Response Over Internet (ROI) Research

The Response Over Internet (ROI) is a new, dedicated online cohort designed to optimize the conduct of pervasive computing health research, as well as frequently capture novel data in its own right.

Online Data Collection

ROI participants will be available to regularly engage in research ranging from online surveys to directly consenting to Life Lab participation in their home. Through this new functionality we will collect self-report data regularly, but we are most interested in exploring how the ROI responses in their own right may be used as tools to unobtrusively assess function. These metrics may include preferred modes of on-line response modalities, frequency of contact, query designs and formats, and intra-individual response characteristics in well-being domains that may differ based on the query frequency and/or format itself.

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The ROI in Action

As an example of what the ROI can accomplish, we recently piloted an interactive questionnaire designed to rapidly address social communications in our participants. We needed to know not simply how many people owned mobile phones, but also where there is a land line and a cell phone, how a participant divides usage. The few existing surveys such as the Pew Internet and American Life surveys are not research focused or detailed enough to guide technology and user assessment protocol development. We designed and deployed an interactive survey (sample question below) that not only asked what type of phones are used, but presented images of phones (e.g. ‘flip’, ‘slide’) to facilitate responses. This was invaluable for our senior participants. We discovered a transition to more use of cellular and landline technology and a small but important minority using iOS platforms. In a separate survey of elderly residing in Section 8, low income housing we found a significant proportion of cellular use (51%) in this low-income community. A similar process will be needed for many projects planned going forward.

ROI Sample

Collaboration Using the ROI Cohort

If you are interested in utilizing the ROI for survey research or accessing data collected by ORCATECH via the ROI, please submit a Resource Use Application.