Translation to Practice

The most meaningful outcome of research lies in its transfer outside the laboratory where it can positively impact the larger community. Thus, a central goal at the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, shared with NIOSH's Total Worker Health®(TWH) focus, is not only to design evidence-based integrated (i.e., worker safety + well-being) intervention programs, it is to translate and disseminate them within organizations where they can improve the safety and health of workers, made possible by an organizational culture geared toward worker well-being.

Learn more about NIOSH's Research to Practice (r2p) initiative.

We are currently working on translating our interventions for practice; these interventions, like all others at the OHWC have undergone rigorous testing via "gold-standard research" and demonstrated effectiveness. Specifically, the interventions have emerged from randomized controlled trials (strongest research design), produced significant positive changes in learning and behavior, and have been rated favorably by those who have experienced it.

Through this page, we aim to provide access to OHWC's Total Worker Health intervention toolkits (when ready) along with guidance on implementing them within organizations. As we prepare these toolkits for release, we point you to some available external resources, which we recommend for their evidence-based best practices and TWH focus. Some are interventions by our fellow Total Worker Health Centers of Excellence.

  • Promoting Healthy Living: Assessing More Effects (PHLAME): Designed by OHSU's Health Promotion & Sports Medicine, it was designed for fire fighters.
  • CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program: Developed by the Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW), a TWH Center of Excellence, this tool is designed to guide the systematic development of programs to improve health, safety and productivity.
  • SafeWell Practice Guidelines: The SafeWell Practice Guidelines, developed by the Harvard School of Public Health Center for Work, Health, & Well-Being, also a TWH Center of Excellence, provide strategies, resources, and a model for implementing an integrated approach to worker well-being.
  • Also, look for more tools, tips, and resources on our Total Worker Health resource page.