top of an adjacent tree stump that was roughly 10-15 feet tall. The felled tree ricocheted off the stump and struck the victim in his chest. He died immediately from the impact. The victim’s toxicology screen was positive for amphetamines, however, it is not possible to determine whether drug use contributed to the incident.
OR 2009-13 Manufacturing Caught by lathe bolt   2009 A 63-year-old journeyman machinist was killed after he was entangled in the rotating shaft of a 40-foot lathe that resurfaced rollers for the pulp and paper industry. The machinist was assigned to tool and polish a damaged roller. The rollers were joined with the lathe by numerous hex bolts, about 1 inch in diameter, which protruded 2-3 inches around the circumference of the cat head attachment. The machinist used a hand grinder to do his work and reached over the flare ends of the rotating shaft. At some point, his coveralls caught on the unprotected, rotating bolts of the cat head. The moving roller rapidly twisted his clothing and body up and around the machine, causing multiple traumatic injuries. He died immediately.
OR 2009-12 Transportation 3 truck crash   2009 A 66-year-old semi-truck driver was killed in a three-truck collision on an interstate highway. Due to construction delays, traffic had slowed, and two semi-trucks traveling ahead of the victim were working their way through traffic. Both trucks ahead of the victim had their hazard lights on and were traveling below 5 MPH. For an unknown reason, the victim failed to slow and rear-ended the semi-truck immediately in front of him, which was then pushed forward striking a third semi-truck. The impact of the first crash into the trailer caused intrusion into the victim’s cab that crushed his abdomen. All drivers were wearing safety belts, and the drivers of the two trucks ahead of the victim reported soreness but had no visible injuries. A witness to the crash did not observe the victim use his brakes and estimated that his truck was traveling at 45 MPH. The victim died from abdominal trauma shortly after the collision.
OR 2009-11 Educational Services School bus   2009 A 61-year-old school bus driver was killed after his vehicle crashed into a cement overpass pillar. The bus driver was transporting a student in an 8-passenger van and briefly fell asleep. The van left the roadway onto a grassy shoulder, awaking the driver. He then overcorrected his course, which caused the van to roll and flip into an overpass pillar. The van’s roof collapsed on the victim’s head and chest. The passenger was unharmed. Toxicology reports indicate a higher than usual dose of a common antidepressant, however, it is not possible to determine whether drug use contributed to the incident.
OR 2009-10 Construction Ladder suicide   2009 A 49-year-old construction worker was killed after he hung himself with a bungee cord from a rafter inside a workshop at a residential worksite. The worker called a friend to talk about his suicidal intentions and told him he was on a ladder preparing to kill himself. The worker said he was experiencing financial, legal, and marital distress and had attempted suicide several times within the last year. He spoke to his friend for about 30 minutes and told him he was coming down from the ladder and needed to end their conversation to do this. At this point, he hung himself, rather than come off the ladder. Approximately five minutes after the call ended, his friend was the first to arrive at the worksite and discovered the suicide.
OR 2009-09 Construction Crushed by road grader   2009 A 51-year-old construction foreman was killed after he was crushed by the road grader he was operating. The foreman was in the process of grading a section of a steep forest road when, for an unknown reason, the grader began to roll backward down the road, and the worker either jumped from or was ejected by the grader. The foreman’s chest was crushed by the grader’s left front tire. The foreman was found deceased by a coworker several hours later. Six days before the incident, an equipment inspection demonstrated the grader had a working safety belt, roll-over protective structure (ROPS), and functional brakes.
OR 2009-08 Construction Workzone collision   2009 A 57-year-old owner of a residential construction business was killed after the van he was operating rear-ended a road maintenance truck parked in a highway work zone and then ran into a guardrail. The owner was traveling between jobs sites and was following a convoy of coworkers on the highway. He was driving between 60-65 MPH, and for an unknown reason, drove his van through the lane of traffic closed for construction where he struck the rear of the road maintenance vehicle. The work zone was well marked with warning signs beginning two miles before the construction area. The road maintenance vehicle was also equipped with a warning sign and flashing, bright lights. He was not wearing a safety belt at the time of the crash and his chest struck his vehicle’s steering wheel and his head hit the windshield. He died at the scene from his injuries.
OR 2009-07 Other Services Youth pastor   2009 A 38-year-old pastor from Wyoming was killed after the pick-up he was driving rolled down a steep embankment. The pastor was returning home after a camping trip in Oregon with a youth group and was driving out of a ravine with seven passengers. He took a short cut up an unmarked road and was unable to negotiate the muddy, steep terrain. He tried to turn the pick-up around but one of the pick-up’s rear tires went over the edge of the roadway. This caused the truck to roll off the roadway and continue rolling downhill. None of the occupants were wearing safety belts at the time of the crash. The pastor was ejected from the vehicle and died on site from chest trauma. All of the passengers survived the crash.
OR 2009-06 Other Services Auto shop homicide   2009 An owner and his 2 business associates, aged 70, 56, and 58, respectively, were killed after an assailant shot them multiple times and set fire to the custom hot rod car shop where they all worked. The assailant robbed the business before leaving the scene.
OR 2009-05 Wholesale Trade Crushed by truck   2009 A 44-year-old truck driver was killed after he was run over in a parking lot by the rear wheels of a passing semi-truck. The truck driver had just completed a delivery to a restaurant and was standing on the rear lift gate of the truck, securing the rear door for departure. While he was on the lift gate, two semi-trucks hauling double trailers passed slowly by the worker. Shortly after the trucks passed, the truck driver was discovered lying on the pavement beside his truck by a passing motorist. He was gravely injured and reported that he had been run over. It is not known if he fell or jumped off the rear lift gate of his parked truck. He died on the scene from crushing injuries to his chest. A toxicology screen tested positive for methadone, however, it is not possible to determine whether drug use contributed to the incident.
OR 2009-04 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Fall from dock   2009 A 57-year-old maintenance and repair worker at a marina was killed after he fell off the dock and drowned. The victim had worked on a casual basis for several years doing cleanup and small jobs around the marina where he was also a tenant. The morning of his death, the victim’s supervisor saw him heading to do repair work on a nearby dock finger, and reported that the victim was holding a chainsaw and hand tools. Later in the day, a tenant noticed the worker’s absence and informed the supervisor of his disappearance. A search was initiated that evening and his body was recovered in nearby waters four days later. The victim was not wearing a personal flotation device.
OR 2009-03 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Waste compactor   2009 A 61-year-old sanitation worker died after he was crushed inside the compactor box of a waste truck. A witness saw the worker exit the truck cab while the truck was still running, climb up the side of the truck, and look down inside the compactor box, likely to check for a jam. After the worker climbed down, he entered the compactor box to remove the obstruction. As he cleared the jammed material, the hydraulic mechanism designed to push trash into the rear of the compactor box recovered to its original forward position. The worker was crushed and died immediately from chest trauma. A post-incident investigation found that the compactor box access door interlock switch, which shuts down the power to the compactor crushing mechanism, was broken. Additionally, the power take off unit that controls the movement of the compactor blade was not turned off before the worker entered the truck bed.
OR 2009-02 Utilities Speeding head-on   2009 A 43-year-old natural gas service technician was killed after a car collided head-on with his work van. The technician was responding to a service call, when another driver, who was traveling at approximately 85 MPH through a curve in the road, crossed their car over the center lane and crashed head-on into the worker’s vehicle. The technician was wearing a safety belt and both the driver and passenger-side airbags deployed. The worker died from head and chest injuries an hour later. The driver of the second car was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2009-01 Other Services Welding explosion   2009 A 23-year-old welder was killed when an explosion occurred inside a water-clarifying tank that was used to clean potatoes for processing. The tank was 23-foot tall and 12-foot wide in diameter. The victim’s employer was contracted to repair a crack at the cone-shaped bottom of the tank. The welder entered the tank through a small side door and struck an arc to check for ground, which caused an explosion inside the confined space. The explosion dislodged overhead plastic piping that was full of dirt and debris from the process water. The piping fell onto the welder, impaled, and buried him in mud. He died from multiple blunt force injuries. Prior to the incident, employees expressed safety concerns about improperly hanging pipe and irregular carbon monoxide readings on the 4-way gas meter. It is likely the explosion occurred when an unidentified atmosphere, possibly leaking through the crack in the tank, was ignited by the welding unit.
OR 2008-58 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Landscaper truck crash   2008 A 28-year-old landscaper, riding as a passenger in a work pickup, was killed after a collision with a log truck. The log truck was in the process of making a right turn off the highway, when the rear ends of the logs crossed into the adjacent lane of traffic. The pickup driver did not have enough time to brake and the vehicle crashed into the load of logs. The logs tore through the right-side compartment of the pickup and struck the head of the passenger. He died immediately from the impact.
OR 2008-57 Health Care/Social Asst Exposure suicide   2008 A 53-year-old licensed practical nurse at a health clinic died after taking an overdose of prescription drugs. She wandered in a field near her workplace, where she fell asleep, and succumbed to hypothermia. The nurse had been depressed for some time. She left a suicide note that blamed her mental stress on conditions at work.
OR 2008-56 Accommodation/Food Services Trucks at left turn   2008 A 40-year-old food vendor was killed when he was involved in a highway collision in his modified motor-home mobile restaurant. The vendor was stopped to turn left on a highway. A semi-truck approaching from the rear was unable to stop in time and swerved to the right to pass. The truck’s dual wheels caught the back end of the vendor’s vehicle and pushed it into the opposite lane. An oncoming truck struck the vendor’s vehicle. The victim was killed instantly. The two truck drivers were uninjured.
OR 2008-55 Accommodation/Food Services Meth use   2008 A 43-year-old kitchen worker at a motel died from methamphetamine use. She had a pre-existing heart condition and was found on the kitchen floor. The worker was enrolled in a special program to assist her rehabilitation after release from prison. The event was apparently unintentional.
OR 2008-54 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Hanging suicide   2008 A 53-year-old boxing and fitness instructor died when he hung himself at work. The incident occurred on the day the instructor was supposed to report to jail. The victim left suicide notes.
OR 2008-53 Retail Trade Hanging suicide   2008 A 53-year-old owner of a recreational vehicle and marine dealership died when he hung himself at work. A suicide note indicated financial distress. The victim had a long history of past depression and recent suicide attempts.
OR 2008-52 Transportation Fuel truck crash   2008 A 56-year-old truck driver was killed when his fuel transport truck drifted off the freeway for an unknown reason onto a berm of packed snow, then overturned and exploded. The tanker was carrying 10,000 gallons of gasoline. The medical examiner reported the driver’s blood alcohol content was .01, and noted the presence of oxycodone and other prescription drugs used to control depression and anxiety. An hour prior to the crash, the driver was witnessed tripping and falling head first onto a fitting on his trailer. A head injury may have contributed to the crash.
OR 2008-51 - 2 Public Administration Bomb squad   2008 Two police officers, both aged 51, were killed when a suspicious device they were investigating exploded. Earlier, police responded to a telephone bomb threat at a bank, and found a hoax device. News of the incident prompted a search at a nearby bank, and police were called when another suspicious device was discovered. The officers were called and determined it was also a hoax after using a portable X-ray tool to observe inside the metal box. One officer held the box while another attempted to pry off the lid with a crowbar, and it exploded.
OR 2008-50 - 2 Fishing Crab boat at jetty   2008 Two crew members on a commercial crabbing boat, aged 44 and 55, were killed when the boat was swamped by large waves while exiting the bar at Tillamook Bay. The 45-foot-long boat was loaded with 97 crab pots and 400 gallons of fuel. A series of large waves, higher than the cabin, struck the boat in the middle of the bar. The boat turned and was pitched onto the end of the jetty and began to break up. The skipper and two crew members were not wearing personal flotation devices or survival suits. The skipper managed to swim to the jetty and was rescued. The two victims were discovered separately several days later.
OR 2008-49 Public Administration Bad weather crash   2008 A 59-year-old accountant was killed in a motor-vehicle collision on her way to a state commission meeting. She contributed her professional knowledge to the commission’s work. The accountant lost control of her small car coming out of a slight right turn. The car swerved into the opposite lane of the highway and collided head on with an unloaded log truck. Weather was a factor. The morning temperature was 30 degrees, and patches of ice remained on the road in shady spots. The truck driver received minor injuries.
OR 2008-48 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Handgun suicide   2008 A 53-year-old real-estate broker died after shooting himself in the head with a handgun. The broker was depressed over a financial crisis, due to a drop in the real-estate market, and the recent dissolution of his marriage. The victim left a suicide note, where he explained his motives, and indicated he had planned the event for months.
OR 2008-47 Construction Handgun suicide   2008 A 48-year-old real-estate developer died after shooting himself in the head with a handgun. The developer was distraught over impending bankruptcy, as well as a recent broken engagement, and had talked about suicide for several months.
OR 2008-46 Construction Jump into river   2008 A 58-year-old real-estate developer died after jumping off a 25-foot cliff at a river waterfall. The body was found in the water downstream 2 days later. The developer was extremely depressed over marital and financial problems. With the economic downturn, he was potentially liable for an $8 million debt.
OR 2008-45 Construction Jump off cliff   2008 A 57-year-old real-estate developer died after jumping off an 80-foot cliff. He was extremely upset by his “current financial situation, responsibilities, and debts,” according to a police report. The night before the incident, he began to make suicidal statements. The next morning he appeared to be better, and his wife went to an appointment and left him alone. Police later discovered his parked vehicle and his shoes placed at the edge of a nearby cliff. The victim had a history of depression and diagnosed mental illness.
OR 2008-44 Health Care/Social Asst Anesthesiologist suicide   2008 A 58-year-old hospital anesthesiologist died from a self-injected overdose of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opiate. He was found in a sleeping suite reserved for on-call employees after a search was initiated when he did not return home. The anesthesiologist had several debilitating medical problems, and was anxious and depressed over working long hours. The victim was trained to know the drug, and an unintentional overdose is unlikely.
OR 2008-43 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Struck by lightning   2008 A 59-year-old arborist was struck by lightning, and died 2 weeks later. The arborist was out inspecting a job during a lull in a storm. As the storm grew more intense, the arborist and his client began walking back to shelter. Near a stand of tall trees, the arborist was struck by lightning. Cause of death was cerebral anoxia.
OR 2008-42 Agriculture Tractor at garbage pit   2008 A 61-year-old rancher was killed when his older-model tractor tipped over an embankment into a fire pit and trapped him underneath. With a front-loader attached to the tractor, the rancher was attempting to deposit a dead cow into the fire pit. The front wheels of the tractor slipped over the embankment and fell 6-8 feet. The right front tire broke off, the tractor pitched sideways, and the rancher was ejected. The victim was crushed under the tractor seat and burned.
OR 2008-41 Transportation Toxic fumes at truck stop   2008 A 59-year-old truck driver was found dead at a truck stop in the sleeping compartment of his semi-truck 2 days after parking at the spot. Carbon monoxide in his blood was measured at 29% saturation. The driver had no known medical conditions and recently passed a medical examination with no detected problems, but existing cardiac and pulmonary conditions were affected by the high carbon monoxide level. The sleeping cab was near the compressor to the refrigerated trailer; another truck had parked nearby with its engine running; but subsequent tests showed the cab had no leaks that would allow external fumes to enter. The source of exposure is unknown.
OR 2008-40 Forestry/Logging Log rolls down slope   2008 A 54-year-old experienced logger, working as a faller for more than 30 years, was killed by a rolling log. The faller was training a new faller, working on a steep hillside with a 40-degree slope. While measuring a log to buck into lengths, a log length cut earlier on the hillside above rolled down and struck both fallers. The experienced faller was pinned against the log he was about to cut and the rolling log came to rest on top of him. The coworker recovered and got the faller out from under the log, but the victim died at the scene shortly after.
OR 2008-39 Manufacturing Arm inside machine   2008 A 54-year-old production worker at a plywood manufacturing plant was killed when he was crushed in the machine he was operating. The machine squared and sealed layers of plywood into sheets, working with a conveyor system and hydraulic arms to push the plywood against a metal backstop to square the ends. A three-second delay occurs in the process, and in that interval, the worker reached in over the conveyor, apparently to clean the sensor that activates the hydraulic system. The hydraulic arms of the machine descended and crushed him.
OR 2008-38 Other Services Torch in water tank   2008 A 37-year-old truck mechanic was killed while using an acetylene torch inside a water tank. The mechanic was welding baffles inside the tank. The explosion occurred within 20 minutes after he began. The oxygen line to the torch may have been damaged and leaked oxygen to fill the tank, which was ignited by a spark. The torch equipment had been left in the tank overnight and the oxygen and acetylene was turned on first thing in the morning, 2½ hours before hot work began in the tank. The mechanic was not certified to work in confined spaces.
OR 2008-37 Construction Culvert trench collapse   2008 A 47-year-old construction worker was killed at an excavation site when a trench collapsed. The worker entered an unshored trench nearly 9 feet deep and 9 feet wide to retrieve an asphalt chunk that had fallen inside. He did not tell anyone his intention. He made his way from the beginning of the trench through a culvert section, 5-feet high, already laid in the trench. As he stepped out to retrieve the asphalt chunk, the dirt walls above him collapsed. Coworkers called for emergency help and dug out the victim, who died on the way to the hospital.
OR 2008-36 Transportation Semi-truck on shoulder   2008 A 52-year-old truck driver was killed as a pedestrian, standing in front of his semi-truck and trailer on the shoulder of the freeway for a brake inspection. A passing semi-truck veered onto the shoulder and struck the left rear of his truck. The driver jumped from the front of his parked truck as it lurched toward him, and he was struck by the other truck as it sheared along the left side of his vehicle. The driver of the second truck was extremely fatigued. Police found evidence of methamphetamine use, which the driver claimed he had smoked 2 days before.
OR 2008-35 Agriculture Log slide   2008 A 61-year-old inexperienced logger on a family farm was killed while limbing felled trees to bundle as firewood. The tree he was working on shifted and rolled downhill over him.
OR 2008-34 Wholesale Trade Cutting torch on fuel tank   2008 A 46-year-old mechanic at an auto parts and repair shop was burned severely in an explosion while cutting a vehicle into parts, and died 8 days later. The mechanic apparently used the cutting torch too close to the gas tank, which was separated from the vehicle frame, but remained nearby. The mechanic’s 7-year-old daughter was watching the operation, but escaped the explosion unharmed and alerted a relative.
OR 2008-33 Public Administration Pickup off road   2008 A 46-year-old research biologist working for the state was killed when his pickup crashed while returning from a field assignment. The driver apparently failed to negotiate a slight right turn, went into the dirt shoulder, and straight into an embankment, a tree, and a power pole. The vehicle was owned by the state, and was in good condition. No other contributing factors were apparent: conditions were daylight, dry and clear, and no medical condition or fatigue.
OR 2008-32 Forestry/Logging Skidder on steep bank   2008 A 54-year-old logger, working as a skidder operator, was killed when the skidder went over a steep embankment. The operator was working alone on a narrow, unimproved road at a logging site. The skidder toppled about 60 feet down the embankment. The victim was ejected, and was found dead at the scene a few feet above the skidder. He was an inexperienced operator, and was not wearing the seatbelt provided in the skidder.
OR 2008-31 Forestry/Logging Tree top falls   2008 A 45-year-old experienced tree faller was killed when a madrone tree (6-8 inches in diameter and 30 feet long) struck him. The madrone was probably pulled down with the fir tree he just felled. Fallers were in a crew working on a road excavation project. The faller was working alone, but with an hourly radio check. A search was conducted when he did not respond. The victim was found directly at the base of the tree he felled.
OR 2008-29 Agriculture Tractor attachment   2008 A 77-year-old rancher was killed when he was crushed between his tractor and a heavy attachment. The rancher’s wife called a neighbor to go search when he did not come home. The rancher may have been working to connect a three-way hitch, or may have knocked out a holding pin to unhook the attachment and set it loose. Hydraulic hoses were connected. Police on the scene reported the tractor may have rolled. The victim was found crushed against the tractor under the weight of the attachment.
OR 2008-28 Agriculture Ejected from combine   2008 A 12-year-old farm worker was killed while riding in a large combine with his father. The boy stood in the cab alongside the operator’s seat and leaned against the front window looking out. The combine was traveling down a gravel driveway on a moderate incline, about 5 mph, when it hit a hole in the road that rocked the machine. The front window popped out and the boy fell forward through the uncovered window. The combine ran over him. The victim was declared dead at the scene.
OR 2008-27 - 2 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Small plane business   2008 A 58-year-old real estate developer and a 36-year-old sales agent were killed in a small-plane crash shortly after take-off as they embarked on a business trip. The younger coworker was the pilot. Early morning conditions were foggy. Witnesses heard the engine sputter just before the crash, indicating possible condensation in the fuel line. The pilot may have failed to maintain control due to spatial disorientation in the fog. The plane crashed into a vacation house and exploded.
OR 2008-26 Manufacturing Toxic fumes   2008 A 52-year-old production worker at silicon-wafer manufacturing plant suffered acute exposure to hydrofluoric acid (Oct 9, 2003), and died nearly 5 years later. The worker had lifted a safety shield to inspect a container of hydrofluoric acid, and was exposed to fumes in spite of his face mask. Suffering severe lung damage, his immediate condition deteriorated, with increasing dyspnea. Later, he was completely disabled, including cognitive dysfunction. Cause of death was pulmonary fibrosis.
OR 2008-25 Agriculture Farm truck left turn   2008 A 16-year-old farm worker was killed in a collision while operating a large hay stacker machine on the highway. The loaded hay machine was traveling slowly on a posted 55 mph two-lane highway. A car passed the machine and an unloaded log truck followed. The farmer put out a hand to signal a left turn, and suddenly turned directly into the path of the oncoming log truck. No flashers or turn signals were visible on the machine. The crash sent both vehicles off the road into a field, and both driver and operator were ejected. The log truck burst into flames, but the driver was uninjured.
OR 2008-24 Public Administration Rain-slick road   2008 A 20-year-old seasonal forestry worker was killed when he lost control of the state vehicle he was driving and crashed into a tree. The incident occurred just before 8 a.m. Road conditions were slick from rain the night before. The summer worker was assigned to set gypsy moth traps.
OR 2008-23 Retail Trade Grocery robbery   2008 A 41-year-old grocery clerk was shot during a robbery (Mar 4, 2007), and died 17 months later. The clerk was filling in for a friend at the store for a few hours when the incident occurred. A gunshot wound to the neck left him paralyzed, but mentally alert. A secondary infection developed that resulted in terminal septic shock.
OR 2008-22 Transportation Semi-truck collision   2008 A 47-year-old truck driver trainee was killed in the sleeping compartment of a semi-truck when the truck crashed while his partner was driving. Freeway traffic was stopped, due to a brush fire, and the driver of the truck failed to stop in time and crashed into the trailer of another semi-truck. The collision sheared off the left side of the cab, including the sleeping compartment. The driver trainee was ejected. The victim was declared dead at the scene.
OR 2008-21 Forestry/Logging Rolling snag   2008 A 52-year-old logger, working as a faller, was killed when the top of a nearby snag broke off and struck him. The faller, with about 30 years of experience in the woods, was falling a tree uphill. The tree struck or brushed against the snag while falling, and the top of the snag fell or rolled down the hill onto the faller.
OR 2008-20 Agriculture ATV in ditch   2008 A 61-year-old farmer was killed when the all-terrain vehicle he was driving through a field ran into an irrigation ditch and flipped over on top of him, resulting in severe head and chest trauma. The farmer was observing a hay-loading operation and was requested to go get a rope from the barn to secure bales on a trailer. The event occurred while he was headed for the barn. The medical examiner reported the victim’s blood alcohol content at .03.
OR 2008-19 Public Administration Officer suicide   2008 A 50-year-old federal security officer killed himself with his handgun outside the building where he was scheduled to work later that day. The officer called a federal dispatch center to notify them he was going to kill himself. Local police officers arrived at the scene shortly after the event. The victim had an appointment with a physician to discuss work-related stress, but had not previously mentioned suicide to his close relations.
OR 2008-18 Construction Dump truck sled   2008 A 51-year-old lead road worker was killed while loading a trailer, or sled, into the bed of a dump truck. The road worker was operating controls near the rear of the truck to pull the sled into the bed. A coworker spotted the activity from above. Steps were recently installed inside the bed of the dump truck, and the road worker leaned to look inside to check the clearance as the sled was almost completely inside. His head was in a posted pinch point. As he continued moving the sled forward, his head was crushed against a box latch at the end of the sled.
OR 2008-17 Transportation Fall from truck   2008 A 63-year-old truck driver fell to the ground while unhooking a wrecked car from the top rack of his car carrier, and died 11 days later. The driver fell 15 feet onto his back. He was on the lower deck and reached up to grab the door handle of a car on the upper deck to pull himself up to finish the job, when the handle tore loose, causing him to fall. The driver was transported to a hospital with stable vital signs. Several ribs were fractured, but no head injuries. His conditions gradually worsened, however, and the victim died in the hospital.
OR 2008-16 Forestry/Logging Pickup brake failure   2008 A 59-year-old logger, working as supervisor and machine operator, was killed when the brakes failed on his pickup while leaving the logging site after work. The logger and a coworker traveled in the pickup down a logging road with a 12% grade when the brakes failed. The logger tried to downshift, but could not get the transmission into lower gear. The coworker jumped safely ahead of a 90-degree left turn in the road. The pickup went over the edge and rolled down an embankment, coming to rest in trees 265 feet below. The logger apparently jumped from the pickup after it went over the edge. He sat up about 150 feet below the roadway, but the pickup had rolled over him. Crew members in another vehicle coming down the road called for emergency assistance. The victim complained of pain, but talked normally for about 45 minutes.
OR 2008-15 Transportation Dump truck bed   2008 A 59-year-old truck driver was killed apparently while doing maintenance on his dump truck outside his rural residence. The driver was found crushed between the bed and frame of the truck. No malfunctions were discovered. No tools were found near the body.
OR 2008-14 Forestry/Logging Logs crush cab   2008 A 58-year-old log truck driver was killed when he drove off a two-lane highway and crashed into an embankment at about 30 mph. His load of logs pushed forward and crushed the cab. The driver was not feeling well the past couple days, with flu-like symptoms. A witness observed he was driving erratically prior to the crash. The driver then stopped at a shoulder pull-off, but quickly started again and weaved across the highway. The truck then crashed into an embankment at another pull-off, where the driver may have been trying to stop.
OR 2008-13 Transportation Trailer door   2008 A 49-year-old truck driver was killed after sweeping out an unloaded trailer, when the top hinged hydraulic door on the trailer descended unexpectedly and crushed him. The trailer was equipped with a floor conveyor to assist with unloading, and the truck driver may have had the conveyor activated while sweeping the trailer of compost material he had just delivered. The event was unwitnessed, but the position of the driver’s broom outside the trailer indicates he may have used it to reach around to turn off the conveyor, and unintentionally activated the door control instead
OR 2008-12 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Debarker roller   2008 A 45-year-old millwright was killed while performing maintenance on a debarker machine at a sawmill. The millwright was preparing to weld, and was clearing bark from the in-feed area. He moved his hand inside the machine and inadvertently blocked the photo eye of the hydraulic valve, which allowed the 3,000-pound holddown roll to descend and crush him. The millwright had locked out electrical energy, but did not lock out hydraulic energy, and did not install the pins on the frame of the machine to prevent movement of the holddown roll. The millwright was a temporary worker hired through an agency, and had worked at the mill a few months.
OR 2008-11 Construction Load pulled off truck   2008 A 60-year-old journeyman ironworker was killed at a building site when he fell off the back of a flatbed truck carrying steel I-beams, and pulled an I-beam after him, which crushed him. Each I-beam weighed about 340 pounds. The ironworker was on the bed of the truck marking the beams according to the erection plan, when he apparently tripped off the side of the truck. He grabbed an I-beam to try to steady himself, then fell 4 feet to the ground. The I-beam followed and landed on top of him. Bed stakes were not in place to secure the load.
OR 2008-10 Agriculture Run over by tractor   2008 A 53-year-old farmer was killed when he was run over by his tractor. The farmer was apparently mounting the tractor while it was running and in neutral. He typically used the steering wheel for support when mounting the tractor, and may have slipped and activated the gear. The tractor moved forward and pulled the farmer beneath the rear wheel and under the attached mower, before running into a garage wall. The victim was transported to a hospital where he later died.
OR 2008-09 Retail Trade Gas station homicide   2008 A 59-year-old gas station owner was shot and killed shortly after opening the station at 6 a.m. He typically worked alone in the mornings until staff arrived at 9 a.m. Robbery may have been the motive for the shooting, but some cash remained in the open cash drawer, and a substantial amount of cash remained in the victim’s pockets. The victim was discovered by a customer.
OR 2008-08 Forestry/Logging Solvent fire   2008 A 61-year-old mechanic for a logging firm was killed in a solvent fire at his shop. The mechanic was cleaning a vehicle fuel pump in a 20-gallon clean sink with a highly flammable solvent. He had the clean sink only a couple months. He attached the pump to a battery with alligator clips, apparently to power the pump to run solvent through it. Solvent may have sprayed on his clothing and a spark from the battery clips ignited it. He received second-degree burns on his face and parts of his body. Cause of death was cardiac dysrhythmia following the fire.
OR 2008-07 Forestry/Logging Swinging log in turn Report  2008 A 30-year-old logger, working as a rigging slinger in a cable yarding operation, was killed when a log in a turn of logs upended and struck him. The rigging slinger signaled to go ahead on the turn without first getting in the clear. He stood 15-25 feet from the turn. The log that struck him was 37 feet long. As the turn moved forward, the log struck a stump and swung toward the rigging slinger. He dove to the ground for cover, but the log came down on top of him. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2008-06 Construction Road collapse   2008 A 28-year-old heavy-equipment operator was killed when the road he was working on collapsed and the machine tumbled down a steep hill. The road crew was resurfacing a stretch of highway in a mountain pass, with a 45-degree embankment. The shoulder had collapsed after heavy rains. The operator was working on the platform of an asphalt grinder, weighing over 28 tons. After a first pass near the embankment, a crack appeared in the asphalt as the operator began to back up. The machine tilted as the road collapsed, and the operator first went to the downside, then prepared to jump from the up side, but was too late, and held on as the machine rolled over. The victim was thrown and crushed.
OR 2008-05 Manufacturing Shot at work   2008 A 48-year-old maintenance technician at a manufacturing plant was shot and killed at work by an ex-girlfriend. The couple had a pattern of relationship problems. The ex-girlfriend drove to the technician’s workplace and asked for him at the door of the shop. While he was coming, she returned to her car and returned to the doorway with a large-caliber pistol, and shot the technician in the chest.
OR 2008-04 Construction Jump on running board   2008 A 33-year-old road construction worker was killed when he jumped on the running board of a moving dump truck, slipped off, and was crushed beneath the rear dual wheels. The fully loaded truck was moving uphill at 6-7 mph. The worker on the ground was directing trucks where to dump loads of gravel, and waved the truck through. The truck driver did not stop, due to the muddy condition of the road. As the truck passed, the victim unexpectedly jumped onto the running board on the driver’s side, then disappeared from view.
OR 2008-03 Utilities Tractor on snowy road   2008 A 24-year-old tractor operator was killed while clearing snow on a narrow service road to a hydroelectric plant. The tractor evidently slid from the center of the road over an embankment on one side, and tumbled about 30 yards, crushing the operator beneath the bucket and frame. The operator rented the small tractor that morning, and demonstrated competence as an experienced operator. The tractor was equipped with ROPS and a seatbelt. The victim may not have been wearing the seatbelt or possibly unbuckled it to escape the cab when he lost control.
OR 2008-02 Forestry/Logging Tree recoil   2008 A 29-year-old logger, working as a faller, was killed when the tree he was falling struck a stump, which caused the butt to recoil and strike him. The faller was working on a steep slope in the snow, which may have impeded his ability to escape from the base of the tree. When he did not show up at the end of the work day, a coworker went looking for him, and found the victim deceased, and snow-covered under the tree. Cause of death was chest compression, with no broken bones or other injury from the impact.
OR 2008-01 Wholesale Trade Boom swing control   2008 A 47-year-old mechanic was killed by an excavator bucket during a maintenance operation. The conveyor on a portable rock crusher had stopped working, and the mechanic and equipment operators were working to raise the conveyor with the arm of a hydraulic excavator to get underneath. The mechanic stood on the conveyor, 15 feet above the ground, rigging a chain between the conveyor frame and the lifting eye on the excavator bucket – when the excavator boom suddenly dropped and swung, and crushed him. The excavator operator had leaned to the right to see the mechanic working at the bucket, and the pocket of his raincoat caught on the left-side control handle for the boom, activating it.
OR 2007-68 Construction Overexertion at height   2007 A 60-year-old electrician apparently lost consciousness after climbing on the bed of a utility truck and fell about 4 feet to the ground, and died in the hospital 2 weeks later. It was the electrician‘s first day on the job. He accompanied a coworker to reel wires from a construction site onto racks on the back of a flatbed truck. The electrician mounted the back of the truck to watch the spooling process, and collapsed and fell. Cause of death was pneumonia and hypertension.
OR 2007-67 Wholesale Trade Conveyor jam   2007 A 55-year-old production worker at a metal recycling firm was injured while trying to unjam a conveyor belt on a metal-sorting machine, and died 68 days later. One week prior to the incident, a hole was cut in the side of the sorting machine to allow access with a hook to unjam the conveyor belt below the hopper without shutting down the machine. The production worker reached his hand inside the hole to unjam the conveyor and had his arm amputated. Cause of death was a stroke.
OR 2007-66 Construction Pickup on icy road   2007 A 34-year-old construction worker was killed on the way to a jobsite when the company flatbed pickup he was driving lost control on an icy road and spun into the path of an oncoming semi-truck. Snow and ice on the shoulders of the highway extended into the driving lanes. The semi-truck driver was taken to a hospital with significant injuries.
OR 2007-65 Education Services Flight training crash   2007 A 24-year-old flight instructor and a student pilot were killed when the four-seat airplane they were flying crashed. The plane was seen flying low at a slow speed prior to the crash. It is unknown which of the pilots was flying the plane at the time of the incident. The flight instructor started using the plane 1 month earlier. There was no evidence of structural or mechanical failure.
OR 2007-64 Forestry/Logging Logging injury sepsis   2007 A 40-year-old logger, working as a tree faller, was struck by the top of a nearby madrone tree that fell on him. He suffered severe, disabling injuries, including lower body paralysis, and died 16 years later due to complications associated with the original injury. Immediate cause of death was sepsis.
OR 2007-63 Public Administration Recruiter suicide   2007 A 26-year-old recruiter for the U.S. Marine Corps committed suicide by hanging himself at the corps recruiting office where he worked. The recruiter was relieved of his position that evening, due to repeated problems. The news was conveyed to him over the telephone. A coworker went to the office to check on the recruiter shortly afterward and discovered the body.
OR 2007-62 Retail Trade Market suicide   2007 A 57-year-old orchard owner committed suicide with a handgun in his trailer home on the property of his market.
OR 2007-61 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Unblocked forklift   2007 A 39-year-old forklift mechanic was killed when a forklift he was working under crashed on top of him. The mechanic was a temporary worker on the job 1 week at a wood-products manufacturing company. The mechanic was helping a coworker repair a hydraulic leak. The front of the forklift was raised about 4 feet and supported on a stand. The wheels were not chocked, nor the forks blocked during the repair. The hydraulic cap blew off while the coworker, the main mechanic, was adjusting a screw; he rolled out from under the forklift with fluid spilling out. The forklift tipped off the stand and fell on the new mechanic. The coworker did not know the victim was there with him beneath the forklift.
OR 2007-60 Transportation Money dispute   2007 A 50-year-old residential mover was killed in a dispute with a client over payment. The mover struck the client with a brick and chased him. In the ensuing scuffle, the client stabbed the mover to death with a pocket knife. The medical examiner reported the victim positive for cocaine and a blood alcohol content of 0.15.
OR 2007-59 Manufacturing Shotgun suicide   2007 A 52-year-old machinist took a shotgun from the shop where he worked, walked to the far side of a nearby pasture, and shot himself. Failed romance was apparently a primary motive.
OR 2007-58 Agriculture Ranch gunshot   2007 A 46-year-old ranch hand was shot to death in the evening at the doorstep of his residence on a ranch, where he was a full-time caretaker. The cause of the dispute is unknown.
OR 2007-57 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Mill manlift Report  2007 A 56-year-old clean-up worker at a food mill was killed when he fell into an elevator shaft. The worker apparently tripped or misjudged the handhold on a continuously running manlift in the mill that carried workers up and down between floors. He fell down the 2x3 foot floor opening onto a crossbeam and was struck continuously by one of the manlift steps, which was unable to pass by him. The worker was employed through a temporary agency. He was a native Spanish speaker with very limited proficiency in English, which made communication difficult. The victim also had a vision problem, which may have been a contributing factor in the fall.
OR 2007-56 Accommodation/Food Services Methadone and alcohol   2007 A 26-year-old exotic dancer at a nightclub collapsed after ingesting methadone and heavy amounts of alcohol, and died 9 days later. The dancer was drinking all night at work, and received a dose of liquid methadone from a coworker to ease a toothache. She continued drinking alcohol with a friend after work, collapsed, and could not be revived. Upon admission to the hospital, her blood alcohol content was 0.17%. Cause of death was cerebral anoxia.
OR 2007-55 Fishing Crab boat overboard   2007 A 22-year-old crab boat fisherman was killed when he was swept overboard into the ocean from a 75-foot vessel. The fisherman was on deck alone, wearing rain gear and heavy boots, but no life jacket. An extensive search failed to recover the body.
OR 2007-54 Manufacturing Metal tubing on rollers   2007 A 50-year-old shop foreman, working as a metal fabricator at a heavy-equipment manufacturing company, was killed when a metal tube he was sawing disrupted and struck him. The 10x4-inch rectangular tubing was about 18 feet long and weighed 800 pounds. The tube was mounted on a row of three 4-foot-high stands with rollers that led to the saw. A gap of 10 feet between the two forward stands allowed a forklift to load stock onto the rollers. Contrary to normal practice, the foreman did not leave the forklift in place to support the tube through the gap. As he pulled the tube forward, the rear end fell in the gap between the stands and the front end swung up and struck him in the head. He fell to the ground and the tube fell and struck him again in the head.
OR 2007-53 Manufacturing Synthetic rope hoist   2007 A 46-year-old welder at a heavy-equipment manufacturing company was struck by a heavy metal beam, and died 3 days later. A synthetic rope sling broke as the welder was raising the beam onto a workbench with a 1-ton crane. The falling metal beam struck him in the head. The beam weighed 1,400 pounds; the rated capacity of the rope was 1,300 pounds.
OR 2007-52 Manufacturing Forklift in crosswalk   2007 A 61-year-old clean-up worker on the night shift at a wood-products manufacturing company was struck by a forklift while walking across the mill yard, and died 39 days later. The worker was reporting to work about midnight, wearing dark clothing, and a hood against the rain. He did not stop or look up before entering a crosswalk. Forward visibility on the forklift was reduced by a metal backrest on the forks that shielded the driver from the load. A scuffed plastic windshield also reduced visibility, due to rain and glare from the yard lamps. Smoke crossed the roadway from the mill stacks. The victim did not recover from a severe head injury.
OR 2007-51 Agriculture Orchard suicide   2007 A 43-year-old orchard foreman committed suicide. The foreman was found in the cab of an orchard truck, with the barrel of a rifle pressed to his abdomen.
OR 2007-50 Construction Roofing   2007 A 47-year-old construction worker fell 15-20 feet from the roof of a two-story house onto his head, and died 2 months later. The worker was installing metal trim on a pitched shake roof without fall protection.
OR 2007-49 Construction Ladder on scaffold   2007 A 32-year-old drywall installer was killed when he fell 20-25 feet from a ladder mounted on a scaffold. The installer and two coworkers were installing drywall in a barn under construction, with an 18-20 foot ceiling. Preparing to work on a higher part of the wall, the installer placed an extension ladder on the top plank of a 12-foot-high scaffold and secured the top of the ladder inside the dome of a skylight. The base of the ladder slipped away while the worker was on it. He was not wearing any fall-protection equipment. The event was not witnessed.
OR 2007-48 Agriculture Airplane moving cattle   2007 A 76-year-old cattle rancher was killed when his single-engine airplane collided with power transmission lines and crashed. The rancher was helping to move cattle with the airplane, working with a ranch hand moving the cattle with an ATV on the ground. The rancher dove twice toward the cows, and after the second run, made a complete circle, leveled off, and collided with the power lines. There was no indication of mechanical failure.
OR 2007-47 Transportation Test flight   2007 A 52-year-old airplane pilot was killed when the single-engine airplane he was flying crashed shortly after takeoff. A passenger in the plane, another pilot interested in purchasing the plane, was also killed. A witness heard the engine sputter before the plane hit a tree and crashed in a pond. The plane was recently repaired and inspected after 20 years in storage, and the pilot had only 5 hours flying time in it. An investigation concluded the plane was overloaded – 130 pounds over the maximum allowable gross weight; but found no other malfunctions that would have contributed to loss of engine power. Cause of death was drowning.
OR 2007-46 Transportation Wrong way on freeway   2007 A 78-year-old shuttle driver in an SUV collided head on with a pickup going the wrong way on the freeway, and died 23 days later. The driver was wearing a seatbelt and the air bags deployed. The incident occurred in the dark with no streetlights on a four-lane freeway with a center guardrail. The shuttle moved into the left lane to pass a semi-truck and struck the oncoming pickup traveling near the center guardrail. The pickup driver was killed instantly. A passenger was treated for minor injuries. The shuttle driver was in critical condition, but was slowly recovering before suffering cardiac arrest.
OR 2007-45 Manufacturing Elevated work platform   2007 A 47-year-old owner of a machine shop was killed when he fell about 15 feet from an elevated platform onto his head. The shop owner was painting a wall in his warehouse, using a forklift to raise a heavy wooden workbench, about 10 feet long, to use as a scaffold. He used a ladder to reach the elevated platform. Evidently, he reached too far to the left while painting the wall and the workbench tipped off the forklift forks. The victim was discovered the next morning, deceased.
OR 2007-44 Agriculture Falling tree kickback   2007 A 53-year-old rural property owner was killed while felling trees on his land. The property owner had cleared numerous other trees from his land. He was working alone on a 100-foot tree, standing in a depression 3-4 feet deep, which prevented him from escaping quickly from the base of the tree as it fell. Apparently the tree twisted in an unexpected direction as it fell and the victim was crushed by the butt of the log.
OR 2007-43 Forestry/Logging Backing log truck   2007 A 72-year-old logger, working as a flagger, was killed when a log truck backed over him while he directed traffic at a logging site. The flagger was controlling road access through an active falling zone. After the flagger waved through two empty log trucks, the rear truck stopped as a noisy skidder passed along the road from the opposite direction. The driver of the stopped truck then backed up a bit to talk to a person behind him, and ran over the flagger standing behind the vehicle. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2007-42 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Ladder fall   2007 A 43-year-old mechanic fell 10 feet off a ladder onto his head, and died 6 days later. The mechanic was on the job for 5 days at a truck rental firm. He was up on a 12- foot ladder to replace the rubber seal on the back door of a trailer. The event was not witnessed.
OR 2007-41 Profession/Science/Tech Loaded syringe   2007 A 59-year-old surgeon was found dead in his office with a loaded syringe of propofol nearby. Propofol is a sedative used in general anesthesia. Reported behavior and numerous track marks indicated the surgeon had been self-medicating for health issues for some time.
OR 2007-40 Transportation Driver amphetamines   2007 A 47-year-old semi-truck driver was found dead in the locked cab of his truck on a highway turnout. Cause of death was a methamphetamine overdose. The medical examiner reported a “quite high” methamphetamine level, along with a history of drug abuse, and current signs of heavy amphetamine use.
OR 2007-39 Forestry/Logging Foggy highway pileup   2007 A 46-year-old log truck driver in an unloaded truck was killed on a foggy highway when he rear-ended a stopped truck in front of him and was rear-ended by other vehicles in an early morning pileup. At least 18 vehicles were involved in collisions over six miles of road. Visibility was zero, due to heavy fog and smoke from field burning. Seatbelt use was not reported. No other fatalities occurred in the incident.
OR 2007-38 Construction Welder fall   2007 A 36-year-old welder working at an industrial construction site was killed when he fell 36 feet through a hole in the roof. The incident occurred on the welder’s first day and first hour at the job site. The hole in the roof was guarded with a plywood deck, but barriers were removed for current work about 20 minutes prior to the incident. For an unknown reason, the welder unlatched the lanyard on his fall-protection safety harness to cross the roof and fell through the unguarded hole.
OR 2007-37 Transportation Semi-truck on curve   2007 A 43-year-old truck driver was killed when the semi-truck he was driving left the highway and caught fire after striking two trees. At a slight curve, the truck went straight across the highway and left the road, crashed through a fence, and traveled about 300 feet before hitting the trees and halting. No skid marks were observed on or off the roadway. Police concluded speed may have been a factor.
OR 2007-35 Agriculture Rolling tractor   2007 A 70-year-old farmer was killed when a tractor rolled forward and crushed him. The farmer parked the tractor on a slight incline next to a trailer to load a heavy cable from the trailer into the raised bucket of the tractor. When most of the cable was in the bucket, the tractor rolled forward and crushed the farmer. He tried to call for help on his cell phone, but the neighbor he called could not understand the message and hung up. The victim was discovered dead at the scene an hour later.
OR 2007-34 Construction Unstable trailer   2007 A 27-year-old mason was killed while unloading a utility trailer filled with sand, when the trailer shifted and crushed him. The mason was preparing to lay paving stones at a private residence. The custom-built trailer, designed as a seed bin with a tapered bottom and a hatch underneath, was not attached to a vehicle; the tongue rested on a sawhorse. The mason crouched underneath the rear of the trailer, apparently getting sand from the hatch, when the load shifted and the rear of the trailer slammed down on the victim’s head.
OR 2007-33 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Studio violence   2007 An 18-year-old female model was killed in the apartment and studio where she lived and worked with the owner of a pornography website. She was apparently strangled. The owner was found at the scene attempting suicide, and was held by police on murder charges.
OR 2007-32 Retail Trade Truck in wrong lane   2007 A 47-year-old delivery driver in a flatbed pickup was killed on the highway while traveling in the wrong lane. The truck struck one vehicle and continued on, and struck another vehicle head on. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was killed instantly. Other drivers sustained minor injuries. Prior to the incident, witnesses noticed the driver weaving, evidently distracted – perhaps trying to pass, or trying to use the cell phone. Calls were recorded a few minutes before the crash, telling the driver he needed to change his destination.
OR 2007-31 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Rotten tree roots   2007 A 33-year-old tree trimmer was killed when a tree he was working in uprooted and fell. The experienced tree trimmer was removing a 90-foot hemlock tree, 20 inches in diameter at stump level, in the backyard of a residence. All climbing gear was appropriate and in good condition. The tree trimmer took off branches on the way up; three coworkers on the ground removed debris and checked the tree’s stability. The crew apparently knew the roots on one side of the tree were rotten. At the top, the tree trimmer cut to lop off 20 feet of the tree. As the top tipped over, the tree swayed, uprooted, and fell. The tree trimmer was safely belted to the tree until it hit a children’s playhouse, which dislodged him. The victim landed on his head on a concrete patio and died at the scene.
OR 2007-30 Transportation Double trailer on curve   2007 A 47-year-old semi-truck driver pulling double trailers was killed when the truck overturned on a downhill curve on the highway in the dark. The out-of-state truck driver had driven through this mountain pass many times, but may have been traveling too fast for the curve. A guardrail penetrated the windshield and the driver was ejected. It is unclear if he was wearing a seatbelt. The victim was found dead at the scene. A partner driver was freed from the sleeping compartment of the cab with minor injuries.
OR 2007-29 Utilities Wind turbine collapse   2007 A 34-year-old mechanic was killed when a wind tower collapsed while he was making adjustments to the gear drive of the turbine at the top of the tower. The mechanic was part a three-person crew, all with less than 2 months experience. The blades of the turbine may have been locked in a position of maximum resistance when the mechanic performed an operation that released the brake on the shaft, causing the turbine to turn too fast. The blades twisted and struck the 231-foot, carbon-steel tower, which then buckled in the middle. The turbine toppled to the ground with the mechanic inside the hub. A coworker in the tower had minor injuries.
OR 2007-28 Wholesale Trade Sliding ladder   2007 A 49-year-old material mover at a recycling and resale yard fell 7 feet off a ladder, and died 3 days later. The material mover climbed a ladder to reach the first shelf of a metal rack to deposit a bundle of aluminum downspouts. When he mounted to descend the ladder, the base slid away from the rack and he fell, landing on his hands and knees. Saying he was fine, he continued work, but later admitted he fell, and took a break to lie down. When he rose, he collapsed. At the hospital, the victim was found to have several broken bones and a damaged spleen.
OR 2007-27 Construction Trench collapse   2007 A 29-year-old construction worker was crushed in a trench collapse, and died the next morning. The worker was at the bottom of a 23-foot trench to guide the installation of a section of concrete pipe in a sewer installation. As the 1,600-pound pipe was suspended over the trench, a large section of soil sloughed off the side of the trench and fell inside the stacked manhole boxes, pinning the worker under a few hundred pounds of soil. The support wall knocked against the suspended concrete pipe, which swung and crushed the victim.
OR 2007-26 Manufacturing Chop saw   2007 A 26-year-old maintenance millwright was struck by a cut log thrown from a chop saw, and died 2 days later. The millwright was standing on a catwalk 12-15 feet away from the chop saw, observing loader arms at the outfeed that he had adjusted earlier in the day. The trim end of a log, 5-6 feet long, 12 inches diameter, apparently caught on the saw and was thrown at the backstop, then ricocheted toward the millwright, striking him in the head and chest.
OR 2007-25 Construction Unsecured ladder   2007 A 54-year-old painter fell 10 feet from a second story at a construction site, landing headfirst on the concrete below, and died the next day. The painter climbed an extension ladder to a second story apartment to discuss the job with the contractor, then got back on the ladder to descend. He apparently missed a step with his foot and fell over backwards. The ladder fell with him when he tried to grab it. The medical examiner noted the victim was “very obese.”
OR 2007-24 Agriculture Runaway wheat truck   2007 A 16-year-old summer ranch worker was killed when he lost control of his fully loaded wheat truck and crashed into an embankment. Heading down a field road, the ranch worker radioed for help, saying the brakes were not holding. He was advised to turn uphill, but he did not want to roll the truck. He was then advised to jump, but he chose against it. The truck reached the bottom of the hill, rolled up an adjoining hill, crossed a road, and struck an embankment on the other side of the road at an estimated 50 mph. The cab was completely crushed by the loaded trailer. The vacuum brake system on the truck required the engine to be running and revved up to work properly.
OR 2007-22-2 Transportation/Education Services Wing failure   2007 An 80-year-old flight instructor and a 52-year-old airline pilot were killed when a wing on their float plane failed in a turn and the plane crashed into a river. Both men were certified commercial pilots and flight instructors, and both held airplane single-engine sea ratings. The younger pilot was accruing flight hours with the well-known older pilot. It is unknown which of the two pilots was controlling the plane at the time of the incident. The plane was performing “touch and go” maneuvers close on the water, then rose to 100 feet and banked into a sharp left turn. The left wing folded back against the fuselage, and the plane plunged. Both victims were killed instantly. Later investigation discovered substantial corrosion and a growing fatigue fracture in the left wing strut assembly.
OR 2007-21 Construction House painter on ladder   2007 A 47-year-old house painter fell on his head from a ladder, and died 9 days later. The painter was working on window trim above the garage. The ladder was set up on a slight incline that caused the ladder to lean away from the garage. The fall was not witnessed. The victim fell 10 feet onto concrete and broke his neck.
OR 2007-20 Mining Dump truck off bridge   2007 A 57-year-old plant supervisor at a sand and gravel operation, working as a truck driver, was killed when the loaded dump truck he was driving went through a bridge guardrail into a river below. The right front tire struck the highway-type guardrail on the company-owned bridge; the tire was damaged and lost air, and the driver lost control. The dump truck went off the bridge and overturned into 10 feet of water. The supervisor was wearing a seatbelt, and was protected by the cab’s rollover protective structure, but his legs were pinned between the steering wheel and seat. Cause of death was drowning.
OR 2007-19 Construction Quick-coupler failure   2007 A 42-year-old road construction worker was killed when a jackhammer attached to a track-hoe came loose and struck him. The worker was on the ground with a coworker within a few feet of an 8-foot jackhammer pounding the pavement at an excavation project. The two workers each held a plywood barrier to prevent debris from reaching the open street. The quick-coupler on the jackhammer was severely worn and missing safety bolts. When the track-hoe started up in a new position, the jackhammer detached and struck the construction worker in the head.
OR 2007-18 Profession/Science/Tech Sidewalk work zone   2007 A 60-year-old road surveyor was struck by a motor vehicle while setting up his surveying equipment, and died 4 days later. The surveying crew set up a work zone with traffic warning signs and cones prior to beginning work. The surveyor, wearing a hardhat and reflective orange vest, was walking and carrying his tripod past a parking lot driveway outside the perimeter of the work zone. A car exited the parking lot to turn right and struck the surveyor. He was dragged 25 feet before the vehicle stopped. Witnesses arriving at the scene called 911 and lifted the victim from under the vehicle with a serious head injury.
OR 2007-17 Construction Backhoe boom swing Report  2007 A 47-year-old road construction worker, a journeyman equipment operator on the job 2 days, was killed while working on the ground alongside a backhoe operated by an apprentice. Preparing to pull pins from concrete barricades along the roadside to move them, the journeyman retrieved two heavy steel pin pullers from the front bucket, and walked to the rear of the backhoe, where he tossed one pin puller into the cab. The heavy object fell on a foot pedal that controlled the rear boom, which instantly swung sideways and crushed him.
OR 2007-16 Education Services Professor suicide   2007 A 40-year-old female university professor died after ingesting a toxic lab chemical. On Sunday afternoon, the professor left her husband at home to go to her laboratory on campus to finish up some work. Nothing in her behavior appeared out of the ordinary. About 1 hour later, emergency responders were alerted to a gravely ill woman in a car on campus. A medic at the scene asked the professor if she tried to kill herself, and she said, “Yes.” The victim died 2 hours later at the hospital.
OR 2007-15 Public Administration Jet fighter over ocean   2007 A 34-year-old fighter pilot was killed when his F-15A Air National Guard jet crashed into the Pacific Ocean, 42 miles off the coast from Cannon Beach. The highly experienced and qualified pilot, based in Portland, was participating in an air-combat training exercise with other aircraft. He may have become spatially disoriented; he was apparently unaware of the aircraft’s proximity to the ocean. No parachute was observed in the wreckage. Weather conditions or mechanical failure were not factors in the incident. The U.S. Coast Guard dispatched cutters, helicopters, and aircraft to search for the victim.
OR 2007-14 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Skidding dump truck   2007 A 74-year-old arborist was killed in a head-on collision while driving a dump truck. The truck started skidding and swerving for an unknown reason, with blue smoke coming from the tires, before crossing the centerline and crashing into an oncoming utility truck. The arborist was ejected from the truck. Seatbelt use was not reported. The second driver wore a seatbelt and incurred minor injuries.
OR 2007-13 Public Administration Sheriff siren call   2007 A 33-year-old sheriff was killed in a head-on highway collision while responding to an emergency call about 11:30 p.m. Two cars in the opposite lane pulled to the side in response to the lights and siren of the sheriff’s vehicle. A third car swerved around them and crossed the centerline. The sheriff’s vehicle struck the oncoming car and overturned in a ditch, where it immediately burst into flame. Cause of death was smoke inhalation. An occupant in the second vehicle was also killed.
OR 2007-12 Agriculture Horse crossing river   2007 A 12-year-old boy, working as a ranch hand, was killed when he was thrown from his horse into a river while out seeking a missing cow. A search for the ranch hand was initiated when he did not return home for dinner. The horse was found near the river, wet up to the saddle blanket. Divers recovered the body of the victim from the river the next day after a searching helicopter pilot reported a shadowy image in the river near the spot where the horse was located.
OR 2007-11 Wholesale Trade Forklift loading dock Report  2007 A 37-year-old forklift salesman was killed when a forklift he was operating fell off the dock plate between a truck and a loading dock. The salesman was delivering the forklift to a customer. He operated the forklift to release tension on the binding chains, while the truck driver removed the chains. The parking brake on the tow truck was set, but chocks were not yet in place to secure the wheels. The truck bed was 9 inches below the loading dock, and the dock plate connecting the truck to the dock was set at an incline. The truck driver went to store the binding chains, and the salesman backed the forklift off the bed at once. As he accelerated to go up the incline, the drive wheels on the bed pushed the truck away from the dock. The forklift fell 4 feet to the ground and the victim was crushed.
OR 2007-10 Wholesale Trade Forklift truck ramp   2007 A 46-year-old forklift operator was killed when the forklift overturned and he was crushed beneath the operator’s cage. The operator was unloading pallets of seed bags from a truck; two coworkers loaded the pallets inside the truck. The forklift reached the truck from the ground by a 30-foot aluminum ramp secured to the back of the truck with chains. When unloading was nearly complete, the ramp slipped forward as the forklift was on it, close to the rear of the truck, the ramp tilted, and the forklift toppled. The operator was either ejected or tried to jump from the cage and was crushed. It is unknown if the victim was using the seatbelt.
OR 2007-09 Construction Fall from roof   2007 A 46-year-old carpenter was killed when he fell 8-9 feet from a roof and landed on his head on concrete below. The carpenter was working at a private residence on the roof of a garage. He was discovered near the base of the ladder, though the ladder was still in place. The victim died at the scene.
OR 2007-08 Agriculture Spooked horse   2007 A 44-year-old cowboy was critically injured when he was bucked off his horse, and died the next day. The cowboy was in the alley of a cowpen on horseback counting cows with two coworkers when his horse got spooked and started bucking. The cowboy slid off the side of the horse and fell to the ground. The horse stomped on his head.
OR 2007-07 Agriculture Exposed tractor PTO   2007 A 65-year-old rancher was killed when his clothing became entangled in the power take-off drive behind his tractor. The rancher was apparently moving bags of feed. The tractor was running; the PTO was not attached to any implement. Standing behind the tractor, the rancher’s shirt tail or bottom corner of his flannel jacket caught in the exposed PTO and quickly wound up tight around the shaft. Cause of death was strangulation.
OR 2007-06 Retail Trade Crash without seatbelt   2007 A 56-year-old garage-door installer was critically injured in a highway crash, and died the next day. The installer was driving a 1-ton company pickup on the way to a jobsite with a coworker, who was asleep. The vehicle struck a guardrail, then crossed the road and struck a concrete bridge before the wakened passenger managed to steer into the middle of the road and stop the vehicle. The passenger was wearing a seatbelt. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt, and was partially ejected through the driver-side window. The reason for the loss of control is unknown.
OR 2007-05 Transportation Truck parking in traffic   2007 A 49-year-old truck driver was killed when he was run over while helping another truck driver park. The second driver had just unloaded heavy equipment, and was maneuvering to park his semi-truck on the side of the road. He backed up until the first truck driver, on the ground near the rear of the trailer on the driver’s side, signaled to stop. The driver outside then faced the road to direct backed-up traffic. The driver in the truck pulled forward to finish parking, looking in his right mirror to judge the distance from the curb. Apparently, the driver in the road retreated toward the trailer to allow traffic to pass and was standing just forward of the rearmost dual wheels when they started to move. When he tried to jump away, his feet were caught under the wheels and they rolled over him.
OR 2007-04 Fishing Crashing waves at bar   2007 A 50-year-old crew member on a crabbing boat was injured by flying metal objects caused by crashing waves while crossing the bar into an ocean bay, and died the next day. The 58-foot boat was fully loaded with 5,000 pounds of crab as it approached the turbulent bar in the dark with lights on. Apparently, a 20-foot wave, larger than the 11-foot waves reported at the bar, struck the boat’s stern and turned it sideways. Large swells then rolled the boat three times before it emerged upright against the jetty, disabled. The boat’s emergency radio beam helped U.S. Coast Guard rescuers locate the boat, and using a helicopter and a rescue swimmer, the Coast Guard hoisted off the four-man crew, all suffering from hypothermia. The victim was in the galley when the wave struck. Death was due to blunt chest trauma.
OR 2007-03-2 Agriculture Ranch dispute   2007 A 55-year-old rancher and a 40-year-old ranch caretaker were killed in a shootout during a dispute over cattle. The rancher and his 28-year-old son were at a cousin’s neighboring ranch to retrieve three strayed cows. The cousin was away, but a sister and her boyfriend were onsite as caretakers. The caretakers angrily disputed the right of the rancher to take the cattle, and the man brought out a rifle. The rancher refused to dismount, and the caretaker shot him. The son wrestled with the caretaker and was hit in the head with a rock, but gained control of the rifle and fired at the running caretaker. The son then drove away to call for help. The two victims were found dead. The medical examiner reported the caretaker positive for benzodiazepines and morphine.
OR 2007-02 Manufacturing Starter outside vehicle   2007 A 55-year-old maintenance mechanic at a metal fabrication company was killed when he started the ignition on a semi-tractor while standing outside the cab. The truck was in reverse gear, and immediately lurched backward as it started, pinning the mechanic between the cab door and a nearby metal paint locker. The mechanic asked a coworker to help him fix a problem with the truck’s charging system and the two workers had just approached the truck following a break. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2007-01 Forestry/Logging Log truck icy road   2007 A 71-year-old log truck driver was killed when his unloaded log truck failed to negotiate a turn on a road covered with snow and ice. It was snowing heavily. The truck went over a hillside and came to rest about 200 feet below. The driver was ejected from the cab. Reports do not indicate if the driver was wearing a seatbelt. The driver had just learned by CB radio that log loading was suspended for the day due to snow and he should turn around. He was continuing a few miles on the dangerous road, without chains, when the incident occurred.
OR 2006-73 Wholesale Trade Crossed centerline   2006 A 31-year-old sales representative for an industrial distributor was killed while driving his car to see a client. His car drifted across the centerline for an unknown reason and struck a large pickup head on. The driver and passenger in the other vehicle received only minor injuries. All three persons were wearing seatbelts.
OR 2006-72 Public Administration Judge on motorcyle   2006 A 56-year-old judge was killed in a motorcycle crash on the freeway. The judge was on his way to a conference. He was driving in the fast lane, passing a semi-truck, when the truck moved left, forcing him into the median strip. The judge lost control of the motorcycle in gravel and crashed into a median post and guardrail. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2006-70 Transportation Bar pilot misstep   2006 A 50-year-old Columbia River bar pilot died after falling from a ladder while disembarking an outgoing vessel after guiding it over the bar in the dark. Wind was gusting up to 40 mph and waves were 20 feet high. The pilot had one foot on the deck of the pilot boat when the boats veered apart and he slid down the man ropes into the ocean. Water temperature was 47 degrees. The pilot had limited experience transferring to and from ships with a ladder between boats as pilots increasingly use helicopters. The pilot was wearing an inflatable life jacket that was not used and a water-activated rescue light that was in the off position. Immediate rescue efforts were unsuccessful. The body was located 2 days later.
OR 2006-69 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Cleaners in van   2006 A 74-year-old cleaning service worker was killed in a head-on crash while driving a van on a highway in daylight and dry weather. Traffic slowed when a motor home stopped to allow a pedestrian standing in the middle of the highway to finish crossing. A pickup truck towing a trailer loaded with fenceposts jacknifed while trying to make an abrupt stop due to slow traffic. The van struck the out-of-control pickup and trailer, and overturned on the side of the road. The victim was found dead at the scene. A passenger in the van and the driver of the pickup survived and were transported to a hospital.
OR 2006-68 Agriculture River swimmer   2006 A 60-year-old farmer drowned while attempting to swim across a river fully clothed. The farmer was repairing electric power to his irrigation pump and was carrying an electrical wire to a power pole across the river. He had often worked in the water at the spot, but apparently had never tried to swim across. The river was about 100 feet across and 10 feet deep in the middle, with a fairly strong current. The water temperature was 62 degrees. The victim was diagnosed with “exogenous obesity” – 5-foot-4 and 204 lbs – and “hyperlipidemia,” which may have contributed to the event.
OR 2006-67-3 Transportation Yacht delivery   2006 Three sailors in a 44-foot yacht were lost at sea in a heavy storm off the Oregon coast. A 55-year-old British skipper, a 69-year-old experienced crew member, and a 69-year-old inexperienced crew member were delivering a catamaran yacht to Seattle from South Africa, and were last seen leaving San Francisco. The overturned, dismasted yacht without its crew was discovered on December 15. The last log entry indicates the event occurred near the rocky coast of Cape Blanco, when storm winds of 40 mph arose and swells reached 30-40 feet. A large search team was unable to find any sign of the crew.
OR 2006-66 Transportation Semi-truck rollover   2006 A 69-year-old truck driver rolled his semi-truck over an embankment off the freeway, and died about 7 weeks later (Oct 31). A prolonged extrication effort was required to remove the driver from the cab of the crashed truck.
OR 2006-65 Construction Cargo van   2006 A 70-year-old construction general contractor was killed in a motor vehicle collision while returning to his shop. Traffic ahead was stopped due to a vehicle making a left-hand turn, and the contractor braked too late. His cargo van fishtailed and swerved into the oncoming lane, where it struck a school bus. The driver’s side of the cab was crushed and the contractor was killed instantly. An employee in the passenger seat of the van, and the bus driver, survived the collision. The bus driver had dropped off the last load of school children shortly before the incident.
OR 2006-64 Forestry/Logging Wood hauler in ditch   2006 A 79-year-old logger was killed when he lost control of his pickup hauling a trailer full of wood on the highway. The crash occurred in daylight on a straight road, speed 60-65 mph. The pickup truck went airborne for about 50 feet and landed on its top in deep mud and water. Cause of death was drowning.
OR 2006-63 Construction Roadside trailer   2006 A 56-year-old mechanic was killed when the tractor he was operating on the highway was struck by a log truck. The mechanic had parked a dump truck and flatbed trailer on the side of the road to haul the tractor, and was driving the tractor to the trailer. He pulled onto the side of the road, facing the truck and trailer on the opposite side. Once past the trailer, he made a quick U-turn to cross the road. An unloaded log truck was coming up behind him. The log truck left 75 yards of skid marks and ended up crossways in the road. The medical examiner reported the victim’s blood alcohol content at 0.02.
OR 2006-62 Manufacturing Pickle vat   2006 A 52-year-old maintenance worker at a pickle factory fell 15 feet from a catwalk into an empty vat, resulting in a head injury that left him with severe speech, cognition, and motion disabilities. The victim died on January 2, 2006, at age 72, due to complications from the original work injury.
OR 2006-61 Manufacturing Head trauma   2006 In August 1996, a 35-year-old production worker at a seafood processing plant slipped on a flight of stairs, fell backward, and hit his head on the floor. Ten years later, on July 30, 2006, he collapsed at work at the same plant, and died 5 days later. The victim had two surgeries following the original event and was in a coma for 10 days. Subsequently, he was subject to seizures. The fatal incident, with no other evident cause, was possibly another seizure, which resulted in respiratory arrest and fatal brain injury.
OR 2006-59-2 Transportation Two semi-trucks   2006 Two truck drivers, aged 41 and 60, were killed in a head-on collision. The younger driver drifted into the oncoming lane in daylight, with dry weather and a clear road. Investigators believe the driver may have been slumped over the wheel and unconscious when he lost control, indicating a medical condition. Both drivers wore a seatbelt and were found secure in their seats, but were ejected outside their vehicles. The two trucks were engulfed in flames and both victims were severely burned.
OR 2006-58 Construction Gravel truck brakes   2006 A 34-year-old truck driver was killed when his gravel truck, carrying 15 tons of crushed rock, crashed into an embankment on a curvy section of a downhill grade on a paved road. A witness reported the smell of hot brakes. A subsequent investigation revealed all brakes on the vehicle were out of compliance.
OR 2006-57 Forestry/Logging Log truck rollover   2006 A 66-year-old truck driver was killed when his loaded log truck overturned on a logging road. The driver apparently lost control when wheels of the truck or trailer went onto the soft shoulder of the road. The victim was found dead at the scene inside the cab with the CB microphone clutched in his hand.
OR 2006-56-2 Utilities Head-on collision   2006 Two utility workers, a 34-year-old heavy equipment operator and a 49-year-old lineman, were killed in a pickup involved in a head-on crash on a highway. A pickup towing a trailer in the oncoming lane apparently lost control on ice and veered sideways across the road. There was no time to react. The oncoming driver was also killed in the crash. The lineman, driving the company pickup, was transported to a hospital in critical condition, where he died 17 days later. A third passenger in the company pickup was transported to a hospital with serious injuries.
OR 2006-55 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Fishing snag   2006 A 72-year-old river fishing guide drowned when the raft he was in with another person capsized after hitting a log. Neither of the two men was wearing a personal flotation device. The victim had heart problems and may not have been able to master the current. The body was found the next day. The second person in the raft made it safely to shore.
OR 2006-54 Public Administration Rainy mountain road   2006 A 19-year-old active-duty corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps was killed when his car ran off the road on his way home from a training weekend. The crash occurred at 4:35 p.m. on a rainy mountain road. The car crossed the centerline, left the road and struck a tree. The victim was wearing a seatbelt.
OR 2006-53 Manufacturing Bridge crane   2006 A 50-year-old electrician fell 40 feet from a catwalk while working on a crane with an electrical problem, and died the next day. The catwalk was constructed with 2-inch thick, 12-inch wide planks. Apparently a plank broke, causing the fall.
OR 2006-52-4 Fishing Capsized crab boat   2006 A 44-year-old experienced skipper of a crabbing boat and three crew members, aged 30, 39, and 40, were lost and presumed drowned after their boat capsized on its way over a river bar to the ocean. The boat was previously a research boat. This was its first fishing venture, loaded with 2-3 tons of crab pots. As the boat crossed the bar, a massive wave struck the bow and raised it up, followed by a second wave that swamped the stern, causing the boat to capsize and break up. Ocean swells were 18-22 feet at the bar, designated “dangerous” by the U.S. Coast Guard, but not far different from other days fishermen safely go out to sea in the area at that time of year. Two of the victims were found within 2 weeks.
OR 2006-51-2 Transportation Two semi-trucks   2006 Two truck drivers, aged 40 and 44, were killed in a head-on collision. The older semi-truck driver drifted into the oncoming lane for an unknown reason and crashed into a second semi-truck. Both drivers were severely burned in the ensuing fire. An 18-year-old passenger in the second truck was also killed.
OR 2006-50 Health Care/Social Asst Disgruntled resident   2006 A 51-year-old manager of a retirement home was killed by a disgruntled resident with a rifle. The facilities manager was apparently trying to resolve a dispute between two residents when one became frustrated and went to his room and returned with the rifle. Additional shots were fired at other individuals, but no one else was injured.
OR 2006-49 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Broken treetop   2006 A 46-year-old tree trimmer was killed in a 70-foot fall from a tree he was cutting. The tree was a snag, a dead alder, in a wooded residential area. The tree trimmer climbed the tree to cut it down in sections. He attached a rope to the top of the tree and instructed two coworkers on the ground to pull the rope once he made cuts with a chainsaw. The tree trimmer was tied securely to the tree, but when the workers pulled on the ropes, the trunk of the tree broke off below him. The victim landed on asphalt.
OR 2006-48 Forestry/Logging Forest road excavator   2006 A 48-year-old heavy equipment operator was killed when his excavator toppled 250-350 feet down an embankment into a creek. The operator was working with a dump truck driver to repair a logging road that washed out a few weeks earlier. This was the first day the excavator and the operator used the road. Moving down the logging road, the weight of the excavator on the damaged section caused the road to give way (though the half-loaded dump truck had just passed that way). The operator apparently jumped from the excavator and was caught in an avalanche of gravel that followed the excavator down the slope.
OR 2006-47 Forestry/Logging Timber cruiser suicide   2006 A 47-year-old logger, working as a timber cruiser (work that involves assessing the volume and value of timber in a tract), committed suicide after running his pickup truck into a river off of a remote logging road. The truck entered the river at a high speed. The police officer at the scene suspected the crash was purposeful. The timber cutter was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash. The timber cutter evidently pulled himself from the vehicle and reached the bank, where he killed himself with a single gunshot to the head. Other weapons and ammunition were found in the vehicle. The medical examiner reported the victim’s blood alcohol content at 0.15.
OR 2006-46 Transportation Road debris   2006 A 64-year-old truck driver was killed outside his truck by an out-of-control semi-truck on the freeway. The driver stopped at 1:15 a.m. when he noticed truck wheels in the roadway and another truck pulled to the side. As the two drivers crossed the road to retrieve the wheels, a triple trailer struck the wheels and lost control. The trailers rolled and skidded toward the drivers on the highway. The victim ran to a concrete barrier and jumped over it, and fell 30 feet. It is unclear if he was struck by the trailers before the fall. The other drivers received only minor injuries.
OR 2006-45 Agriculture ATV in ditch   2006 A 62-year-old ranch manager was killed when he flipped off his all-terrain vehicle. He was helping to drive about 300 head of cattle from a distant field, together with two ranch hands, each driving an ATV. The ranch hands led the herd, while the ranch manager drove at the back with his 7-year-old grandson riding on the gas tank in front of him. The cattle crossed an irrigation ditch, nearly 2 feet deep, and the ranch manager followed at 6-10 mph through foot-high grass that obscured the ditch. The front wheel caught at the base of the ditch, and the ranch manager was ejected forward over the top of his rider. The child was not injured.
OR 2006-44 Retail Trade Warehouse forklift Report  2006 An 18-year-old warehouse receiving clerk was killed by a forklift backing into him on a narrow aisle. The warehouse clerk and the forklift operator were working together to prepare newly received merchandise for storage and shipment. With the last pallet load, the forklift operator backed down a narrow aisle, looked over his shoulder, and saw the warehouse clerk walking up the aisle toward him. He yelled at the clerk and made eye contact. He tried to steer away and hit the brakes, but the forklift struck the warehouse clerk and pinned him against a metal shelf.
OR 2006-43 Construction Icy road head-on   2006 An 18-year-old construction worker was killed as the passenger in a pickup truck on the way to a job site. The vehicle slid on ice on the highway during daylight, and crashed head-on into a loaded diesel tanker. The construction worker was wearing a seatbelt, but it broke on impact and the worker was ejected from the vehicle. The driver of the pickup survived. The driver of the diesel truck also survived after his truck burst into flames and he was pulled from the cab by witnesses. The pickup truck was poorly maintained and had extremely worn brakes.
OR 2006-42 Construction Fixing brakes   2006 A 48-year-old owner of a construction company was killed when he was run over by a dump truck while helping to adjust the brakes. The owner did not usually help drivers with shop repairs. The truck had not been in use for a long time and was going back into service. The driver made a few adjustments to the rear brakes and then backed the truck up onto a concrete slab to continue the adjustments, crushing the owner. The driver thought the victim was in the office.
OR 2006-41 Forestry/Logging Log truck drowsiness   2006 A 49-year-old log truck driver was killed when his empty log truck ran off a paved road into a 15-20 foot ravine and struck a tree head on. The driver had just dropped off a load in the early afternoon and was headed for the shop to repair a brake slack adjuster. No mechanical problems were discovered with the truck or the brakes. There were no skid marks at the scene, and investigators concluded the driver probably fell asleep near the end of his work shift.
OR 2006-40 Construction Floor collapse   2006 A 38-year-old construction worker was killed at a residential construction site when a concrete slab from a floor above collapsed and crushed him. The construction worker and a coworker were repairing the foundation in a corner of the basement. They supported the floor above with jacks and shoring materials while they built a frame to pour new concrete. The coworker was outside when the floor collapsed. A concrete slab had been poured earlier on the ground floor without additional support. The installation was not recorded in the building permits, and the present homeowner was unaware of it.
OR 2006-37 Transportation Rolled car carrier   2006 A 29-year-old truck driver was killed when he failed to negotiate a left curve on the freeway in his heavy pickup truck towing a large, empty car carrier. The incident occurred in the dark at about 1 a.m. Weather was dry and clear. There were no skid marks at the scene. The vehicle and trailer separated as the truck rolled down an embankment. The victim was wearing a seatbelt.
OR 2006-36 Other Services Auto lift failure   2006 A 42-year-old auto mechanic was killed when welds failed on his two-post, 10,000 lb auto lift, while he was working underneath a 9,400 pound crew-cab pickup – close to the maximum capacity of the lift – to change the oil in the rear differential. The pickup was lifted about 5 feet off the ground. The lift had been purchased new a few weeks earlier and the same truck had been lifted on it earlier without incident. The lift was apparently positioned correctly for the load. One rear arm on the lift failed while the mechanic was underneath.
OR 2006-35 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Hanta virus   2006 A 22-year-old landscaper died from Hanta virus pulmonary syndrome. Exposure may have occurred about 3 weeks earlier while working outdoors. In Oregon, transmission is through the feces, urine, or saliva of the deer mouse. The landscaper went to a hospital emergency department on April 21, 2-3 days after becoming acutely ill with a high temperature, dry cough, nausea, and other symptoms. He was treated and released, but became worse the next day and returned to the hospital, where he died in intensive care.
OR 2006-33 Transportation Cocaine overdose   2006 A 46-year-old long-haul truck driver died at a rest stop, apparently from a drug overdose. When the driver did not arrive at his destination, his brother retraced the route and 3 days later discovered the parked truck. The driver apparently arrived at the rest stop close to midnight, and was moving from the driver’s seat to the bunk when he collapsed. The medical examiner reported a cocaine overdose, combined with a blood alcohol content of .06. According to the brother, the victim used illicit amphetamine drugs to stay awake while driving.
OR 2006-32 Wholesale Trade Warehouse forklift   2006 A 41-year-old forklift operator in a warehouse was killed when he backed into a metal shelf that intruded into the operator’s compartment and crushed him against the controls. The machine was a small narrow-aisle type of forklift, manufactured without upright guards in the rear to prevent intrusion. The roof of the forklift traveled above the shelf and the main body below it. A coworker was alerted to the scene by the horn sounding, and found the victim unresponsive.
OR 2006-31 Transportation Trailer hitch   2006 A 60-year-old truck driver was killed when he was crushed between the first and second trailer of his semi-truck. The driver had delivered a load of cement panels earlier in the morning, and his first trailer was still loaded. He was found later in the day by another truck driver who saw the rig in a parking lot with the trailers at a strange angle, and the air-brake lines and safety chains not connected. The victim was apparently in the process of releasing the second trailer when the tractor and first trailer rolled backward. The truck was running, with the brake off.
OR 2006-30-3 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Helicopter over ocean   2006 Three workers on a film project – a 46-year-old helicopter pilot, a 42-year-old cameraman, and a 56-year-old female project coordinator serving as copilot – were killed in a helicopter crash over the ocean. Two helicopters with film teams traveled together to the coast in the morning, but found a dense cloud and fog bank shrouding the ocean. About 1 mile out from the shore, the helicopters descended from 700 feet above the clouds to determine visibility for filming. The distance above the water was too low, and visibility poor. The second pilot rose again to the top of the clouds and called for the first pilot to do the same. There was no response. Above the clouds, the second pilot called the Coast Guard and then went to the airport to refuel and drop off his passenger. He returned to scout the area and saw life preservers and an oil slick on the water. Cause of death was evidently traumatic injury due to impact with the ocean.
OR 2006-30-2 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Helicopter over ocean   2006 Three workers on a film project – a 46-year-old helicopter pilot, a 42-year-old cameraman, and a 56-year-old female project coordinator serving as copilot – were killed in a helicopter crash over the ocean. Two helicopters with film teams traveled together to the coast in the morning, but found a dense cloud and fog bank shrouding the ocean. About 1 mile out from the shore, the helicopters descended from 700 feet above the clouds to determine visibility for filming. The distance above the water was too low, and visibility poor. The second pilot rose again to the top of the clouds and called for the first pilot to do the same. There was no response. Above the clouds, the second pilot called the Coast Guard and then went to the airport to refuel and drop off his passenger. He returned to scout the area and saw life preservers and an oil slick on the water. Cause of death was evidently traumatic injury due to impact with the ocean.
OR 2006-30-1 Transportation Helicopter over ocean   2006 Three workers on a film project – a 46-year-old helicopter pilot, a 42-year-old cameraman, and a 56-year-old female project coordinator serving as copilot – were killed in a helicopter crash over the ocean. Two helicopters with film teams traveled together to the coast in the morning, but found a dense cloud and fog bank shrouding the ocean. About 1 mile out from the shore, the helicopters descended from 700 feet above the clouds to determine visibility for filming. The distance above the water was too low, and visibility poor. The second pilot rose again to the top of the clouds and called for the first pilot to do the same. There was no response. Above the clouds, the second pilot called the Coast Guard and then went to the airport to refuel and drop off his passenger. He returned to scout the area and saw life preservers and an oil slick on the water. Cause of death was evidently traumatic injury due to impact with the ocean.
OR 2006-29 Construction Pickup rollover   2006 A 25-year-old construction worker was killed while driving a full-sized company pickup truck with three coworkers back to the shop from a job site. The pickup entered a curve too fast and rolled into a ditch, coming to rest on its roof. The passengers received only minor injuries. The driver was wearing a seatbelt.
OR 2006-28 Transportation Work under truck   2006 A 64-year-old long-haul truck driver was killed at a rest stop when the truck rolled over him while he was working underneath it. The truck-trailer rig was parked on a slight incline, loaded with construction materials. The driver’s 13-year-old son was accompanying him and was asleep in the cab when the driver began working under the vehicle. The son woke up – and not seeing his father, decided to start the truck. The truck rolled backward and the victim was crushed by the rear dual tires.
OR 2006-27 Transportation Freeway junction   2006 A 70-year-old truck driver was killed when he failed to negotiate a sharp right curve at a freeway junction. The curve was well marked in full daylight, and the road dry. The driver was properly wearing lap and shoulder restraints, but his head struck the ground when the cab of the semi-truck rolled onto the driver’s side and skidded. From skid marks, a police investigator calculated the truck’s speed at about 53 mph, entering a turn marked 25 mph.
OR 2006-26 Manufacturing Thermoformer machine Report  2006 A 38-year-old production machine operator was crushed while making adjustments to a flatbed thermoforming machine at a plastics manufacturing company, and died 53 days later. The operator and a coworker were making final adjustments to the machine to run a different product. The operator rolled out the oven and began working inside the cavity, while the coworker made adjustments to the top platen on the opposite side of the oven about 4 feet away. After calling the warning “clear,” the coworker lowered the platen with a pneumatic toggle for a final adjustment. He later found the injured operator under the machine.
OR 2006-25 Agriculture Irrigation riser Report  2006 A 42-year-old ranch hand was struck in the eye by pressurized water from an irrigation line, and died 5 days later. The ranch hand was working alone in a hay field, moving wheeled irrigation equipment. Pumped water reached the fields through 4-inch risers connected to a 12-inch mainline underground. Each riser was equipped with a built-in shut-off plate that was opened by a removable valve with a crank handle. Following standard procedure, the ranch hand closed the valve and drained the supply line so the valve could be removed from the riser. When he began to remove the valve, the cap of the riser blew off and a geyser of water struck him in the face. He was knocked unconscious and fell face down in a growing pool of water. The ranch manager saw the geyser from the ranch house and drove to the site to investigate. The explosion of water caused multiple lacerations and severed an artery in the victim’s eye.
OR 2006-24 Forestry/Logging Yarder carriage Report  2006 A 45-year-old logger working as a choker setter was killed in a skyline yarding operation when he was crushed by the skyline carriage. The logger was new to the logging, 1 week on the job, and was working under supervision. The carriage returned down the skyline from the landing and the choker setter rushed into grab the dangling hooks under the carriage as soon as the stop whistle sounded, as he had been instructed to do. The carriage was 8-9 feet overhead and was still rolling forward a bit. The line suddenly slackened while the choker setter was underneath, and the carriage fell and crushed him, killing him instantly. The medical examiner reported the victim’s blood alcohol content at .02.
OR 2006-23 Transportation Car carrier   2006 A 49-year-old truck driver was killed when his loaded semi-truck drifted off the road and crashed into a bridge abutment. The driver was at the end of a long-distance haul from Idaho, carrying 17 crushed cars for recycling. He had been making the same run about 3 times per week for 21 years. No signs of braking or reaction are evident in the crash, and a health condition is suspected as a probable cause. He had been unwell the evening before.
OR 2006-22 Agriculture Water tank pressure   2006 A 68-year-old farmer was killed when a home water tank he was pressurizing exploded. The 50-gallon tank was cylindrical (5 feet long, 20 inches in diameter), with a glass lining to prevent corrosion. The type of pressurized tank was common in rural areas to produce household water pressure. An electric air compressor was found near the area where the farmer was working. The tank exploded through the roof of the small room at the back of the house and landed 40 feet away.
OR 2006-21 Manufacturing Chassis welding   2006 A 52-year-old welder at a heavy-equipment manufacturer had his legs crushed by a 1½-ton chassis, and died 4 weeks later. The welder was working on the steel frame of a garbage truck. He used an overhead crane to lower the frame onto two sawhorses, and used two shims and C-clamps to level the frame, but overcorrected, so the frame was still not level. He noticed the frame leaning slightly only after he had taken the crane away. He adjusted the clamps to push a shim further under the frame, and the frame tipped off the sawhorses.
OR 2006-20 Construction Gravel truck over ledge   2006 A 35-year-old a truck driver was killed when he ran off the road in a paneled flatbed truck loaded with gravel. The driver had just left a local gravel pit when he veered across the center line over an embankment and struck a tree. There were no road marks to indicate the driver tried to brake or turn. As he was only 500 yards from the gravel pit where he loaded, he probably did not fall asleep. A health condition may have occurred. The medical examiner reported the victim positive for cocaine.
OR 2006-19 Forestry/Logging Yarder move Report  2006 A 23-year-old logger, working as a chaser, was killed when a yarder fell over backward and crushed him. The crew was in the process of tightening the guylines after moving the tower to a new position. The chaser was up on the deck of the yarder, spooling the guylines onto the guyline drums. When the tower started to go over, he was unable to escape. The yarder fell over a steep embankment and pinned the victim underneath.
OR 2006-18 Other Services Car rack alignment   2006 A 41-year-old automotive mechanic was killed when a car rolled off an elevated rack and crushed him in the workpit below. The experienced mechanic was performing a routine wheel alignment on a small pickup. Wheel locks were removed to complete the alignment, and no other chocks or brakes held the pickup in place. The gear was in neutral.When the mechanic’s back was turned, the vehicle rolled forward, the front wheels slipped off the rack, and the bumper crushed the mechanic against equipment along the pit wall.
OR 2006-17 Agriculture Failing hay bales   2006 A 70-year-old dairy farmer was killed when a stack of hay bales fell on top of him. A hay hauler had just delivered a new truckload of hay. A farm worker unloaded the truck with a loader, while the farmer showed the hauler an old stack, delivered several months earlier, which he did not think was dairy quality. The bales were 3x4x8 feet, stacked six bales high. The hay hauler was walking behind the farmer and noticed the stack starting to fall. He yelled at the farmer, but the farmer used a hearing aid and may not have heard the warning. The farmer was crushed beneath the bales, each weighing up to 1,800 pounds. It was not clear what caused the stack to fall.
OR 2006-15 Transportation Skipper overboard   2006 A 52-year-old skipper of a charter fishing boat was killed when he fell overboard while reaching out to gaff a large halibut. The skipper was obese and passengers were unable to pull him back into the boat, even after throwing a life ring to him and pulling him to the side. He was not wearing a personal flotation device. A passenger put on a life vest and went into the water to help, but quickly tired and became hypothermic. Water temperature was 51 degrees. The Coast Guard arrived within 15 minutes. A helicopter was necessary to lift the victim from the water.
OR 2006-14 Forestry/Logging Log truck brake failure   2006 A 42-year-old log truck driver was killed when he jumped from his runaway truck on a steep gravel road. The driver had less than 1 year of experience operating a semi-truck. The truck and trailer had seven of ten brakes out of adjustment. Earlier in the day, the driver entered the mill yard with his brakes smoking and fixed one line with electrical tape. On the way downhill with a full load the driver jumped at a series of S-curves before the truck went over a ledge, and was run over by the rear wheels of the trailer.
OR 2006-13 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Brush cutter   2006 A 53-year-old road maintenance worker was killed when a large brush-cutting tractor backed over him while working on a public road. A coworker was operating the tractor, while the road worker drove behind in a pickup as a warning to motorists. The road worker forgot to track mileage and backed up to start again. He went off the road into a ditch and called the tractor operator to return and pull him out. The tractor backed up while the road worker was kneeling in front of the pickup attaching a tow chain. When the operator released the tractor drive, it failed to stop. The medical examiner reported the victim’s blood alcohol content at .04 and positive for methadone.
OR 2006-12 Forestry/Logging Log truck sharp curve   2006 A 50-year-old log truck driver was killed when he lost control of his fully loaded log truck on a sharp corner of a steep downhill grade. The truck driver was experienced, but this was his first day on the job with this company, truck, and route. The sharp corner was over 90 degrees, with a near-vertical 150-foot drop over the ledge. The grade was 8%.The road had many sharp curves. The curve where the incident occurred was the sharpest, with no warning sign.
OR 2006-11 Public Administration Postal shooting   2006 A 49-year-old female customer service supervisor at a city post office was run over with a postal vehicle, then shot and killed by a male letter carrier in the post office parking lot. According to a news report, the district attorney said the assailant had just finished his shift and first went “looking to shoot the postmaster,” his boss, but could not find him. The assailant had been a postal employee for 13 years, the victim for 17 years. The assailant walked away from the scene and promptly surrendered when police arrived.
OR 2006-10 Forestry/Logging Helicopter logging   2006 A 39-year-old helicopter pilot in a logging operation was killed when the helicopter developed engine trouble and crashed. The pilot was experienced in helicopter yarding operations in logging. Just after dropping off a load of logs from a 200-foot line, the pilot communicated that he needed to return to the service area. Witnesses heard a loud whining noise before the crash, about halfway to the service area. No entanglement was evident from the dangling line from the helicopter. Investigation revealed an improperly assembled roller bearing in the engine gear shaft, resulting in damage to the shaft and gear teeth.
OR 2006-09 Forestry/Logging Sliding pole Report  2006 A 21-year-old logger, working as a choker setter in a yarding operation, was killed by a pole sliding down a hillside. The rigging crew had just hooked a turn of logs to a skyline cable, and moved to a location in the clear of the turn as it moved to the landing. While the turn was heading uphill, a narrow 41-foot-long pole with a sharp end came sliding downhill toward the crew. The pole narrowly missed the rigging slinger. The choker setter was struck and impaled by the pole.
OR 2006-08 Transportation Aviation fuel   2006 An 18-year-old aviation mechanic was killed in a fuel explosion at an airport. The mechanic was working with his father, transferring aviation fuel from a tanker truck when it caught fire and exploded. Both workers were badly burned. The source of ignition was unknown, but may have been caused by a buildup of static electricity.
OR 2006-07 Education Services Office fall   2006 A 58-year-old administrative assistant fell while standing up from her desk, and went to the hospital complaining of left knee pain, where she died 5 days later of heart failure. The event caused a hairline fracture to the femur (above the knee). The victim had a previous condition with her left ankle joint and wore a brace, and had significant contributing health conditions, including diabetes, osteomylitis, peripheral vascular disease, and pulmonary edema.
OR 2006-06 Manufacturing Food hopper Report  2006 A 63-year-old shift supervisor at a food-processing plant, working as a machine operator, was killed while operating a custom-built tote-dumping machine. After emptying a tote (large box), the supervisor leaned forward over the edge of the hopper, apparently to shake the plastic liner of the tote to dislodge remaining product, or to retrieve a box liner that had fallen inside the hopper. As he leaned into the hopper, his jacket pocket caught the end of the tote-dump control lever and pushed it downward, causing the dump arm to descend and crush him.
OR 2006-05 Retail Trade PTO driveline Report  2006 A 33-year-old equipment service technician, working as a field mechanic, was killed while repairing a water truck at a customer’s construction site. Working underneath the truck, with a 21-inch clearance, the mechanic fixed a kink in the water discharge hose of the truck’s spray system. After moving his tools out of the way, he went underneath the rear undercarriage of the truck again while it was running. A protruding set screw on the power take-off driveline that ran the truck’s water pump caught on the collar of the mechanic’s coveralls and entangled him, resulting in a fatal head injury.
OR 2006-04-3 Fishing Crab boat on bar   2006 A 32-year-old skipper and two 30-year-old crew members on a crabbing boat drowned after the boat broke apart in the surf just outside the jetty of an ocean bay. The bar was at low tide, shallow, and rough. The incident occurred at about 1:35 a.m. At least two flares were fired from the boat and a witness immediately called the U.S. Coast Guard. The boat was brightly illuminated by work lights. About 10 minutes later, the boat went under in 15-foot waves. The boat may have been “in the wrong place” relative to the jetty, and was carrying a 1,200-pound load of crabs. The medical examiner reported all three victims positive for methamphetamines and cannabinoids, and the skipper and one crew member with a trace of alcohol (.01).
OR 2006-03 Construction Drywall scaffold Report  2006 A 22-year-old drywall installer fell from a scaffold while hanging sheetrock at a construction project at a private residence, and died 2 days later. The installer had been on the job 2 weeks and was inexperienced. Together with a lead worker, he set up a 7-foot scaffold and placed it 1 foot from the wall. The lead worker locked the wheels on his end, and the two workers climbed onto the scaffold to hang sheetrock on the shop wall. The installer was holding the sheetrock against the wall when the scaffold suddenly moved backward, causing him to lose his balance and fall on his head on the concrete floor. The lead worker was not sure if the victim locked the wheels on his end of the scaffold.
OR 2006-02 Mining Quarry bulldozer   2006 A 60-year-old experienced bulldozer operator at a rock quarry was killed when he toppled over a 50-foot-ledge into water and mud on the quarry floor. The incident occurred an hour before sunrise and darkness may have contributed to the event, though the bulldozer was equipped with lights. The operator and a coworker in a second bulldozer were working on the ledge for the first time. Following his second pass into a trench, the operator backed up and went onto the berm at the edge of the highwall. The bulldozer rocked, went over the berm, and over the ledge. The victim was not wearing a seatbelt. Cause of death was drowning.
OR 2006-01 Forestry/Logging Warming fire   2006 A 37-year-old field mechanic for a logging company was killed when he tried to stoke a warming fire by pouring gasoline on it. The mechanic and a coworker arrived at a logging site at 7 a.m. to perform maintenance on a log loading machine. The weather was cold and rainy, and the coworker started a warming fire, using a combination of diesel fuel and chainsaw gasoline.The coworker left to call for parts on a cell phone, and when he returned about 15 minutes later, he found the mechanic lying 35 feet from the warming fire, engulfed in flames. Another fire, about 20 feet away, was a burning 5-gallon plastic gasoline container.
OR 2005-67 Fishing Stranded fishermen   2005 A 36-year-old fisherman drowned while attempting to swim from a sandbar where he and a partner were stranded. The two fishermen set out about 4 p.m. to catch shrimp, and anchored their boat to work from a sandbar in an ocean bay. About 6:30 p.m. the fishermen discovered their boat had drifted away, and they eventually decided to swim for shore. The victim’s partner made it to shore and was hospitalized with severe hypothermia. The victim’s body was discovered 3 weeks later.
OR 2005-66 Other Services Prescription narcotic   2005 On September 23, 2004, a 44-year-old mechanic suffered a back strain while pushing a welder that hit a rock and came to an abrupt stop, and died 9 months later (Jun 30, 2005), apparently from an overdose of prescription narcotic medications. The mechanic had not worked since the injury. Although the victim had been taking several medications, a toxicology test proved positive only for methadone.
OR 2005-65 Construction Snowy roof   2005 A 36-year-old construction worker was killed when he slipped off of a steep, snow-covered roof and fell about 11 ft to the ground. He fell face down. The victim had apparently been using a hammer on the roof when he slipped and fell.
OR 2005-64 Construction Plywood on roof   2005 A 67-year-old laborer was killed when a stack of plywood slipped off a roof and crushed him. The laborer was hired by a family to help with construction work on their residence. He was standing on a ladder 4-5 ft off the ground, helping to straighten a braced stack of about 30 sheets of plywood on the roof, when the stack slipped free. The laborer fell off the ladder and the stack of plywood fell on top of him. The victim was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.
OR 2005-63 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Business dispute   2005 A 55-year-old owner of a pest-control business, operated from his home, was bludgeoned to death, apparently in a business dispute at his home.
OR 2005-62 Agriculture Farm road intersection   2005 A 46-year-old water truck driver on a farm was killed in a collision with a log truck at a farm-road intersection.
OR 2005-61 Health/Social Asst Knee injury   2005 A 54-year-old female food service worker fractured her knee cap when she slipped on water on the floor while pushing a kitchen cart, and died 6 weeks later (Aug 8). The worker had surgery a few days after the incident, without complication, and was discharged with a knee brace. She appeared at a hospital emergency room on the day of death with shortness of breath. Cause of death was a massive pulmonary embolism.
OR 2005-60 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Airshow exercise   2005 A 66-year-old professional airshow pilot was killed when his Ellsberg One Design amateur-built experimental airplane crashed while the pilot was practicing stunts. The pilot pulled the airplane straight up in a vertical roll, until it stalled and entered a spin. The maneuver was apparently intentional. Witnesses had seen it before. The pilot dove and pulled out of the spin, and continued with a nose-down attitude to regain airspeed. The airplane then struck the ground, exploded, and was consumed by fire.
OR 2005-59 Transportation Driver ejected   2005 A 41-year-old Hispanic truck driver was killed when he apparently jumped from the cab of his semi-truck with a loaded trailer while traveling on the highway. He was run over by the rear wheels of the trailer. The driver was an experienced truck driver, and no evidence of drug abuse, mental distress, or mechanical failure was discovered. The truck was traveling on a straight road with a slight downgrade. Without a driver, the truck eventually crossed the road and overturned in a ditch.
OR 2005-58 Forestry/Logging Tree spins in fall   2005 On December 13, 2005, a 63-year-old occasional logger, falling a 100 ft Douglas fir on his 18-acre property, was killed when the tree fell on him. The logger and his 28-year-old son were falling the tree together, taking turns making the face cut and backcut. The son was handling a wedge and his father had the chainsaw when the tree started to fall. The tree spun at its base, dropped from the stump, and fell quickly as the victim was trying to escape. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2005-57 Transportation Trucking partners   2005 A 42-year-old truck driver was killed after he voluntarily exited the passenger side of the cab of a semi-truck being driven by his wife. The couple had been arguing for the past couple hours. The truck driver opened the door and grabbed a bar on the outside of the cab to exit fully, then lost his footing and tumbled onto the side of the roadway. The truck was traveling at about 55 mph.
OR 2005-56 Manufacturing Pilot flight hours   2005 A 25-year-old sales representative for an aircraft manufacturer was killed in a plane crash while accumulating flight hours in a Legacy Sport experimental airplane. Witnesses reported the plane engine sputtering just prior to the crash. Later investigation found no evidence of mechanical failure. A passenger in the plane, a friend of the pilot, was also killed in the incident.
OR 2005-55 Transportation Speeding semi-truck   2005 A 29-year-old truck driver was killed when his semi-truck and loaded trailer failed to negotiate a curve on the highway. The incident occurred shortly after 7 a.m., while still dark. A witness reported the truck passing him at 65-70 mph. The truck skidded for about 300 ft and tore through the guardrail before coming to rest against a telephone pole, just short of toppling over an embankment. The cab was crushed and the guardrail was entangled inside the cab.
OR 2005-54 Manufacturing Moderate exertion   2005 A 29-year-old prison inmate, working as a laborer on the night shift at a metal factory, died due to cardiac arrest shortly after arriving at a hospital emergency room. The inmate had a known heart problem and was advised to avoid strenuous physical activity. He was engaged in moderate physical labor at the factory when he suddenly slumped against a pile of metal bars.
OR 2005-53 Manufacturing Shot leaving work   2005 A 43-year-old owner of a copy shop was shot and killed in the parking lot outside his place of business. The shooter approached as the owner was leaving his shop in the company of an employee at about 8:50 p.m. The victim and the shooter were apparently acquainted, but no motive has been found for the incident.
OR 2005-52 Retail Trade Van rollover   2005 A 32-year-old assistant manager was killed as a passenger in a van with seven coworkers on their way to a business meeting. The van crossed the center line, left the roadway and rolled. The assistant manager was not wearing a seatbelt, and he was partially ejected from the van and killed instantly. Others in the van suffered only minor injuries. The group had been drinking alcohol and over 100 beer cans were found scattered at the scene. The blood alcohol content of the victim was very high, at 0.35. Blood alcohol content of the driver was 0.10, above the legal limit.
OR 2005-51 Forestry/Logging Fatal seizure   2005 On September 23, 2005, a 47-year-old former heavy equipment operator for a logging company died from a seizure, resulting from a head injury that occurred 26 years earlier, in 1979, when he was age 21. The operator was struck in the face by a towing hook when cable rigging failed while pulling heavy equipment from the mud at a logging site. The injury left him legally blind and subject to grand mal seizures. The seizures were well controlled by twice-daily medication. He apparently missed taking his medication for 2 days.
OR 2005-50 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Auto shop   2005 A 50-year-old owner of an auto parts store died instantly at his place of business, due to multiple gunshot wounds from a .22 caliber handgun. The victim may have been shot by a younger man who had been romantically involved with his wife for more than a year.
OR 2005-49 Construction Drill rig entanglement   2005 A 64-year-old drill rig operator was killed while drilling a water well, when he attempted to recover a hose that dropped down the drill shaft. The machine was in operation, and the operator’s fingers were caught under a loop of chain running on a pulley. His hand, arm, and then his entire body were quickly drawn into the pulley and rotated several times, striking the support frame. A coworker, untrained to start or stop the engine, began pulling out wires until the engine shut down. The victim was killed instantly.
OR 2005-48 Construction Home ladder   2005 A 53-year-old building contractor was killed when he fell about 12 ft from a ladder and struck his head. The contractor was working at a residence. The work included framing, siding, and roof repair.
OR 2005-47 Information Newspaper route   2005 A 51-year-old female delivery driver on a newspaper route was killed when her car failed to negotiate a curve on the highway and rolled over a steep embankment. The roof of the car on the driver’s side was crushed against a large boulder. The work shift on the route began about midnight and was completed by about 7 a.m. The incident occurred about 5:45 a.m. The driver’s son, age 26, was a passenger in the car, and survived after being ejected through the windshield. Neither occupant of the vehicle was wearing a seatbelt. Newspaper delivery workers are exempt from the seatbelt requirement.
OR 2005-46 Transportation Van in ditch   2005 A 23-year-old driver of a medical transport van was killed when the van veered off the road into a ditch. The ditch was 3-4 ft deep, with the edge about 1 ft from the fog line. The van traveled down the ditch until it hit a driveway, which sent it airborne for about 20 ft. The van landed again in the ditch to plow through 100 ft of chain-link fence before being stopped by a telephone pole. The driver was apparently killed by a 15 ft metal fence pole that penetrated the windshield. The driver may have been distracted by use of a cell phone. An open flip-type cell phone was found on the floor near his right foot.
OR 2005-45 Agriculture Parked hay truck   2005 A 62-year-old hay hauler was killed when he was crushed between the rear end of his flatbed truck and bales of hay he was loading with the help of equipment known as a “hay squeeze,” mounted on the rear of the truck. The truck was found running, and was believed to be in reverse gear when it was later moved forward by rescuers. A truck-mounted hay squeeze requires the vehicle engine to be running to supply power.
OR 2005-44 Transportation Icy road semi rollover   2005 A 48-year-old truck driver was killed when his semi-truck and loaded tanker trailer rolled over on a steep, curved downgrade. The cab was crushed, and the driver was ejected and pinned beneath the overturned tanker. The incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. Road conditions were icy. The driver had previous experience as a truck driver, but was on the job only a week with the present company.
OR 2005-43 Manufacturing Wood chipper Report  2005 A 52-year-old machine operator was killed by a flying chunk of wood ejected from a wood chipper as he was working to unplug the machine without first shutting it down. The machine operator, following standard procedure, freed a long chunk of wood about 7 ft long and ducked away as it fed into the rotating hammers of the chipper. He was struck in the back of the head by a flying chunk of wood debris about 18 in. long and weighing 12 pounds. A coworker hurrying away in front of him was uninjured. The victim’s blood alcohol content was reported at 0.06.
OR 2005-41 Public Administration Truck convoy   2005 A 30-year-old National Guard soldier was killed on I-5 when the truck he was driving overturned and he was ejected from the vehicle. The soldier was driving a 5-ton cargo truck in a convoy of 11 vehicles, which had been returned by rail from relief efforts following hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The vehicles were being driven from Portland to Medford during steady rain. Two trucks in the convoy lost control on a downhill curve. The victim’s truck spun and flipped into a ditch. The second truck did not flip, and the driver was uninjured.
OR 2005-40 Health/Social Asst Drug overdose   2005 A 39-year-old male nurse died of a drug overdose. The nurse was found on the floor of a bathroom at work, with indications of intravenous drug abuse involving demerol.
OR 2005-39 Forestry/Logging Skidder passenger Report  2005 An 18-year-old logger, working as a skidder operator, was killed when he fell off a moving skidder while riding as a passenger on the step outside the cab. At the end of a 10-hour workday, the operator parked his own skidder and rode outside a coworker’s skidder up a dirt skid road to retrieve a fuel truck to the landing site to fuel the machinery there. On the way, he fell off the skidder and was run over. The victim died at the scene shortly after the arrival of first responders from the local fire department.
OR 2005-38 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Window washer fall Report  2005 A 31-year-old Hispanic window cleaner was killed when he fell six stories from a balcony on a seven-story commercial building. The window cleaner and a coworker had rigged their descent lines, safety lines, and boatswain’s chairs, and attached the equipment to wire cables strung between roof anchors. The window cleaner, who was the designated supervisor of the team, got into his boatswain’s chair, and climbed over the balcony edge. The coworker saw the window cleaner falling, and then saw one end of his safety cable fall off the roof of the building. The coworker immediately rappelled down to assist the victim, who had landed on the concrete walk below. An emergency medical team arrived minutes later. The victim was killed instantly in the fall.
OR 2005-37 Construction Trailer brake lines   2005 A 55-year-old driver of a dump truck for an excavation contractor was killed when his truck rolled over him while he was working on the brakes. Brake lines were damaged while dumping a load of recycled concrete, and the brakes to the trailer were locked in the “on” position. In an effort to free the brakes, the driver climbed under the truck and released pressure valves to override the brake-activation system. The dump truck was on an incline, and once the brakes were freed, the truck and trailer rolled backwards downhill. The victim was killed immediately.
OR 2005-36 Agriculture Rolling tractor   2005 An 81-year-old rancher was killed when he was run over by a tractor he was operating. The rancher was using an articulated scoop loader to move straw, and exited the operator’s seat to open a gate, without shutting down the engine. The tractor started to roll, and the rancher apparently tried to climb back on to stop it. The rear wheel rolled over him.
OR 2005-35 Construction Electrician hot wire   2005 A 46-year-old electrician was killed by electrocution while installing motion sensors to the lighting system at a school. The electrician was working with a coworker, who preceded him, installing the sensors and transformer. He completed the connection to a high-voltage junction box in the ceiling. The electrician did not de-energize the system. He worked atop a fiberglass ladder with a 277-volt hot wire, making connections with insulated wire nuts. Evidently, the electrician touched the hot wire with his index finger while leaning over metal ductwork in the ceiling, which created a ground through his body. The victim was transported to the hospital in cardiac arrest, and was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.
OR 2005-34 Agriculture Climbing on skid steer   2005 A 12-year-old girl was killed at her family’s dairy farm when she attempted to get in a skid-steer loader while it was running. The girl’s mother was operating the skid steer with an agitator attached. The daughter was getting in the machine to take her mother’s place when the skid steer started bouncing. The victim lost her balance and was crushed between the frame and the bucket arm. She was transported to the hospital, where emergency surgical intervention was unsuccessful.
OR 2005-33 Education Services Training flight   2005 A 39-year-old flight instructor was killed during a training flight in a single-engine Cessna 172M. The instructor was a retired Air Force captain. The incident occurred during a landing attempt, described by witnesses as well executed, but not completed. The pilot added power at the last moment and swerved aside. The plane then pitched upward at full throttle until it stalled 80-100 ft in the air and pivoted into a direct vertical descent, with the engine continuing at full throttle until impact with the ground. The plane struck right wing first. The instructor was pronounced dead at the scene. A 19-year-old student pilot was also killed in the incident. A passenger in the plane survived the crash in serious condition.
OR 2005-32 Transportation Parked trucks   2005 A 55-year-old truck mechanic was killed when he was crushed between two semi-trucks. The trucks were parked in the shop bay, one behind the other, and a relatively new coworker was told to start the rear truck. The coworker failed to depress the clutch and the truck lurched forward just as the mechanic was walking between the two trucks. The victim was transported to the hospital, where he died a half hour later.
OR 2005-31 Mining Bulldozer mining ledge   2005 A 70-year-old bulldozer operator was killed at a mining site when the bulldozer backed over a ledge where rock was being cleared, rolled over, and fell 45 ft to the quarry floor, landing on its tracks. The operator was wearing his seatbelt, securely fastened, but suffered a severe head injury and was found dead at the scene. The operator’s serious health conditions may have played a role in the incident. He had been recently hospitalized, and had only been released to return to work 2 weeks prior to the incident.
OR 2005-30 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Van leaves highway   2005 A 28-year-old electrical contractor was killed when his van left the highway and crashed into a tree. The contractor had been driving erratically, frequently crossing outside the lane, then straightening out. He may have been falling asleep at the wheel. The incident occurred at about 6 a.m. The contractor was traveling on a rural highway to a new job site. The van left the road at 40-50 mph, crashed into a tree, and burst into flames. The van was partially on its side and the victim was unable to escape the burning vehicle.
OR 2005-29 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Brush clearing   2005 A 24-year-old male inmate on a prison work crew was killed during brush-clearing operations along a roadside, when a tree he cut fell in the wrong direction.
OR 2005-28 Agriculture Bulldozer track Report  2005 A 32-year-old Hispanic bulldozer operator was killed when he slipped between the tracks while the bulldozer was parked. The operator gave a coworker a ride on the bulldozer to the top of a hill where the operator was intending to work, and stopped the bulldozer on a fairly level area of the slope to let off his rider. He then noticed the coworker had left a jacket in the cab, so he lowered the tractor’s blade to the ground, put the machine into idle, and stood on the track to reach out and give the jacket to the coworker. The tractor suddenly moved backward, and rolled 8-10 ft. The operator lost his balance and was pulled beneath the tractor and crushed. The victim was dead at the scene. The victim’s blood alcohol content was reported at 0.08.
OR 2005-27 Transportation Wooden bridge collapse   2005 A 51-year-old tow truck operator was killed when a private bridge over a river collapsed as he was crossing with a vehicle in tow. The wooden bridge, supported by two logs 80-90 ft long and about 3 ft in diameter, was built in 1970. The log that gave way appeared to have rotted near the concrete pillar on the bank. The tow truck crossed the bridge successfully to reach the private residence, but the bridge collapsed on the return trip with a BMW in tow. The truck landed upside down in the river bed about 75 ft below, in 2 ft of water. The victim was pinned in the vehicle and found dead at the scene.
OR 2005-26 Transportation Semi on sharp curve   2005 A 55-year-old truck driver was killed when he failed to negotiate a sharp curve posted at 20 mph. At the curve, the driver locked his brakes and skidded across a gravel parking lot, where the truck crashed into and demolished a building on the side of the highway. The driver was wearing his seatbelt and shoulder harness, but the left side of the cab was heavily damaged. The victim was killed instantly.
OR 2005-25 Transportation Bike messenger   2005 A 25-year-old female bike messenger was run over by the trailer of a semi-truck in downtown Portland, and died the next day. The messenger was riding in the bike lane during heavy morning traffic, and came abreast of the truck as it started to move after waiting at a red light. Truck speed was 2-5 mph, moving “perfectly straight” within its lane, according to a witness. The event is unexplained. The messenger may have fallen, swerved into the wheels of the trailer as she readjusted her bag, or possibly swerved to avoid an opening door of a parked car.
OR 2005-24 Construction Excavation tow rigging Report  2005 A 40-year-old pipelayer was struck in the head by the flying rigging of a towline that failed at an excavation site, and died 2 days later. During installation of a sewer pipeline, a hydraulic excavator, commonly called a track-hoe, pulled a 14,000 lb. steel trench shield forward inside a 14.5 ft trench, using a wire rope and hook system. The pipelayer was standing inside the shield while it was being moved. A hook attached to the track-hoe failed, causing the taut rigging to snap loose, fly into the trench shield, and hit the pipelayer on the back of his hard hat. The victim was air evacuated to a hospital, where he later died.
OR 2005-23 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Security guard suicide   2005 A 19-year-old Hispanic night security guard at a manufacturing plant committed suicide at work by hanging himself with a cord of insulated copper wire.
OR 2005-22 Agriculture Hay trailer   2005 A 42-year-old rancher was injured when he fell about 12 ft off a trailer onto his head, and died 2 weeks later (Apr 4). The rancher was feeding hay to horses from the top of a trailer when the string broke on a bale of hay he picked up, sending him backward off the trailer. He landed on concrete on his head, without losing consciousness, and a bale of hay landed on top of him. He suffered broken ribs, a scalp laceration, and dislocated left big toe. He walked a few hundred yards to his house, and went to the hospital. He was discharged from the hospital 4 days later. Two days before his death, the rancher returned to a community clinic with shortness of breath. Cause of death was a massive pulmonary embolism.
OR 2005-20 Retail Trade Gas station homicide   2005 A 56-year-old gas station attendant, working as the morning manager, was killed in a homicide. Videotape shows a person in a hooded jacket entered the office of the gas station just prior to opening at 6 a.m., immediately walked up to the manager and shot him in the head, and then removed the cash from the cash drawer. A coworker later confessed to the shooting.
OR 2005-19 Forestry/Logging Logging road grader   2005 A 71-year-old operator of a road grader was killed when the grader went over the edge of a steep embankment. The operator was a very experienced heavy equipment operator. He was building a forest road in a remote logging tract. The brakes on the grader had recently malfunctioned, and it had been sent to a shop to be fixed. The operator used the grader only once the previous day since it returned from the shop. The incident occurred on a slight downward incline at a left-hand corner. Transmission or hydraulic fluid was observed on the gravel road leading to the edge of the embankment. The operator may have jumped or was ejected from the grader. The victim was found dead at the scene 40 ft down the slope. The grader tumbled another 300 ft. down.
OR 2005-18 Manufacturing Catwalk Report  2005 A 43-year-old temporary worker, operating a tower conveyor at a lumber planing mill, fell 17 ft from a catwalk in the tower, and died 2 days later. While operating the planer, the temporary worker observed broken pieces of 2x4s beginning to jam up the flow of lumber. Following standard procedure, he stopped the conveyor and stepped onto one of the catwalks that traverse the interior of the metal-beam structure to reach the jam. He picked up a broken 2x4 and stepped backward on the catwalk to the platform; then walked out a second time to retrieve another long 2x4, and backed out dragging the board. At the end of the catwalk, he missed his footing and fell to the concrete floor below, striking his head on another machine in his fall. The victim was transported to the hospital, underwent immediate surgery, and later died.
OR 2005-16 Transportation Loaded double trailer   2005 A 54-year-old truck driver was killed when he lost control of his semi-truck and two loaded trailers on a curve. The first trailer rolled and pulled the tractor onto the driver’s side. The second trailer remained upright. The cab slid about 600 ft, causing severe intrusion into the driver’s compartment. The victim was not wearing a seatbelt. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2005-15 Agriculture Overturned tractor   2005 A 17-year old tractor operator was killed on the family farm when his tractor overturned. The operator was driving on a dirt road in an older-model tractor, with a large implement attached to the back. The tractor veered off the road over an embankment toward a separate field when it overturned in the soft dirt. It is unclear whether the path taken over the embankment was intentional or not. The victim was crushed by the rear fender and seat of the overturned tractor, and was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2005-14 Wholesale Trade Van rear-end collision   2005 A 49-year-old service technician driving a company van was killed on I-5 when he failed to slow down in a construction zone and rammed into the trailer of a semi-truck in front of him. The van driver continued to travel at highway speed, while the truck in front had slowed to under 5 mph as traffic merged into one lane. The trailer’s brake lights were in working condition. Although the airbag deployed and the victim was wearing a seatbelt, he was pinned against the driver’s seat by the dashboard and front end of his vehicle, and was killed immediately.
OR 2005-13 Construction Medication overdose   2005 A 41-year-old construction contractor sustained a non-fatal fall from a ladder that slipped on ice, and died 29 days later of a pain medication overdose. The contractor was building log homes when he fell from an unknown height off the ladder and landed on his side. He continued to work that day, and intermittently on following days. He was diagnosed with a finger fracture and post-concussive syndrome. Narcotics and a muscle relaxant were given, including a methadone prescription the day before the victim died of methadone overdose.
OR 2005-12 Transportation Semi leaves roadway   2005 A 37-year-old truck driver was killed when he was ejected from the cab after losing control of his semi-truck on the highway, with an empty trailer. The truck drifted off the shoulder and struck a rock bank. The driver overcorrected in pulling back on the highway, crossed to the far side and continued over an embankment with a 20-30 ft drop into several trees. The victim was found outside the cab and pronounced dead at the scene. It was not reported whether or not the victim was wearing a seatbelt.
OR 2005-11 Manufacturing Icy road jacknife   2005 A 53-year-old cabinetmaker was killed when he was ejected from his pickup on the highway. The cabinetmaker was pulling a 24 ft two-axled trailer on an icy morning (temp. 29 degrees). The pickup and trailer jacknifed, scuffed the guardrail, and then rolled down the 21% grade median. The pickup disengaged from the trailer. The victim wore only the lap portion of his seatbelt, with the shoulder harness tucked behind him. A passenger, wearing his seatbelt properly, survived inside the cab of the truck.
OR 2005-10 Construction Residential ladder   2005 A 35-year-old laborer from Ecuador was killed after falling off a ladder at a private residence. The laborer was repairing a window, standing on the top rung of a 16-foot ladder. The ladder tipped over, and the laborer fell and hit his head when he landed on the pavement below. The victim died the next day in the hospital.
OR 2005-09-2 Forestry/Logging Forestry crew van   2005 A 41-year-old male driver of a crew van, and a 22-year-old passenger, both tree planters of Hispanic origin, were killed when the van slipped on ice, left the road, and crashed into a tree. The driver was wearing a seatbelt. The passenger, located behind the front passenger, may not have worn a seatbelt. Six other occupants were wearing seatbelts and survived.
OR 2005-08 Manufacturing Stacker machine Report  2005 A 55-year-old millwright maintenance mechanic was killed while inspecting repairs to a masonry stacking machine. New parts had been installed a week earlier and had been operating well. On the morning of the incident, the stacker was in operation for 1 hour, and then put into idle mode while the operator added more materials. While the stacker was idling, the mechanic entered a barricaded, posted area under the stacker to inspect the alignment chain. The mechanic failed to lockout the machine and did not notify the operator. The mechanic was apparently leaning over a support beam to inspect the chain alignment when the operator took the machine out of idle and resumed operation. The stacker’s traveling bar under the deck evidently crushed the mechanic’s head against the support beam. The victim was dead at the scene.
OR 2005-07 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Aerial platform lift Report  2005 A 51-year-old security systems technician with a freight shipping company was killed while operating an aerial platform lift. The technician was working alone, using a rented “articulating boom lift” to install security camera equipment above the doors of a freight terminal. After completing the wiring of one camera, the technician moved the lift to a second door, and raised the lift to work on the camera there. He apparently engaged the lift control while he was bent over the platform railing, and his head struck the door overhang. The lift continued to rise and the technician was crushed. A truck driver later discovered the victim and lowered the platform.
OR 2005-06 Forestry/Logging Flying tree branch   2005 A 48-year-old male timber faller was hit by a falling branch, and died 4 days later. The faller cut a large tree that struck another smaller tree about 75 ft away. As the cutter was heading away from the tree by his escape route, a branch was thrown in his direction. The branch was 8-12 in. diameter and 4 ft long. The victim was transported by helicopter to a rendezvous within an hour. He was pronounced dead after 4 days in intensive care.
OR 2005-05 Manufacturing Glue press Report  2005 A 61-year-old woodworker operating a glue-press machine at a wood-products firm was killed while attempting to replace a glue tray while the machine was running. The glue tray had been removed to correct a glue-dripping problem. The operator instructed another worker to finish processing a product that was already in the press, while he and a new coworker attempted to reattach the glue tray. The operator put his head between the frame and the closed top lid of the press in order to see the latch. The top plate suddenly lifted at the end of a programmed automatic cycle and crushed the operator’s head against the frame.
OR 2005-04 Education Services Ladder collapse   2005 A 54-year-old custodian died after falling about 12 ft from the roof of a school building. The custodian placed an extension ladder, fully extended, against a building to access the roof and retrieve balls. The spring-loaded locks were not set properly. The custodian climbed the ladder successfully and retrieved the balls on the roof, but once he put weight on the upper part of the ladder to return to the ground, the ladder collapsed. The victim was discovered on the ground with the extension ladder on top of him. He was taken to a local hospital, and died about 5 hours after the incident.
OR 2005-03-3 Construction Business air crash   2005 A 41-year-old corporate pilot and flight instructor, and his two passengers, were killed when a single-engine, four-seat Cirrus SR22 airplane they were flying in crashed in steep terrain. The owner of the plane, a 34-year-old real estate developer, and his employee, a 26-year-old subcontractor, were returning from a business trip in Salem. The plane left Salem at 7:51 p.m., and crashed at 8:20 p.m. The original flight plan had been altered due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Columbia Gorge, which was reportedly foggy at the time of the incident. The wreckage was spotted the next day by a helicopter pilot.
OR 2005-03-2 Construction Business air crash   2005 A 41-year-old corporate pilot and flight instructor, and his two passengers, were killed when a single-engine, four-seat Cirrus SR22 airplane they were flying in crashed in steep terrain. The owner of the plane, a 34-year-old real estate developer, and his employee, a 26-year-old subcontractor, were returning from a business trip in Salem. The plane left Salem at 7:51 p.m., and crashed at 8:20 p.m. The original flight plan had been altered due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Columbia Gorge, which was reportedly foggy at the time of the incident. The wreckage was spotted the next day by a helicopter pilot.
OR 2005-03 Transportation Business air crash   2005 A 41-year-old corporate pilot and flight instructor, and his two passengers, were killed when a single-engine, four-seat Cirrus SR22 airplane they were flying in crashed in steep terrain. The owner of the plane, a 34-year-old real estate developer, and his employee, a 26-year-old subcontractor, were returning from a business trip in Salem. The plane left Salem at 7:51 p.m., and crashed at 8:20 p.m. The original flight plan had been altered due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Columbia Gorge, which was reportedly foggy at the time of the incident. The wreckage was spotted the next day by a helicopter pilot.
OR 2005-02 Construction Concrete tank   2005 A 51-year-old construction worker died after falling about 19 ft into a concrete tank. The construction worker was subcontracted to remove concrete from an underground water treatment tank that was being dismantled. He was chipping away the fastening strip from the top edge. He was either bending over or kneeling to perform this task, and apparently lost his balance and fell into the tank when he stood up to move to the next section.
OR 2005-01 Wholesale Trade Icy lumber load   2005 A 41-year-old lumber yard worker was killed when he fell about 11 feet off of a loaded semi-trailer. The worker placed an extension ladder against the load of lumber on the trailer, and climbed to the top to strap down the load. Ice had formed on a layer of plastic covering the load. The worker apparently slipped as he was stepping from the ladder onto the load, and he fell to the asphalt below. The event was not witnessed, but the ladder was found askew, with the victim on the ground nearby.
OR 2004-65 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Kidnapping   2004 A 19-year-old student, who was home from college for the summer, was adbucted, and killed one day later, while cleaning outdoor lightposts outside an apartment complex managed by family members.
OR 2004-64 Forestry/Logging Fitness exam   2004 A 51-year-old forester died during a physical work capacity test, presumably from heart failure. The forester managed field forestry programs, including fire control activities that were highly stressful. He had worked with the Department of Forestry over 28 years. The physical test, called a “pack test,” required a 3-mile walk carrying a 40 lb pack within a set time.
OR 2004-63 Agriculture Railroad crossing   2004 A 56-year-old male ranch hand was killed while driving a pickup truck into town to obtain a part needed for work. He failed to stop at an unguarded railroad crossing and was struck by an oncoming train. The crossing had a stop sign, but no lights. The train conductor sounded the horn, but the ranch hand apparently failed to hear it.
OR 2004-62 Manufacturing Woodworker suicide   2004 A 72-year-old cabinetmaker was found in his shop after committing suicide by hanging at an unknown earlier date.
OR 2004-61 Accommodation/Food Services Overpass   2004 A 45-year-old female motel owner of Asian origin suffered a fractured back in a fall from a highway overpass, and died of hyperthermia due to environmental exposure. The body was discovered 2 days after the motel owner was reported missing under suspicious circumstances. It remains uncertain whether the victim jumped, fell, or was thrown from the bridge. The location of the overpass was 1¾ miles from the motel.
OR 2004-60 Transportation Dairy truck   2004 A 30-year-old dairy truck driver was killed when his semi-truck and trailer crossed over the center line of the highway, struck the guardrail on the opposite side, and traveled along the guardrail before crashing into an embankment. There were no adverse road conditions at the time of the incident. The driver was not wearing a seat belt.
OR 2004-58 Forestry/Logging Log truck on road   2004 A 48-year-old log truck driver was killed when he lost control of his loaded truck on a highway curve and crashed over a steep embankment. The truck and trailer rolled over, crushing the cab. The victim was not wearing a seat belt and was found dead on the passenger side of the cab.
OR 2004-57 Transportation Fixing brakes   2004 A 63-year-old truck driver was killed while working on his front brakes at a truck stop. The driver asked another driver to get in and start the engine, while he was still underneath the vehicle. The transmission was engaged, and turning the starter caused the truck to lurch forward. The front tire ran over the driver.
OR 2004-56 Arts/Entertainment/Rec River excursion   2004 A 51-year-old fishing guide was drowned when his drift boat wedged sideways between two rock walls and capsized in a narrow section of the Rogue River with churning rapids. The guide was not wearing a life preserver. Two passengers on board, both wearing life preservers, emerged unharmed. The guide was responsible for rowing, which can be uncomfortable while wearing a life preserver. The guide had conducted fishing excursions on the river for over 25 years. The victim’s body was found 6 days later.
OR 2004-55 Education Services Training flight   2004 A 70-year-old flight instructor was killed on a training flight in a student’s recently purchased 1961 Piper Apache twin-engine airplane. The plane appeared to have engine trouble before crashing into an onion field. This was the student pilot’s third instructional flight in the plane. The instructor and student were both killed in the crash.
OR 2004-54 Agriculture Broken leg (run over DOD= 4/19/04)   2004 A 48-year-old assistant manager for an agriculture supply firm died on April 19, 2004, a little over 3 years after he was run over by a customer’s 1-ton flatbed truck while staking out an irrigation plot (Feb 26, 2001). The assistant manager was walking through the customer’s field when the truck backed over him. He sustained severe leg injuries. Cause of death was identified as “post phlebitic syndrome and pulmonary embolism.”
OR 2004-53 Profession/Science/Tech Wet pavement   2004 A 23-year-old sales representative for a family advertising business was killed when he lost control of his SUV on the highway. On wet pavement, the sales rep abruptly switched lanes toward an exit, lost control and struck a highway sign. The sales rep was apparently not using the seatbelt. Emergency responders confirmed the victim dead at the scene.
OR 2004-52 Forestry/Logging Yarded tree Report  2004 A 47-year-old logger, working as a choker setter, was hit by a treetop in a cable logging operation, and died 7 days later. Working with a partner, the choker setter may have been “crowding the rigging” – standing too close to the cable path as the yarder began to pull the load of logs uphill. A small tree within the load was being held down by another tree, and immediately as the load moved, the treetop broke loose and hit the choker setter in the stomach. He was admitted to the hospital with serious internal injuries.
OR 2004-51 Retail Trade Trip fracture   2004 An 88-year-old pawnbroker tripped over a bag on the floor of his shop and fractured his hip, and died in the hospital 4 days later. Surgery was performed for the hip fracture, and the victim died from post-surgery complications. There was concern about atrial fibrillation, which the pawnbroker had experienced previously following surgery.
OR 2004-50 Transportation Loose passenger door   2004 A 40-year-old female worker with a moving company was killed when she fell from the passenger side of the moving truck while traveling on the highway. The passenger door on the truck had previous damage and did not shut properly. Resistance may have made it appear to be shut. The worker was not wearing a seat belt. The victim was declared dead at the scene.
OR 2004-49 Manufacturing Cement truck rollover   2004 A 44-year-old truck driver was killed when the cement truck he was driving tipped over on its passenger side on a left-hand turn with a slight grade. The road was asphalt and in good repair, but wet. The truck slid off the road into an embankment, crushing the cab. The driver was not wearing a seat belt and was found dead on the passenger side of the cab.
OR 2004-47 Mining Mining road   2004 A 70-year-old miner was killed while moving dirt from his mining claim in an old pickup truck. A partner was on foot ahead of the pickup, removing rocks from the steep and rugged road. The miner evidently lost control of the vehicle and went over the edge. His partner saw him open the door in an unsuccessful attempt to escape. The pickup rolled several times down a 300-400 ft hillside. The miner was ejected part-way down and was found dead at the scene.
OR 2004-46 Agriculture Wheat truck   2004 A 63-year-old farmer was killed when his fully loaded wheat truck ran off the road. The farmer failed to negotiate a corner, and ran into a rock embankment. The truck had several mechanical problems, including the brakes, which had recently been fixed. The truck also tended to periodically pop out of gear. The farmer was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. Speed was apparently not a factor in the event, but the inertia of the heavy load, up to 46,000 lb, probably accounted for the extensive damage to the cab of the truck.
OR 2004-45-2 Public Administration Jet fighter   2004 A 36-year-old U.S. Marine Corps pilot of an F/A-18 jet, and a 36-year-old aircraft maintenance officer riding in the back seat, were killed in a mid-air collision with another naval jet over the Columbia River. The jets were heading from Portland International Airport to the Boardman Bombing Range. During the flight, the mission was rescheduled and the two planes were in the process of turning back to Portland when the rear jet collided with the lead jet. The pilot of the lead jet managed to parachute to safety.
OR 2004-44 Forestry/Logging Water truck rollover   2004 A 53-year-old female truck driver owner/operator was killed when her log truck, hauling an empty water tank and pump, left a logging road and rolled over. Going downhill on a curve with a steep edge, the truck may have lost control due to soft dirt on the edge of the road. The driver was ejected. No seat belts were installed in the vehicle.
OR 2004-43 Accommodation/Food Services Crash off ladder   2004 A 54-year-old Asian female cafe owner was critically injured after falling 9-10 ft off a ladder onto her head, while attempting to repair a light fixture. She died 2 days later in the hospital. The event was unwitnessed. No mark was evident, but the victim’s balance may have been upset by an electric shock.
OR 2004-41 Agriculture Wet road head-on   2004 A 34-year-old Hispanic female nursery worker was killed on the highway while traveling between farms. Conditions were wet and foggy. She drifted into the opposite lane on a curve, and collided head-on with a delivery van. She was declared dead at the scene. The van driver survived and was transported to a hospital.
OR 2004-40 Transportation Tow truck murder   2004 A 67-year-old gas-station owner and tow-truck driver was murdered by a client, whose car he went to pull from a snowy ditch late at night. The victim was shot several times in the chest.
OR 2004-39 Manufacturing Forklift traffic lane   2004 A 29-year-old female production worker was killed when she was struck by a forklift carrying a load. The worker was stationed at a grading machine adjacent to a bay door and traffic area. She stopped to clear wood-block debris from the forklift traffic lanes. Clearing the lanes was a common practice. A loaded forklift entered through the bay door and struck the worker while she was bent over and not visible to the operator. The forklift stopped abruptly, and the 1,300 lb load of wood tumbled forward and crushed the victim.
OR 2004-38 Retail Trade Fall from ladder   2004 A 67-year-old sales person at a retail store fell 3-4 ft off a stepladder onto his head, and died the next day. The worker was arranging a top shelf, and fell backwards while pulling products forward.
OR 2004-37 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Propane buffer Report  2004 A 50-year-old janitor died by carbon-monoxide poisoning, due to exhaust from a propane buffer he was using in an enclosed space. The janitor was found on the floor, unresponsive, 6 ft from the propane-powered buffer, which was propped up in idle mode, still running. The odor of exhaust in the office building was overwhelming when the janitor’s employer entered to locate him several hours after he should have been done with the job. The air filter on the buffer was clogged, and the exhaust contained very high concentrations of carbon monoxide, immediately harmful to life and health.
OR 2004-36 Construction Torch-cut supports   2004 A 67-year-old salvage worker fell from a steel structure he was cutting with a torch, and died nearly 3 weeks later. The worker was cutting steel supports to salvage a log in-feed conveyor system, and stepped onto a support that had already been cut, thinking it would hold him. The support gave way and the worker fell nearly 6 ft and struck his head on the concrete floor.
OR 2004-35 Forestry/Logging Faller snag   2004 A 65-year-old independent logger, working as a faller, was killed when a snag tree swung back and struck him. The faller was working with a spotter. He cut an 80 ft pine tree, and the branches caught another tree as it was falling. The snag bent in the direction of the fall, then swung back and broke. The spotter ran and avoided the tree. He found the faller on the ground near the tree, seriously injured. By the time emergency responders arrived, the victim was dead at the scene. Reportedly, the initial cut of the fallen tree was performed correctly to avoid the snag.
OR 2004-34 Transportation Moving bus   2004 A 56-year-old female bus driver was run over by the city bus she had been driving. The driver stopped at a transit center to let off passengers, and exited the bus to take a scheduled break. She left the engine running and walked to the driver’s side to reach in the window, probably to close the door. The bus began to move forward and the driver ran to the front with outstretched arms, apparently trying to stop the 15-ton vehicle. The bus ran over her. How the bus could have moved forward on flat ground remains uncertain. The parking brake was apparently set.
OR 2004-33 Forestry/Logging Loaded log equipment   2004 A 42-year-old truck driver was killed when the surface of a logging road gave way under his heavily loaded semi-truck and trailer. The driver was hauling a yarder to a new location and took an alternate route to avoid a weight-restricted bridge. A second truck was attached by a tow rope, helping the rig climb a steep incline. The narrow road gave way under the right rear tire of the trailer, and the rig was pulled over the edge. The cab was raised high in the air and the tow rope disengaged. The truck rolled once before coming to rest 30-50 ft down the embankment in an upright position. The victim was ejected and pinned beneath the wheels.
OR 2004-32 Fishing Commercial crabbing   2004 A 51-year-old commercial fisherman drowned after his 22 ft dory capsized in the ocean. He was an experienced fisherman and skipper of the vessel. The engine of the boat stalled as it was returning to harbor from a crabbing trip. The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the craft and was present at the scene. A crew member jumped off the stalled boat and was picked up by a rescue boat. The skipper went down into the cabin to get his survival suit before entering the water, and the vessel capsized while he was below. The body was recovered, tangled in gear.
OR 2004-31 Other Services Suicide drowning   2004 A 67-year-old operator of an auto repair shop was discovered in a 50-gallon tub of water, held under by a weighted object.
OR 2004-30 Transportation Courier collision   2004 A 56-year-old courier was killed while driving a full-sized delivery van on the freeway. The courier evidently did not notice quickly enough that traffic ahead was slowing down. The van struck the rear of a flatbed tow truck, with the sharp edge of the truck bed about level with the bottom of the van’s windshield. The van console was crushed and the airbag inflated. The driver’s seat was broken by the impact. The victim was declared dead at the scene. The victim was wearing lap and shoulder restraints.
OR 2004-29 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Taxidermy delivery   2004 A 37-year-old taxidermist making a delivery of dry ice to a local hospital died at the scene after his vehicle left the highway and rolled over about 4 a.m. Roads were icy and the tires worn. The taxidermist was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle.
OR 2004-28 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Crushed foot (DOD=2/27/04)   2004 A 58-year-old supervisor at a recycling facility injured his lower leg while riding a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle at work, and died 4 months later (Feb 27, 2004). The supervisor ran over his own left foot while turning to avoid an oncoming tractor. He was treated at the hospital, released, and seen routinely for wound care. There was concern for vascular supply to the lower extremity, due to a history of heart disease. On the day of death, the supervisor experienced shortness of breath during a scheduled check-up and was transferred to the emergency department, where he eventually expired.
OR 2004-27 Forestry/Logging Tree falls wrong way   2004 A 76-year-old self-employed logger, working as a faller, was killed by the branches of a juniper that apparently fell in the opposite direction from the way it had been cut to fall. The faller’s partner discovered him at lunch time with no apparent signs of life. The victim’s chainsaw was lying near the stump of the fallen tree. The fallers were in a remote location with a poor road, and the victim’s partner drove the victim back to his residence before calling for help. The medical examiner concluded the victim was already dead at the scene.
OR 2004-26 Construction Tractor augur   2004 A 33-year-old self-employed contractor was killed while operating a post-hole augur attached to a tractor to install fence posts. The contractor was hired by a friend to do some work on their land. The augur bit was suspended from the ground and had not yet made a hole when the contractor’s clothing apparently got caught on the rotating bit and pulled him into it. There were no witnesses to the event. The victim was found dead at the scene.
OR 2004-25 Transportation Delivery driver   2004 A 57-year-old route manager for a home delivery service was killed in a subdivision while making a delivery. The manager was hit by a pickup truck after he got out of his delivery truck and was standing next to the driver’s side door of his vehicle. The route manager was parked on the opposite side of the street from the direction of travel of the pickup. The victim died at the scene.
OR 2004-23 Agriculture Bulldozer choker Report  2004 A 52-year-old ranch hand was killed during a logging operation while operating a D4E Caterpillar to haul logs to a landing. The ranch hand was an experienced logger. With the engine left running, gear in reverse/neutral, parking brake set, and front blade raised about 1 ft off the ground, the ranch hand was setting chokers to logs behind the bulldozer. The bulldozer was on a slight incline and the tracks were on branches. As the ranch hand leaned down, the bulldozer dislodged and slid backward. The victim was killed immediately.
OR 2004-22 Forestry/Logging Hung tree   2004 A 58-year-old timber faller was killed by a small fir tree hung up in a larger tree he was falling. Cutting a strip with his partner, the pair were working their way uphill. Days earlier, a 6 in. diameter fir, about 45 ft tall, fell uphill and caught between two trees. The small tree was not marked with a danger ribbon. On the day of the incident, the faller cut a tree uphill from the “hung” tree, and as the tree fell, the small fir tree also fell, striking the faller. The victim was transported to paramedics and declared dead.
OR 2004-21 Forestry/Logging Mill unloading Report  2004 A 50-year-old log truck driver was killed in a mill yard when he was crushed against his load of logs by a front-end loader. According to standard procedure, the loader moved forward to secure the load of logs to allow the driver to safely remove the last two wrappers. A second loader operator working in the yard at the time saw a hard hat on the ground near the truck, and radioed to the first operator to back away. The victim was found dead at the scene, crushed between the loader and the load of logs.
OR 2004-20 Manufacturing Loading-hole gate   2004 A 39-year-old Hispanic female fish processor was killed after falling through a loading hole from a second-story storage area. The processor and other employees were boxing frozen fish, and went to get more boxes upstairs. The processor remained upstairs to prepare more boxes. The boxes brought down were the wrong kind and needed to be returned to storage, and the processor leaned through the loading hole to retrieve them from coworkers. The opening was designed for use by a forklift to set items upstairs for storage; three sides were closed by fixed guardrails, and the fourth had a removable gate, consisting of two 2x4 rails that sat in cradles. The rails were not pinned or blocked. As the processor leaned over the bottom rail of the gate to catch boxes being thrown up to her, the rail dislodged and she fell 12 ft to the floor below.
OR 2004-19 Retail Trade Forklift floor jack   2004 A 27-year-old mechanic was killed underneath a forklift when it slipped off the jack holding it up during maintenance. The mechanic was performing warranty maintenance work on the forklift, which involved changing the starter. He placed a floor jack under the rear axle at the center of the counterweight, and raised it to the maximum extension. While the mechanic was underneath, loosening the nuts on the starter, the jack slipped out and allowed the forklift to drop.
OR 2004-18 Forestry/Logging Runaway pickup   2004 A 28-year-old hooktender was killed on an active logging site by a pickup truck. The incident was not witnessed. The pickup was discovered on a slight incline, with the hooktender pinned underneath it. The transmission was in neutral. Apparently the engine stalled, and the hooktender may have been underneath working on the starter, or had attempted to push the vehicle. An hour before the incident, the starter failed and the pickup had to be push started. The victim was reportedly aware that the parking brake on the pickup was not functioning properly.
OR 2004-17 Mining Conveyor belt   2004 A 63-year-old miner fell 12 ft onto a concrete floor from a crossbeam of an elevated conveyor at a sand and gravel operation, and died the next day. The miner and two coworkers were installing a new conveyor belt. The miner was standing on a crossbeam, pulling on a rope tied to the new belt. The rope unexpectedly came loose, causing him to fall.
OR 2004-16 Other Services ATV rider   2004 A 16-year-old dog trainer was thrown from an all-terrain vehicle, and died 4 days later. The trainer was riding the ATV with a passenger downhill into a pasture, and did not see a ditch grown over with vegetation. The front wheels hit the ditch and the ATV rolled end over end. The trainer was found unconscious next to the vehicle. He was not wearing a helmet or other protective gear. The injured passenger took the ATV back to the employer to get help. The victim was taken to a hospital, but he was not able to recover from severe chest and internal injuries.
OR 2004-15 Manufacturing Hydraulic press Report  2004 A 20-year-old machinist was killed while setting up a hydraulic press to punch holes in metal tubing. While changing the punch on the press, the machinist drew back the cylinder all the way, which exerted maximum pressure. The pressure gauge on the press was not operational. The machinist was sitting on a small rolling cart directly in front of the 5,000 lb press, when a fitting to the hydraulic hose burst, broke free from the hose, and struck him in the chest. The victim was found dead at the scene.
OR 2004-14 Construction Steep gravel road   2004 A 67-year-old truck driver was killed while driving a 12 yd dump truck loaded with crushed rock on a steep gravel road. At a left turn, the truck continued to travel straight, leaving the roadway over the bank. The cab of the truck struck a large tree. The victim was assisted by other drivers out of the cab, but died at the scene due to internal injuries. No major mechanical problems were discovered on later inspection of the vehicle, but loss of brakes or overheating, due to the steep terrain, may have contributed to the incident.
OR 2004-13 Manufacturing Super sacks   2004 A 39-year-old forklift operator of Hispanic origin was killed by a 2,200 lb super sack of expandable polymer beads that tipped over on top of him. The super sacks were stacked two high. The operator accidentally punctured the lower super sack with the fork of his forklift. He moved the forklift out of the way and was busy patching the hole with tape to prevent the sandlike beads from spilling out when the super sack above fell over on top of him. The victim was declared dead at the scene.
OR 2004-12 Mining Gravel hopper   2004 A 33-year-old maintenance worker was killed when he was engulfed by sand and gravel that had plugged a 30-ton transfer hopper. The maintenance worker and two coworkers succeeded in unplugging the discharge point for the hopper, but a bridge of pit material had built up and blocked the upper section. The maintenance worker entered the hopper from the top and was standing on the material when it broke free and engulfed him. He was not wearing a safety harness. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, due to traumatic asphyxiation.
OR 2004-11 Construction Hole in roof   2004 A 45-year-old journeyman roofer died after falling through a covered hole during a reroofing project on a warehouse and office space. The roofer was working with another journeyman roofer and an apprentice to lay insulation. The workers removed an exhaust fan, and covered the hole with a square of insulation, left unsecured and unmarked. The roofer, wearing sunglasses against the glare from the insulation, walked across the roof, kicked loose the insulation over the hole, and fell about 20 ft to the concrete floor below. He was transported to the hospital, where he died a half-hour later.
OR 2004-10 Manufacturing Gradall starter Report  2004 A 47-year-old co-owner of a wood-products firm, working as a general contractor, was run over and killed by a Gradall rough-terrain forklift at a construction site. The contractor was operating the forklift and momentarily stopped work. He left the machine in gear and it was protected from starting again by a safety lock. The contractor was apparently unaware of this feature. He crawled underneath and reached up into the engine compartment with a screwdriver, made contact between the two terminals on the starter, and jump-started the engine. The parking brake was not set and the Gradall rolled forward over him.
OR 2004-09 Forestry/Logging Helicopter logging   2004 A 41-year-old helicopter pilot was killed during a logging operation in a steeply sloped, tree-covered terrain. The helicopter was in a hover, attempting to snag a log using a 200 ft line, when it drifted sideways and the rear rotor struck a treetop. The helicopter then rolled and descended to the ground. The pilot, a resident of Australia, had extensive experience as a helicopter pilot. The steep terrain evidently reduced the safety margin for the length of the line over the treetops.
OR 2004-08 Manufacturing Crane collapse   2004 A 47-year-old technician, born in Yugoslavia and living in Canada, was killed when a newly assembled 60-ton crane at a Columbia River port collapsed during testing. The technician was in the crane’s operator cabin about 60 ft off the ground. Investigation by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration concluded the cause of the incident was due to structural defects in the crane.
OR 2004-07 Agriculture Nursery forklift Report  2004 A 24-year-old Hispanic nursery laborer was killed while operating a skid-steer loader. The operator was moving metal carts containing plants from an outside location into a greenhouse. The operator was discovered in a seated position in the operator’s cage of the skid steer with a severe head injury. His left arm was behind him as if to support himself while leaning forward. It was raining, and the operator had placed his coat across his lap to prevent his pants from getting wet. A pocket of the coat was caught on the skid-steer’s operational hand controls. The controls were probably activated as the victim leaned forward, causing the skid steer to move suddenly. The jolt apparently caused his head to strike the left-front roll bar. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
OR 2004-06 Construction Drilling rig   2004 A 47-year-old construction foreman was killed when he walked behind a drilling rig at a large construction project. Construction was located on a steep hillside, and several project subcontractors were in close proximity as they worked. The foreman had 27 yrs of construction experience. The drilling rig operator could not see the foreman from where he sat, and was given no warning that a person was in the vicinity of the rig. As the drilling operator rotated the drilling head, the rear of the platform crushed the victims’ head against a concrete retaining wall. The injury was immediately fatal.
OR 2004-05 Manufacturing Sweeper shock Report  2004 A 34-year-old machine operator was electrocuted while cleaning up wood pellets from beneath a pellet bag sealing machine and its conveyor system. The operator was using a long-handled scoop shovel to push spilled wood pellets into a central pile. He grasped a metal guard on the bagging machine with his left hand and leaned forward with the shovel in his right hand. His right wrist came into contact with exposed electrical controls on the wall near the bagging machine. The victim collapsed, and was later discovered by a coworker, deceased.
OR 2004-04 Manufacturing Parked forklift Report  2004 A 42-year-old Hispanic forklift operator was crushed between the forklift he had been operating and a semi-trailer he was helping to load. Assisting the driver to tie down the load, the operator backed the forklift to the side of the trailer, put the automatic transmission into neutral, engaged the parking brake, and jumped out to take the strap thrown across the load by the truck driver. The forklift’s engine was left running. While the operator was facing the trailer, the forklift engaged in reverse and backed into him, crushing him against the trailer.
OR 2004-03 Manufacturing Debarker Report  2004 A 24-year-old sawmill employee, working as a millwright, was killed in a routine maintenance operation, grinding the teeth of the feed rolls inside a log debarking machine. The millwright shut down electrical power to the debarker before entering the intake area, but did not block the holddown press roll with pins available on the frame of the machine. The press roll was held up by compressed air. While he was inside the debarker, another employee shut off the compressed-air system in a separate maintenance operation, which allowed air pressure to drop throughout the plant. As line pressure dropped, the press roll over the intake area of the debarker descended and crushed the millwright.
OR 2004-02 Manufacturing Tanker confined space Report  2004 A 23-year-old tank mechanic died when he entered a permit-required confined space. The mechanic was assigned to prepare for an inspection of a shipping container used to transport silicon tetrachloride. The tank had been purged with an inert nitrogen atmosphere. While waiting for the inspector, the mechanic entered the tank without testing the atmosphere, passed out, and died of asphyxiation. Upon discovering the victim about 45 min. later, a coworker jumped into the tank, also without testing the atmosphere, and lifted the victim up to others standing on top of the tank. Testing showed the atmosphere at the bottom of the tank to be about 12% oxygen, below the minimum safe level of about 20% oxygen.
OR 2004-01 Retail Trade Fall from ladder   2004 A 68-year-old female retail clerk fell from the sixth step of a step ladder in a company storeroom, and died 5 days later. She sustained a fracture to the left knee and femur. The clerk was admitted to a local hospital, where she developed sepsis, and died on the way to another hospital for advanced care. Cause of death remains uncertain. The only unusual result found by the medical examiner was an “extensive infarcted colon,” which did not appear to be associated with the fracture.
OR 2003-63 Transportation Plane crash in storm   2003 A 52-year-old owner of a bus company was killed while piloting a single-engine Beech A36 aircraft in stormy weather. The pilot was traveling to meetings in different cities. He had been a pilot since 1995, and had logged 6,350 flight hours. The pilot approached an airstrip, and attempted to land in conditions of heavy rain, high wind gusts, and low visibility. The aircraft touched down, then powered up and swung upward toward a densely forested area. The plane impacted a hemlock tree 40-50 ft off the ground, trunk 18 in. diameter, then struck several smaller trees before crashing into the ground. There was no evidence of mechanical failure.
OR 2003-62 Transportation Taxi van rollover   2003 A 46-year-old owner/operator of a taxi service, was killed when his van left the highway, rolled over, and went airborne before coming to rest upside down. The driver was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected. The driver went off the road on his way to pick up a fare, traveling 43 mph in a 30 mph zone. There was no evident external cause for the crash. The victim had a history of medical problems and driving restrictions due to poor health.
OR 2003-61 Manufacturing Black ice rollover   2003 A 65-year-old owner of a printing/graphics firm was killed when his automobile struck black ice, rolled over and hit a tree.
OR 2003-60 Manufacturing Twisted ankle   2003 A 42-year-old production worker at a chainsaw manufacturer died about 7 months after twisting his ankle. The worker did not consider the injury serious. He later developed deep-vein thrombosis and died of a blood clot, described as a “bilateral pulmonary embolism.”
OR 2003-59 Transportation Runaway tow truck   2003 A 69-year-old owner/operator of a towing company, was killed while trying to stop his runaway tow truck. Two weeks earlier, the brake on the truck had failed at a service station, and the operator had to jump in and stop it. The unwitnessed fatal incident apparently repeated this event, with the operator trying to enter the cab of the tow truck while it was rolling downhill, outside an auto wrecking yard. The operator was dragged about 30 ft before striking a parked car. His rib cage was crushed between the door and cab of the tow truck.
OR 2003-58 Transportation Log truck rollover   2003 A 54-year-old owner of a diesel-engine repair and trucking business was killed when his log truck overturned. On a logging road with a load of logs, the driver failed to negotiate a curve on a 14-degree downgrade, causing the trailer to leave the roadway and pull over the tractor, which came to rest on the driver’s side.
OR 2003-57-2 Fishing Fishermen missing   2003 Two male commercial fishermen, aged 34 and 18, were drowned in the Columbia river. The older man had 20 years of experience on the river. Neither of the fishermen were wearing lifejackets. The boat did not appear to be overloaded, and all the proper safety equipment was aboard.
OR 2003-56 Finance/Insurance Van leaves highway   2003 A 54-year-old chief executive of a financial-management firm was killed on the freeway when his van drifted off the roadway and crashed into a stone embankment in daylight and rainy weather. There was no evidence of mechanical failure or medical problems.
OR 2003-55 Manufacturing Caught in stamper   2003 A 42-year-old lumber mill worker died in the hospital 5 months after sustaining multiple injuries to his left leg when he was caught in a stamper machine at work. His leg was broken in three places, and he was in physical therapy. The night before his death, the worker arrived at a hospital emergency department with pain, and was admitted with a diagnosis of sepsis of the left knee. During the night he was given several intravenous doses of pain medication. A nurse found the victim struggling to breathe, and efforts to clear ventilation were unsuccessful. Cause of death was aspiration of gastric content.
OR 2003-54 Transportation Dump truck at bridge   2003 A 60-year-old owner/operator of a dump-truck business was killed when a wooden bridge collapsed under the weight of his truck while hauling a load of rock. The bridge was part of a residential driveway, and not the proper location for the delivery. The bridge was constructed of 4x6 planks, wide enough for a single vehicle, crossing a creek that was 15 ft wide. A rear wheel of the truck apparently broke the planks overhanging the main support beams, and the truck rolled off the bridge, coming to rest on the driver’s side. The operator was partially ejected from the cab and crushed.
OR 2003-53 Forestry/Logging Unsecured boom   2003 A 36-year-old log truck driver was killed while passing an oncoming truck transporting a log loader. The boom of the log loader had not been adequately secured, and it swung outward into the oncoming lane just at the moment of passing. The cab of the log truck driven by the victim was completely shorn off.
OR 2003-52 Forestry/Logging Log truck hits tree   2003 A 71-year-old truck driver was killed when his log truck failed to negotiate a turn and ran off the roadway. The truck ran into trees and came to rest on the passenger side. The cab was sheared off just above the dash. The driver was ejected. The truck showed a speed of 45 mph, with no sign of braking. An officer on the scene suspected the incident could have resulted from a medical condition.
OR 2003-51 Fishing Capsized net fishing   2003 A 71-year-old Native American fisherman was drowned in the Columbia River when his boat capsized while he was checking his fishing nets. He was not wearing a life jacket.
OR 2003-50 Transportation Trucker struck beside truck   2003 A 44-year-old long-haul truck driver was killed when he was struck by another truck while standing beside his vehicle on the side of the highway on a clear day. The driver was parked 3 ft beyond the fog line on the side of the road. Jumper cables were found on the ground, indicating he may have been standing on the driver’s side between the truck and trailer where the battery is accessible. The driver of the triple trailer that struck the victim was reportedly cited in the incident.
OR 2003-49 Transportation Truck overturns at exit   2003 A 38-year-old long-haul truck driver for a regional dairy foods business, operating a semi-truck and single trailer, was killed when his truck overturned on a freeway exit ramp. The truck was traveling at about 20 mph, according to an onboard computer. The exit ramp is posted at 50 mph. The truck rolled over at a right turn at the end of the ramp, and struck a telephone pole.
OR 2003-48 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Landscape ladder   2003 A 44-year-old Hispanic landscape laborer was killed when he fell about 15 ft off a ladder and struck the back of his head on asphalt. The ladder went one way, and the laborer the other, a witness reported. The victim reportedly drank alcohol the night before and did not get to sleep until 6 a.m.
OR 2003-47 Education Services Collision at intersection   2003 A 46-year-old female educator was killed in a traffic accident while traveling between schools. Her car was turning left from a left-turn lane, controlled by a separate signal. As she entered the intersection, a pickup truck struck her car. A witness traveling behind the pickup reported the light was red, and the educator’s car had a green light. The pickup did not slow down at the intersection. Posted speed was 55 mph.
OR 2003-46 Fishing Vessel lost   2003 A 61-year-old skipper of a 60 ft commercial fishing vessel is presumed dead, lost at sea. The skipper was fishing alone, last known position 60 nautical miles northwest of Coos Bay. A life ring was found off the coast of northern California several weeks later. The skipper’s body has not been found.
OR 2003-45 Public Administration Beach rescue   2003 A 51-year-old reserve police officer was killed while participating in a human chain to rescue a 13-year-old boy swept out from the beach by a large wave and undertow. The officer was a retired police officer and a member of the cold-water rescue team. The surf was estimated to be 18-20 ft high. In shallow water, the officer was the anchor on a human chain with at least three others. Struck by a large wave, the officer was knocked off his feet and swept into the surf by the undertow. He wore a wetsuit, but no life vest. The youth was eventually rescued by a lowered basket from a rescue helicopter.
OR 2003-44 Fishing Crab boat overboard   2003 A 45-year-old crewman drowned when he fell from a crab boat 1½ miles offshore. The U.S. Coast Guard found the crewman, and reported later that the victim “simply fell off the boat.”
OR 2003-43 Manufacturing Forklift spill   2003 A 46-year-old production worker was killed when a forklift he was riding on overturned. The worker was in a man-rated platform, elevated on the forks about 14 ft off the ground. The forklift operator moved in reverse to a new work location, and made a sudden turn, which caused the forklift to tip over onto its side. The worker remained in the cage up to the point of impact, when he struck his head on the pavement.
OR 2003-42 Forestry/Logging Tree climber   2003 A 36-year-old forester, working with a team to girdle and top selected trees to create wildlife trees in a wilderness area, died when he fell 100 ft from a fir tree. The forester fell after he entered the tree canopy. He wore a climbing belt, but was “free climbing” without tie off ropes.
OR 2003-41 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Helium high pressure   2003 A 21-year-old attendant at an ice rink died after inhaling helium at work to change his voice. After inhaling an unknown amount of helium from a tank, the attendant walked over and spoke with coworkers for less than a minute before collapsing. He started to convulse and tremble. He was pronounced dead 1 hour later, due to a massive air embolism caused by the high-pressure gas.
OR 2003-40 Construction Rock crusher Report  2003 A 45-year-old construction worker was killed while attempting to unbind a rock crusher. The worker was co-owner of a general construction firm that occasionally crushed its own rock for building roads. The worker had been trained on the equipment on first use 4 years earlier. The portable, horizontal impactor crushes rock with a hammer mill rotating at 2400 rpm. The worker attempted to loosen a rock jam in the intake of the unit, using a 5 ft iron pry bar. The pry bar made contact with the rotating impactor and was thrown out with great force, striking the worker in the neck.
OR 2003-39 Agriculture Crane at fish pond Report  2003 A 66-year-old worker operating a crane was killed when the crane toppled over while dredging a trout pond. The worker was a neighbor, experienced at operating heavy equipment. The rubber-tired boom crane was positioned on a slip of land between two ponds, angled about 30 degrees toward the pond being dredged, without outriggers. While pulling in a load from the middle of the pond, the crane became unstable and tipped. The operator was 9 ft off the ground in the cab. He was not wearing a personal restraint system, and either jumped or was thrown from the cab. The carriage crushed him when it fell.
OR 2003-38 Retail trade Thermal spray   2003 A 43-year-old sales representative for a direct-sales firm died 4 days after daylong exposure to chemical byproducts during a thermal spraying demonstration indoors at a hydroelectric plant. The sales rep did not wear appropriate respiratory protection during the application. Two days later, he reported feeling ill, and died later in the day at home. Acute chemical pneumonia from metal exposure was the presumed cause of death.
OR 2003-37 Construction Worker high voltage   2003 A 20-year-old construction worker was electrocuted while replacing a guardrail and posts on a highway construction project. A truck-mounted tower, adapted to hold the guardrail in position, came in contact with an 8,000-volt power line as the worker was removing bolts on a rail about 24 ft away. The crew was aware of the power lines, but the tower operator misjudged the narrower clearance in the new work location. Receiving an electric shock, the worker walked to a lower road to lie down, and died shortly after.
OR 2003-36 Construction Operator high voltage Report  2003 A 34-year-old operator of a truck-mounted augur was killed when the augur’s 22 ft 7 in. tower came in contact with an 8,000-volt power line, 21 ft 8 in. off the ground. The operator was one of a three-man crew removing a line of guardrail posts. The workers were aware of two high-voltage lines, about 6 ft apart. Tree foliage made it difficult for the operator to see the lines, and moving the vehicle forward to the next post, he evidently mistook the far line for the near one. A loud cracking sound was heard when the augur grounded. The operator jumped from the vehicle, but the high voltage arced through space and through his body to ground.
OR 2003-35 Forestry/Logging Tree wedge   2003 A 24-year-old logger, helping an experienced faller, was killed by the kickback of the tree they were falling. The tree was a 65 ft pine, 23 in. diameter. The novice logger was responsible for hammering a wedge into the tree to make it fall uphill. The faller saw the tree was beginning to fall and yelled twice for the logger to get away. Busy driving the wedge, the victim moved too late. The butt of the tree rose over him and struck him.
OR 2003-34-2 Public Administration Helicopter hits cable   2003 A 57-year-old male helicopter pilot, employed by a large timber firm, and a 53-year-old male state forestry supervisor, were killed when a helicopter they were using to scout potential water sources for fire season struck an electric utility cable and crashed. The pilot had been flying for 19 years. The helicopter had just come down out of low-hanging fog, traveling along a river in a remote and mountainous area, when it struck a neutral high-tension line 250-300 ft off the ground, just below the main rotor. The helicopter crashed in the river. Rescue workers found the two victims still strapped in their seats. The utility line has hung there since 1956 without warning markers. The pilot had been warned of lines near rivers, but the flight maps used did not depict overhead transmission lines in the area.
OR 2003-33 Agriculture Farm truck overturns Report  2003 A 20-year-old male Hispanic farm truck driver was killed when his truck full of potatoes overturned in an irrigation ditch at the edge of a farm field The incident occurred about 13 hours after the driver began work in the morning on his sixth full day of work in a row. The truck had no seat belts. The truck verged into the loose soil at the edge of the ditch, and continued until it overturned and came to rest with the cab submerged in the water in the ditch. Water was 4-7 ft deep. Cause of death was probably drowning. The driver’s reported blood alcohol level was 0.03.
OR 2003-32 Utilities SUV enters work zone Report  2003 A 57-year-old gas utility worker was killed when an SUV entered a short-term work zone and struck him on the edge of a five-lane city road. The worker was locating buried gas lines for a construction project. Traffic was light, speed posted 35 mph, weather dry and bright, and the road flat, straight, and unobstructed. The worker parked the company pickup half on the sidewalk and half in the bike lane, and correctly set up safety cones for a temporary worksite. He was wearing a bright red T-shirt. The SUV veered off the road and struck the worker when his back was turned to oncoming traffic. The driver of the SUV was allegedly talking on a cell phone.
OR 2003-31-2 Transportation Explosive collision   2003 A 41-year-old male truck driver in a semi-truck with an empty trailer, and a 48-year-old highway striper in a 1-ton flatbed pickup truck, were both killed in a fiery head-on collision. The striper, hauling 26 drums on an open bed, attempted to pass four cars at high speed in a spot with poor visibility. The pickup appeared to lose a barrel while passing, and a sharp explosion was heard. The pickup began to fishtail, sideswiped an oncoming car, and then collided head-on with the semi. The pickup was already a ball of flame when it sideswiped the oncoming car. The semi was almost completely consumed in the flames. A few of the barrels on the pickup contained 50 gallons of a solvent, toluene, used in painting. The driver of the sideswiped car was uninjured.
OR 2003-30 Agriculture Fall from horse   2003 A 52-year-old rancher was killed when he was thrown from a horse he was training. While attempting to go down a steep embankment, the young 2-year-old horse flipped off the harness and bolted to the side. The rancher fell off the horse into a gully of large rocks and hit the side of his head, dislocating his neck.
OR 2003-29 Forestry/Logging Cat in ravine Report  2003 A 75-year-old logger, operating a large D-6H Caterpillar tractor, was killed when the Cat toppled into a ravine. The operator was reopening an old skid road. The bulldozer lost traction on a flat rock under a surface of scrabble rock at the top of the hill, and slid backwards off the road against a tree. As the operator tried to turn downhill and get back on the road, the bulldozer slipped off a 20-25% grade and tumbled about 150 ft to a logging road, where the operator was ejected. The bulldozer bounced another 450 ft into a ravine. Fatal injuries probably occurred when the victim was thrown around in the cab, before being ejected.
OR 2003-28 Forestry/Logging Logger in falling zone   2003 A 50-year-old logger, working as a faller, was killed by a falling tree in the falling zone of a coworker who was unaware of his presence. The faller, with over 25 years of experience and part owner of the logging firm, told the coworker he was going to check the site further up the road. The coworker had fallen six trees before being signaled by another worker to the road where the first tree had fallen. The faller had returned and started bucking the first tree, and was struck by the branches of the second tree as it fell close by. The victim did not notify anyone when he returned. The second tree was located behind a ridge where the coworker could not see the road.
OR 2003-27 Forestry/Logging Tree kickback   2003 A 55-year-old Native American logger, working as a faller, was struck and killed by the tree he was falling. The tree struck a snag on the way down and the butt-end sprung back 12 ft into the faller’s work zone, striking him. The faller was using a standard Humboldt face cut, but the back cut was too low, giving the butt an insufficient step to push off.
OR 2003-26-3 Arts/Entertainment/Rec Band veers off road   2003 Three musicians, aged 20, 21, and 23, were killed when their van left the road while returning home from an out-of-state band performance. The van ran off the paved surface and overturned while trying to get back on the road. The victims were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle. Two other passengers wearing seatbelts were treated and released.
OR 2003-25 Wholesale trade Suicide with handgun   2003 A 38-year-old sales representative committed suicide at his place of work with a handgun.
OR 2003-24 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing Roof repair   2003 A 47-year-old worker was killed when he fell 13 ft from a roof he was repairing for a homeowner. The worker had just finished shingling the left side of the dormer on a dry, warm afternoon, and was moving into position to begin shingling the right side. He was not tied off or using fall protection. The victim was not experiencing any problems, according to the homeowner, who witnessed the victim suddenly fall head-first toward the ground.
OR 2003-23-8 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Firefighters in traffic   2003 Eight members of a 19-man wildland firefighting crew were killed in a traffic accident after spending the previous 11 days fighting forest fires. Victims ranged in age from 19 to 38. The crew had been demobilized the previous evening. Weather was sunny and dry. The crew had been on the road about 3 hrs when a crew driver in a 12-passenger van attempted to pass a semi-trailer on a downhill left-hand curve, in a marked no-passing zone. The van struck an oncoming semi-trailer head on. This particular patch of road is known for frequent accidents. Alcohol may have played a role in the incident.
OR 2003-22 Manufacturing Welding cage Report  2003 A 48-year-old female shipyard welder died 62 days after being caught in a fireball in the cage of a high lift, while welding the stern of a barge. Fire investigators theorize that a small pinhead leak developed in the highly pressurized hydraulic lines of the high lift, and this escaping oil was atomized in the atmosphere until ignited by the sparks of the wire-fed welder. The fire spread rapidly and engulfed the worker’s platform. All hydraulic lines in the platform were consumed, and escaping oil evidently fed the blaze until coworkers turned off the source. The victim sustained 80% full thickness burns and thermal inhalation injuries. She expired from complications secondary to sepsis two months later.
OR 2003-21 Manufacturing Wood-dust explosion Report  2003 A 50-year-old production worker died 8 days after being severely burned in a wood-dust explosion in a wood-flour mill. A fuse replaced 4 days earlier with electrician’s tape was shown to the worker when he came on shift, and he took it out to inspect it. The fuse evidently failed to make secure contact when it was reinserted. The worker was alone, going through the routine start-up sequence of the plant. Flipping the motor switch with the faulty fuse sparked accumulated wood dust in the fuse box, which exploded and produced dust clouds from other surfaces, which also exploded. Suffering second- and third-degree burns on his upper body and arms, the victim was transported to a local hospital, where he later died.
OR 2003-20 Education Services Cannon Report  2003 A 16-year-old camp counselor was killed when a ceremonial cannon he was firing burst into pieces. The cannon had been used regularly at flag-lowering ceremonies for 3 years. On the evening of the incident, the counselor set up the cannon as instructed and attempted to fire it during the flag ceremony, but the wind blew out the touchstick twice. After the ceremony, the counselor and a coworker tried again to fire the cannon. Additional black powder was added to the breech hole, and this time the powder ignited. The breech of the cannon burst into pieces, and a large fragment struck the victim in the forehead. He died 4 days later in a hospital. The coworker was uninjured.
OR 2003-19 Agriculture Moving combine Report  2003 A 32-year-old grass farmer was killed when he fell under the rear wheel of his moving combine. Entering a new field after making adjustments to the combine, the farmer exited the cab to check the seed flow at the rear while the combine was operating. The farmer was wearing cowboy boots instead of his usual sneakers, and he may have tripped. The wheel apparently grabbed his arm and pulled him under.
OR 2003-18 Wholesale Trade Car carrier Report  2003 A 37-year-old truck driver for an auto salvage firm was killed when a car being loaded onto his three-car carrier rolled off the top deck and crushed him. The salvaged car was being lifted into position by a forklift, operated by an employee of the auction yard. The car was unsecured on the forks. The truck driver was helping to load from the lower deck, and attached a chain to the undercarriage of the car. The chain was evidently not hooked to the solid frame of the car, and it rolled forward off the top deck and over the driver as he turned away.
OR 2003-17 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Chemical washer   2003 A 22-year-old male worker died 23 days after cleaning a waste antifreeze storage tank with a high-pressure washer at a waste management plant. The worker was not wearing respiratory protection. Shortly after completing the daylong job, the worker complained of being short of breath, and was admitted to a hospital. Five days in the hospital included 3 days in the ICU, before being released. Follow-up 10 days later showed he was not improving, and he was readmitted to the hospital. The victim died in the hospital 4 days later due to hypoxia and respiratory failure. Hydrofluoric acid was the suspected agent.
OR 2003-16 Construction Lumber load Report  2003 A 32-year-old construction worker was killed at a home under construction when a load of lumber being raised by a rough-terrain forklift shifted and fell on him. The load was extended beyond the capacity of the forklift, and the rear of the machine upended. The worker was on top of a ladder, climbing through a stairwell hole onto the second floor. A coworker guiding the load and acting as a spotter did not know he was there.
OR 2003-15 Construction Skid steer hoist Report  2003 A 32-year-old construction worker was killed when he leaned out of the protective cage of a skid-steer loader, and was crushed when the hoist unexpectedly descended. The skid steer’s load was about 3 ft off the ground, with a 2x4 propped underneath to support it. While wearing his tool belt, the worker got in the skid steer to move it out of the way of a paving operation. Noticing the 2x4 prop, he leaned out of the cage with his hammer to remove it, but the hammer was too short. He then lifted the safety bar and extended himself out beneath the lift assembly. His tool belt evidently activated the lift while he was in this position.
OR 2003-14 Transportation Boat capsizes at bar   2003 A 66-year-old skipper of a charter fishing boat was drowned when his boat swamped in a series of large waves while crossing the bar into the ocean. Another boat that had just crossed the bar communicated to the skipper that a log was rolling in the surf. The skipper’s boat may have struck the log and stripped the prop, causing it to lose steerage. Nineteen passengers and crew were on the boat. Eight persons were rescued, and 11 were dead or missing, including the skipper.
OR 2003-13 Forestry/Logging Dead treetop   2003 A 45-year-old logger, working as a faller, was killed when the dead top of the tree he was falling snapped back after hitting a danger tree. The crew was working in a USFS old-growth thinning operation, where the only trees to be cut had been pre-marked. The 50 ft treetop of the faller’s 170 ft tree sprang with considerable force about 150 ft to reach his position. His view of the oncoming treetop may have been partially obstructed by a shorter, intervening tree. The victim had over 20 years of experience and was well known as a careful faller.
OR 2003-12 Transportation Trucker ejected   2003 A 62-year-old truck driver was killed in semi-truck and trailer rollover on a flat curve on I-5 in southern Oregon. The driver lost control of the vehicle as it veered onto the gravel shoulder. The trailer tilted to the right and pulled the truck onto the passenger side. The driver was ejected and run over. The victim was reportedly not wearing a seat belt. The medical examiner found an ethyl alcohol level of 0.13, above the legal limit in Oregon of 0.08.
OR 2003-11 Information Pickup head-on   2003 A 44-year-old telecommunications equipment installer died on his way home from a meeting, when he was apparently distracted and veered into oncoming traffic. His company pickup truck collided head-on with a van. Two other persons were killed in the incident.
OR 2003-10 Construction Elevator shaft Report  2003 A 41-year-old construction worker fell to his death down an elevator shaft in a house under construction. The worker was on the second floor of a three-level house, handing up materials to coworkers nailing joists on the floor above. The crew was called in 4 days before to finish framing the house. They removed the protective cover to the elevator shaft to frame the walls, and replaced it with an unsecured board. On the morning of the incident, the shaft was open to allow access to the floor below. The victim apparently wandered too close to the opening at the end of the newly framed hallway.
OR 2003-09 Forestry/Logging Old snag   2003 A 52-year-old logger, working as a faller, was killed when the top of a snag broke off and fell on him. The faller, with over 30 yrs of experience falling trees, was working with two others in a thinning operation. He had cut two trees near an old-growth snag that was 40 ft tall and 36 in. diameter. He was delimbing and bucking the fallen trees about 35 ft from the base of the snag. The trees rested against the base of the snag, and the vibrations evidently caused the top 20 ft of the snag to break off and fall on the victim.
OR 2003-08 Admin/Support/Waste/Remed. Landscape pond Report  2003 A 23-year-old male Hispanic laborer drowned after falling into a landscape pond at the base of a steep slope. Immediately before the incident, a wheelbarrow load of rocks was delivered to the landscape worker. The wheelbarrow was later found lying on its side, with the rocks strewn down the slope. A coworker on the slope above responded, and managed to grab the laborer’s hand in the water, but was pulled in as well. The coworker could not relocate the victim. The pond slopes from 4 ft to 12 ft deep. The victim was unable to swim, and he disappeared quickly as his boots filled with water.
OR 2003-07 Forestry/Logging Skyline cable Report  2003 A 37-year-old logger, working as a hooktender, was struck and killed by a skyline cable. The hooktender and a coworker had pulled slack in the cable to reach a new tailhold. The two loggers were standing within 15 ft in front of the stump, when the hooktender called to have the skyline pulled taut by the yarder. The cable was caught in a slash pile, but continued slowly moving until it broke free, whipped outward, and struck the hooktender in the chest.
OR 2003-06 Forestry/Logging Yarder collapse Report  2003 A 42-year-old male logger, working as a chaser, was killed while standing on a landing site in front of a delimber. A nearby yarder was in the process of completing a turn on a cable-logging operation, when two of the four stumps used to secure the tower’s guylines failed. The yarder tower lost stability and fell on the boom of the delimber, sheering off a sheave (cable pulley guide) from the front of the boom. The sheave fell and struck the chaser on the head.
OR 2003-05-2 Profession/Science/Tech Airplane crash   2003 A 75-year-old male pilot and a 54-year-old male architect were killed in an airplane crash. The pilot was an ex-Alaska bush pilot, flying a fare to a scheduled business meeting. The Cessna 207 struck a 60-degree slope at high speed. There was low cloud cover at the time of the incident. The pilot did not radio a distress call.
OR 2003-04 Agriculture Random shooting   2003 A 20-year-old female animal caretaker at a horse-training stable was fatally shot while walking across the parking lot where she worked. The suspected shooter reportedly had mental health issues and had been hallucinating before the shooting.
OR 2003-03 Public Administration Fire truck hits tree   2003 A 53-year-old firefighter was killed while riding in the front passenger seat of a fire truck, during hazardous materials training on a rainy night. The firefighter was one of three riders in the truck. The driver moved the truck to the side of a narrow road for an oncoming vehicle, and the rear tire left the edge of the pavement and fell into a 40-inch ditch. The driver attempted to regain the roadway, but the truck bounced over two driveways, returned to the ditch, and crashed into a tree. The front passenger side of the cab was crushed. The victim was the only occupant injured.
OR 2003-02 Transportation Taxi driver   2003 A 33-year-old male of Ukrainian descent, working as a taxi driver, was robbed and killed by a passenger. The driver picked up a fare from a jail and took the passenger to his place of work, where he retrieved something from his work locker. Shortly after the passenger’s return, the driver pushed the panic alarm in his car. Without a global positioning (GPS) system, there was no way to know the taxi’s location. The driver’s body was discovered about 12 hrs later following an anonymous call.
OR 2003-01 Construction Skylight Report  2003 A 19-year-old roofer’s helper died when he fell through a skylight to a concrete floor 35 ft below. The worker was assisting his father, a roofing contractor, repair water leaks on the flat roof of a commercial warehouse. Clearing up for the day, the victim was backing up with a torch hose when he stepped or tripped into the skylight. The acrylic plastic dome shattered under his weight.