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ORCATECH has an extensive history of working with industry to reduce clinical trial cost and improve efficacy, to assist in device development and testing, and to provide complex data sets and algorithms for data mining.


ORCATECH has collaborated with many industry sectors (consumer electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals) for years on projects ranging from medical device development to extended clinical trials.

Collaborative Resources

Clinical Trials - ORCATECH’s powerful and customizable data collection and analysis platforms are ideal for clinical trials.

Product Design and Development - On-site facilities and expertise facilitate health product design and development from initial design through target-user testing.

Data Mining -
ORCATECH has years of expertise in developing robust data analysis systems for high-resolution outcomes either using our extensive archived continuous multi-dimensional Life Lab data or creating new customized datasets for the purpose of developing novel algorithms or outcomes.

Elder Care - ORCATECH’s roots are in developing systems to facilitate independent aging and collaborating with continuing care organizations to assess and improve care processes.

Small Business Collaboration - ORCATECH has ongoing collaborative projects with business start-ups and medical technology engineers.