OHWC Publications

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) publishes it's activities in different formats:

  • Oregon and the Workplace blog
  • Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences newsletters and annual reports (on the right side of this page)
  • Science-based publications in peer-reviewed academic literature and practice journals

OHWC Scientific and Practice Publications

  1. Wipfli B, Olson R, Wright RR, Garrigues L, Lees J. (June/July 2012).  Characterizing hazards and injuries among home care workers.  Home Healthcare Nurse, 30(7):387-393.
  2. Rohlman DS, Parish M, Elliot DL, Montgomery D, Hanson G.  (2013). Characterizing the needs of a young working population: making the case for total worker health in an emerging workforce.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dec;55(12 Suppl):S69-72,
  3. Hammer LB, Sauter S. (2013) Total Worker Health and Work–Life Stress. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (December 2013 55:S25-S29).
  4. Olson R, Wipfli B, Wright RR, Garrigues L, Nguyen T, Lopez de Castro B. (2014).  Reliability and validity of the home care STAT (Safety Task Assessment Tool). Applied Ergonomics, 45(4):1157-66.
  5. Bodner T, Kraner M, Bradford B, Hammer L, Truxillo D. (in press) “Safety, Health, and Well-Being of Municipal Utility and Construction Workers.” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
  6. Anger WK, Elliot DL, Bodner T, Olson R,  Rohlman DS, Truxillo DM, Kuehl KS, Hammer LB, Montgomery D.  Effectiveness of Total Worker Health Interventions.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (in press).