Who cares for the animals? 

Twelve veterinarians, an animal resource manager, 2 animal care supervisors, one registered medical technologist, 54 animal technicians, 18 veterinary and surgical technicians, and 7 behavioral specialists and technicians are responsible for the physical care and psychological well-being of the animals.

Because the Center's monkeys are kept in good health, receive regular veterinary care and enjoy a balanced, healthful nutrition, they live, on average, half again as long as their "wild" counterparts in India and China. They are treated with special concern for their psychological well-being.  Surgical and potentially painful procedures are performed under the same anesthetic and antiseptic conditions as human surgery. When required, euthanasia of animals is performed without pain or suffering, generally by an overdose of anesthetics. The monkeys are protected from infection or other potential ill effects from other animals or from humans, and for this reason public viewing access is limited to monkeys in outdoor breeding corrals.