Our Monkeys

Our MonkeysThe Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) is home to approximately 4,800 nonhuman primates (NHPs), including a variety of macaques (Rhesus, Japanese, and Cynomolgus) and a small number of baboons and squirrel monkeys.  The vast majority of our NHPs are rhesus macaques.

The founding troop of rhesus macaques, whose natural range is from northern India to northern China, was brought to Brown University in the 1950's and transferred to Oregon in 1964.

In that same year, the government of Japan donated a troop of 46 Japanese macaques to the Center for conservation purposes—they were threatened by deforestation and by farmers who treated them as pests—so that scientists could study their behavior and social organization.  More than 2,200 Japanese Macaques have been born at the ONPRC, most of which now live in zoos and recreational parks in North America.

ONPRC is also home to a few baboons which are part of a heart disease study on hemostasis, blood coagulation mechanisms and contraception. A small number of squirrel monkeys are also housed on site.