Health and Safety in the 21st Century Oregon Workplace

On April 28th, 1998, CROET sponsored a symposium addressing health and safety in the Oregon workplace of the 21st century. The symposium, which was held drew together leaders from industry, government, and labor. The overview below outlines the organization of the symposium.

The Honorable Neil Goldschmidt and Graham Slater from the Oregon Employment Department have kindly consented to have their remarks appear on our website. We have summarized the discussions which took place during the productive working lunch groups.

We look forward to hearing from you. A final report of the key issues will be posted on this website and be provided to the Symposium participants.


Symposium Overview



Neil Goldschmidt, former Oregon Governor

Goals of the Symposium

Peter Spencer, CROET Director

Oregon's Work Force in the 21st Century

Graham Slater, Oregon Employment Dept.

Panel Discussion: The Changing Oregon Workplace

Ken Boddie, KOIN TV, Moderator. Partial list of panelists: Margaret Hallock, LERC; Lynn Lehrbach, Teamsters; John Mitchell, US Bank; Tim Pope, WTD Industries; Bob Shiprack, Building Trades; Brad Witt, AFL-CIO; Duncan Wyse, Oregon Business Council

Working Lunch, Breakout Sessions

Choose an industry group to discuss and identify high-priority health and safety issues: (1) High tech (2) agriculture (3) construction (4) manufacturing (5) services (6) health care (7) emerging industry (8) logging (9) transportation

Panel Discussion: Health and Safety in the Future Workplace

 Bill Lunch, OSU, Moderator. Partial list of panelists: Pete DeLuca, Oregon OSHA; John Froines, PhD, UCLA, former Deputy Director of OSHA; John O'Donoghue, PhD, Eastman Kodak; Sheldon Wagner, MD, Oregon State Univ.


Registration Information

This symposium was held at the Portland Conference Center, 300 NE Multnomah, in Portland, Oregon. Registration was $75 and included all refreshments and materials. Registration was limited to 250 people.