2017 Summer Intern Page

Our 2017 Summer Interns

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Summer Interns  *As usual, all of the students chosen for the internship program are Oregon residents or attend Oregon schools.

Summer Interns 2017

2017 Poster Session

Our 2017 student interns presented their findings in a scientific poster session on August 9 among OHSU faculty and staff, and families and friends. We congratulate them on their fine work! Here is a recap of their projects:
  • Oskar Linde, Portland State University, Stephen Lloyd Lab - Development of fluorescent chimeric DNA repair enzymes for detection of DNA damage.

  • Lydia Lutsyshyna, Reed College, Matt Buter Lab -  The Development Consequences of Mis-timed Feedings.

  • Jessica Nguyen, Portland State University, Leslie Hammer Lab - Role Ambiguity and Job Satisfaction Among Forest Service Employees: Moderating Effects of General Support.
  • Molly Herinckx, Oregon State University, Mitch Turker Lab - Measuring Cytogenetic Aberrations Induced by Simulated Galactic Cosmic Rays.
  • Gregory Heinonen, Oregon State University, David Hurtado Lab - Lacking Co-Worker Support for Safe Patient Handling May Contribute to High Rates of Turnover in Nursing Staff: An Exploratory Analysis.
  • Randall Olson, Univ. of Portland, Miranda Lim Lab -  Decreased Motor Function in a Combined Mouse Model of TBI and PTSD.
  • Sydney O'Neill, Portland State University, Brad Wipfli Lab - Evaluating Pedal Stand Measurement and Intervention Methods.
  • Ali Noel Gunesch, Brown University, Charles Allen Lab - Cannabinoids and the Circadian Clock.
  • Izzy Fawson, Lewis and Clark College, Doris Kretzschmar Lab - Homozygous hTau Mutants Cause loss of function in Drosophila.
  • Sharanya Pradeep, Portland State University, OHWC Outreach Core - Disseminating Toolkits from the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center.
  • Jonathan Sisley, Oregon State University, Ryan Olson Lab - Sleep Device and Fatigue Evaluation for Team Truck Drivers.
  • Payton Bushaw, University of Portland, Suzanne Mitchell Lab - Comparing Measures of Delay Discounting in Rats.
  • Meera Bhide, Cornell University, Steven Shea Lab - Cannabis Use and Sleep: An Online Survey.
  • Austen Suits, University of Washington, Peter Spencer Lab - Magpi© Software for Data Collection on Sleep Deprivation from Multiple Populations Simultaneously: Comparing the Pacific Northwest to Uganda.
  • Natashia Andrews, Oregon State University, Amanda McCullough Lab - DNA Repair Enzyme Reduces Risk of Cancerous Mutations in Melanocyte Cell Lines.
  • Teala Alvord, Portland State University, Ryan Olson Lab - COMPASS Intervention Adaptation for  Personal Support Workers.