ORCATECH is transforming clinical research by developing and implementing leading-edge technologies that harvest life’s data in real time.

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03/21/2016 - Forbes
Judith Kornfeld, ORCATECH CBO, discusses how technology is transforming clinical development.
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12/12/2015 - The Straits Times
An ORCATECH participant shares her experiences as part of the ORCATECH Life Lab in an article about the changing needs and wants of seniors.
Read The new demographic: Seniors

12/09/2015 - The New York Times
Dr. Jeffrey Kaye chimes in about the roll of robotics in an aging population.
Read the article: As Aging Population Grows, So Do Robotic Health Aides

11/17/2015 - Jefferson Public Radio
Dr. Adri Seelye explains her research to track changes in simple household tasks that may indicate changes in the brain.
Listen to the interview: Tracking Changes in the Brain Through Daily Tasks

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