Graduate Programs


Graduate programs through OHSU

Individuals interested in pursuing advanced studies and research at CROET first enroll in a graduate program sponsored by one of OHSU's basic science programs in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing or interdisciplinary programs such as the Neuroscience Graduate Program. CROET offers an advanced neurotoxicology course for students in this Neuroscience Graduate Program. The Office of Student Affairs is also an excellent resource.

Graduate programs through Oregon State University (OSU)

CROET co-sponsors graduate training in Toxicology, in conjunction with Oregon State University's Toxicology Graduate Program, which is the degree-granting institution. CROET sponsors the neurotoxicology specialization and also contributes to the molecular and cell toxicology specialization. At CROET, students study the biomedical aspects of toxicology, while the OSU program focuses on environmental toxicology. This joint program fosters continuing scientific and academic interest in toxicology while joining the resources of two major institutions. CROET has also joined with OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine to promote graduate training in toxicology.