Center Structure

Funded in 2011, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) is a NIOSH-sponsored Center of Excellence for Total Worker Health. 

Activities at OHWC are driven by five major groups, the Administrative Core, the Internal Steering Committee, the Design and Analysis Core, the Education, Outreach, Dissemination, & Translation Program, and the External Advisory Committee.

Administrative Core

  • W. Kent Anger, PhD (Director)OHWC Structure
  • Leslie Hammer, PhD (Associate Director; Director, Summer Institute)
  • Anjali Rameshbabu, PhD (Center Manager)
  • Janice Stewart, BS (Finance Manager)

Internal Steering Committee

The OHWC Internal Steering Committee guides the Center's executive functions.  This Committee meets monthly to discuss ongoing research, outreach, and educational activities. All PIs on the Center's projects serve on the Internal Steering Committee.

Design & Analysis Core 

The Design & Analysis Core, comprising Nancy Perrin, PhD and Ginger Hanson, PhD at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, reviews and approves research methodology and study design of all Center projects. In addition, the Core helps to manage the data repository, which comprises data from a common set of measures identified by Center PIs, to enable us to highlight emerging patterns across the different populations studied.

Education, Outreach, Dissemination & Translation Program

The aim of this Core, led by Dede Montgomery, CIH, MS, is to ensure that the work at OHWC is relevant and applicable in the larger occupational community. Thus, this Program (1) regularly collaborates with community stakeholders to understand needs and opportunities for improvement, (2) builds pertinent, effective, and informed interventions for occupational safety and well-being and (3) educates and disseminates information and research products to the community. Among many others, activities coordinated by the Program include the science seminar program, annual symposia, and the Summer Institute on Occupational Health Psychology (at Portland State University). Originally focused on Outreach and Education, this Program expanded in October 2014 to include Dissemination & Translation.

External Advisory CommitteeDSC_2463

The External Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Director on the quality and progress of the research, translational and pilot projects, and of the Center faculty individually.

Members of the External Advisory Committee

  • Tom Becker, MD, PhD [Oregon Health & Science University-Chair Public Health & Preventive Medicine]
  • Mark R. Cullen, MD [Stanford University-Chief of General Medicine]
  • Chuck Easterly, BS, ARM [SAIF Corporation-Loss Control Director, Worker’s Compensation Insurance]
  • Joseph J. Hurrell, PhD [St. Mary's University; Journal of Occupational Health Psychology-Editor-in-Chief]
  • John Mohlis [Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council]
  • Noah Seixas, PhD, MS [University of Washington]
  • Ronald L. Tubby, MS, MBA, CIH, CSP [Intel Corporation]
  • Tammy Allen, PhD [University of South Florida]
  • Matthew Keifer, MD, MPH [Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation]

Research Projects