Michael Lasarev, MS

Mike Lasarev, MS



Research Associate
Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences

Senior Instructor
OHSU-PSU School of Public Health


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Fax: 503-494-4278

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As an applied statistician, I am committed to working with basic scientists, epidemiologists, clinicians and other health professionals seeking to answer questions in their own area of research. That I have an opportunity to learn from and work with so many experts across diverse fields is what has kept me at OHSU for 19 years. Most of my collaborations have been in the field of medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology, environmental science, neuroscience, and pharmacology/toxicology. In 2007, I began teaching statistics, mainly to MPH students at OHSU, but have also taught courses to clinicians and laboratory scientists. My own specific interests in statistics focuses on the fitting of specialized models for count data.


  • Master of Science, Statistics, Oregon State University, 1994
  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, California State University, Bakersfield, 1992

Recent Publications

  • G. Hryciw, D. Grygoryev, M. Lasarev, A. Ohlrich, C. Dan, R. Madhira, E. Bradley, S. Gauny, A. Kronenberg, and M.S. Turker. Accelerated (48)Ti ions induce autosomal mutations in  mouse kidney epithelium at low dose and fluence.  Radiation Research, 184(4):367–377, 2015. 
  • M.M. Zubair, A.R. Hohimer, D.K. Bailly, A. Muralidaran, E.J. Madriago, M.H. Zubair, M.R. Lasarev, and S.M. Langley. High flow velocity through congenital cardiac lesions predicts preoperative platelet dysfunction. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 99(4):1379–1385, 2015. 
  • S.T. Singleton, P.J. Lein, O.A. Dadson, B.P. McGarrigle, F.M. Farahat, T. Farahat, M.R. Bonner, R.A. Fenske, K. Galvin, M.R. Lasarev, W.K. Anger, D.S. Rohlman, and J.R. Olson. Longitudinal assessment of occupational exposures to the organophosphorous insecticides chlorpyrifos and profenofos in Egyptian cotton field workers. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 218(2):203–211, 2015. 
  • H.E. Hinson, L. Puybasset, N. Weiss, V. Perlbarg, H. Benali, D. Galanaud, M. Lasarev, and R.D. Stevens. Neuroanatomical basis of paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity: A diffusion tensor imaging analysis. Brain Injury, 29(2):455–461, 2015. 
  • P.A. Bakhtiani, J. El Youssef, A.K. Duell, D.L. Branigan, P.G. Jacobs, M.R. Lasarev, J.R. Castle, and W.K. Ward. Factors affecting the success of glucagon delivered during an automated closed-loop system in type 1 diabetes. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, 29(1):93–98, 2015. 
  • M.M. Zubair, D.K. Bailly, G. Lantz, R.E. Sunstrom, S. Saharan, L.K. Boshkov, P. Sochacki, A.R. Hohimer, M.R. Lasarev, and S.M. Langley. Preoperative platelet dysfunction predicts blood product transfusion in children undergoing cardiac surgery. Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, 20(1):24–30, 2015.