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06/08/2018 - MobiHealth News
Rising use of consumer devices in clinical trials has pharma hungry for data standards

05/31/2018 - Wall Street Journal
Tech leaders head the management 250

05/29/2018 - Wall Street Journal
Clues to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's from how you use your computer

12/16/2017 - Al Jazeera (TechKnow Program)
The Intersection of Hardware and Humanity
To learn about the CART Initiative, start at the 18:35 minute mark

07/25/2017 - The Associated Press
Black seniors test reminiscing to guard against Alzheimer's

12/22/2016 - The Commonwealth Fund
Transforming Care: In Focus: Using Technology to Find Blind Spots in the Care of the Elderly

11/01/2016 - OHSU News

'Life lab' a national model for research into aging in place

10/27/2016 - KATU
Study monitors seniors in effort to allow them - and others - to age-in-place

03/21/2016 - Forbes
Judith Kornfeld, ORCATECH CBO, discusses how technology is transforming clinical development.
Read A House Wired for Clinical Research.

12/12/2015 - The Straits Times
An ORCATECH participant shares her experiences as part of the ORCATECH Life Lab in an article about the changing needs and wants of seniors.
Read The new demographic: Seniors

12/09/2015 - The New York Times
Dr. Jeffrey Kaye chimes in about the roll of robotics in an aging population.
Read the article: As Aging Population Grows, So Do Robotic Health Aides

11/17/2015 - Jefferson Public Radio
Dr. Adri Seelye explains her research to track changes in simple household tasks that may indicate changes in the brain.
Listen to the interview: Tracking Changes in the Brain Through Daily Tasks

10/16/2015 - Portland Business Journal
ORCATECH Director Jeffrey Kaye, MD talks with Portland Business Journal about the ORCATECH Platform and how it can be used to make clinical trials more efficient.
Read OHSU discovers a better way to measure Alzheimer's progression

11/01/2013 - BBC World News
ORCATECH is on a BBC Horizons episode about the increasing pressure on expensive healthcare and nursing homes. The episode features our Point of Care Lab and our work to see how more independent living could be supported in the future.
Watch the episode: Wiring Up Grey America

12/01/2012 - The Oregonian
The Oregonian interviews some of our research participants about their role in our research using ambient sensors.
Read the article: With seniors' help, OHSU researchers use technology to track the aging process

11/28/2012 - Globe News Wire
ORCATECH Director Jeff Kaye, M.D., collaborated with VTech to develop the CareLine phone, a tool to help seniors stay independent longer.
Read the article: VTech Answers Communications Needs Of Seniors With New CareLine Phone System That Supports Independence And Safety

07/16/2012 - Alzheimer's Association
ORCATECH research presented at the 2012 Alzheimer's Association International Conference highlights the importance of assessing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in elders.
Read the article: New Research Links Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to Increased Isolation and Risk of Death

07/09/2012 - NBC Nightly News
ORCATECH’s research using a mobile robot is featured on NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams.
Watch the clip: Gadgets that Help Seniors Stay Independent

06/05/2012 - The Wall Street Journal
A summary of a recent ORCATECH publication looking at the relationship between walking speed and cognitive impairment. Read the article: Erratic Walk, Impaired Mind

04/12/2012 - Reuters
ORCATECH’s sensor systems may reduce healthcare costs by detecting health issues sooner.
Read the article: Graying America gets wired to cut healthcare costs

03/29/2012 - AARP
Remote sensing systems developed by ORCATECH may detect mobility issues as a precursor to cognitive decline.
Read the article: Independent Living for the Aging Is Possible With New Technology

11/18/2011 - Alzheimer Research Forum
ORCATECH collaborates with the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study to develop a clinical trial system that is less burdensome for participants and coordinators.
Read the article: Clinical Trials: Making “Protocols From Hell” Less Burdensome

11/11/2011 - The Oregonian
ORCATECH Director Jeff Kaye, M.D., discusses the relationship of social engagement and cognitive health.
Read the Article: Still learning after all these years at the Senior Studies Institute

06/17/2011 - The Los Angeles Times
The LA Times interviews ORCATECH Director Jeff Kaye, M.D., about the process of developing technology to improve quality of life for seniors.
Read the article: Elder care goes high tech

06/11/2011 - Cincinnati Enquirer
ORCATECH administrator Tracy Zitzelberger, M.P.H., is interviewed about research to determine the potential role of technology in senior homes.
Read the article: 'Assistive technology' devices help make home a safer place

03/18/2011 - The Portland Business Journal
The Portland Business Journal covers Intel’s investment in ORCATECH.
Read the article: Intel, OHSU unite on health initiative

03/06/2011 - CBS Sunday Morning
An overview of ORCATECH’s work to develop new technologies to assist elders.
Watch the video: The new target demographic: Baby Boomers

02/05/2011 - The New York Times
The New York Times reports on ORCATECH’s focus on promoting healthy aging (mobility and wellness) rather than capitalizing on senior deficits.
Read the article: In a Graying Population, Business Opportunity

07/06/2010 - San Jose Mercury News
ORCATECH’s MedTracker device, which monitors when medication is taken, is noted as an indication that household gadgets are getting smarter.
Read the article: Smart gadgets may one day anticipate our needs

04/22/2010 - U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging
Intel’s Eric Dishman’s testimony before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging which cites ORCATECH’s collaborative work with Intel.
Read the presentation: Eric Dishman’s Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging

11/07/2009 - The New York Times
The New York Times highlights ORCATECH’s focus on health crisis prevention through technology.
Read the article: Watch the Walk and Prevent the Fall

02/12/2009 - The New York Times
ORCATECH’s director Dr. Jeffrey Kaye talks about the importance of developing useful new technology to help seniors rather than just novel gadgets.
Read the article: Sensors help keep the elderly safe, and at home

12/01/2008 - Portland Monthly
An in-depth look at ORCATECH’s work, where even the smallest actions of older Portlanders may yield critical clues about how we age.
Read the article: Wired Science

10/03/2008 - The Portland Business Journal
An overview of the research on unobtrusive monitoring and reminder devices developed by an ORCATECH-Intel collaboration.
Read the article: Assisted living gets techie

11/27/2007 - The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal discusses ORCATECH in the context of seniors’ new acceptance of home monitoring.
Read the article: Remote Control: Frail Seniors Embrace Home Monitoring

06/29/2007 - Good Morning America
Good Morning America hosts discuss how ORCATECH is addressing the challenges of caring for elderly parents.
Watch the clip: Aging in Place: Tech Lets Seniors Live Alone