OHWC Publications

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) publishes it's activities in different formats:

  • Oregon and the Workplace blog
  • Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences newsletters and annual reports (on the right side of this page)
  • Science-based publications in peer-reviewed academic literature and practice journals

OHWC Scientific and Practice Publications

  1. Wipfli, B., Olson, R., Wright, R. R., Garrigues, L., Lees, J. (June/July 2012).  Characterizing hazards and injuries among home care workers.  Home Healthcare Nurse, 30(7):387-393.
  2. Rohlman DS, Parish M, Elliot DL, Montgomery D, Hanson G.  (2013). Characterizing the needs of a young working population: making the case for total worker health in an emerging workforce.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dec;55(12 Suppl):S69-72,
  3. Hammer, L.B., Sauter, S. (2013) Total Worker Health and Work–Life Stress. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (December 2013 55:S25-S29).
  4. Olson, R., Wipfli, B., Wright, R. R., Garrigues, L., Nguyen, T., & Lopez de Castro, B. (2014).  Reliability and validity of the home care STAT (Safety Task Assessment Tool). Applied Ergonomics, 45(4):1157-66.
  5. Bodner, T., Kraner, M., Bradford, B., Hammer, L., Truxillo, D. (in press) “Safety, Health, and Well-Being of Municipal Utility and Construction Workers.” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.