OHWC Projects

The five research projects at the heart of the OHWC, are:

Pilot Projects

  • Nursing students' 1st entree into clinical rotations: Initial behaviors addressing shift work, sleep, & lifestyle (Patricia Butterfield, PI)
    Measure junior-level students' sleep before, during, and after their first semester of evening clinical rotations, explore associations between students' sleep and safety self-efficacy, and engage senior students in a participatory process to inform future TWH intervention addressing sleep and safe practice.
  • Total Worker Health among New Nurses: An Instrument Development Study (Janessa Graves, PI)                                      
    Assess recently licensed nurses' understanding of risks associated with their employment, describe occupational injury and illness risks among registered nurses in Washington State, and develop a risk perception tool to measure TWH among recently graduated nurses.
  • Be Active, Work Safe: A Novel Program for People with a Disability (Laurel Kincl and Simon Driver, PIs)
    Improve the health and safety of workers with a disability through the development, testing and dissemination of a web-based intervention that integrates basic occupational health and safety skills into an evidence-based health promotion model.
  • Family-Supportive and Safety-Supportive Supervisor Behavior Training in Corrections Personnel (Charlotte Fritz, Ph.D. and Leslie Hammer, PIs)
    Conduct a trial of a family-supportive and safety-supportive supervisor behavior training to reduce employee stress, and increase employee work-life balance, well-being, and safety and health behaviors.