Veterinary Services

The Clinical Medicine Unit (CMU) has two main branches, the Research Veterinary Support Unit (RVSU) and the Colony Veterinary Support Unit (CVSU) which work together to care for a population of more than 4,300 non-human primates as well as several thousand non-primates.  A staff of six veterinarians, ten veterinary technicians, and two clinical laboratory specialists provide clinical and preventative veterinary care to all of the animals on our campus.  In addition to attending to the health needs of our animals, the veterinarians and their staff within each branch devote their time to additional needs within the ONPRC.  This team works to diagnose and treat any medical conditions that develop in our patients, as well as perform preventative care such as annual physical examinations and dental cleanings.

The RVSU oversees the health of all animals involved in a research project, this requires extensive communication with the scientists, much as a veterinarian would interact with a client bringing their pet into a local veterinary hospital.  Additionally, the RVSU provides veterinary and technical expertise supporting primate-related research, and continually looks for ways to improve the health of the animals in our care.

The CVSU provides veterinary care to all of the non-human primates that are housed in breeding groups or that are not active on a research protocol.  Additionally the CVSU works with the behavioral science team and genetic experts to ensure our breeding groups are balanced in several areas; including gender, age, dominance, and genetic make-up.  The CVSU also works with the pathology unit to monitor and prevent disease outbreak, as well as ensure that the colony remains free of specific viruses.