Oregon's Primate Center

Who we are:

Oregon Health & Science University is proud to be home to one of the nation's eight national primate research centers.  The Federal government established the centers within the National Institutes of Health to conduct critical research aimed a treating and curing disease.  The highly regulated primate centers are located throughout the country so that health researchers in the United States and around the world can collaborate to obtain important data aimed at battling diseases, such as AIDS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other brain disorders, cardiovascular disease, schizophrenia, and the country's alarming obesity epidemic.  In addition, studies conducted at the country's primate centers are greatly advancing stem cell and gene therapy methods to treat patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. 

Here's a video that provides a brief overview of our research.

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Breakthroughs that have led to current and future treatments

Throughout the years, Oregon National Primate Research Center scientists have made numerous health research breakthroughs.  Following is a sampling of news clips that highlight these significant findings. 

KATU- Breakthrough at OHSU could lead to HIV/AIDS vaccine

BBC- Fertility first with tissue transplant

KGW- Multiple sclerosis breakthrough at OHSU

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN- Primate Stem Cell Barrier Broken

PREGNANCY AND BABY- Vitamin C counteracts some negative impacts of smoking on unborn babies

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY- OHSU Researchers Study Recent Monkeypox Outbreak

NEW SCIENTIST- Smallpox immunity may last a lifetime

SCIENCE DAILY- New Clues to How Major Weight-Loss Drugs Work

OREGONIAN- $8 million grant boosts AIDS vaccine developed in Oregon

OREGONIAN- Virus 'Cloaking device' explained by Oregon Scientists

PHYS ORG- Do birth control pills cause weight gain? New research says no 

BBC- First 'Mixed Embryo' monkeys born

ASSOCIATED PRESS- Puberty gene may be linked to obesity

Major economic impacts right here in Oregon

In addition to our role in developing new health treatments, OHSU's primate center also has a significant economic impact on the region.  The center employs approximately 500 people, and a significant amount of funding from federal health research grants (xxx in total last year) flow in the Hillsboro- area economy via area businesses that provide services and supplies.

Our dedication to animal care

OHSU's primate center has a highly regarded animal care program.  Most of the animals live in large outdoor corrals, with access to shelter when the weather gets cold.  Federal animal care experts tour the center regularly to ensure our animals are well cared for.  We post their reports on our website.

In addition, for several decades we have obtained voluntary accreditation through the international oversight organization Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) to ensure our animal care efforts go above and beyond the law.

Come see what we do, thousands already have

Oregon's primate center offers many opportunities for area residents to learn about our work, including public.  Approximately 3,000 visitors come to learn about our research and see our animals each year.  In addition, center scientists provide training for high school students, undergraduates and science teachers through our summer apprenticeship programs, as well as through our volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Veterinary students from around the country receive training from our expert veterinary staff.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the outreach programs described above, please contact Diana Gordon, education & outreach coordinator, at 503-690-5201 or gordondi@ohsu.edu.