OCTRI Regulatory Requirements

The following requirements are dictated by institutional and federal NIH policies and procedures.

OHSU Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The following requirements apply to studies submitting applications to the OHSU IRB only.

  • All studies utilizing OCTRI resources need to check question 2.6.14. on the OHSU Institutional Review Questionnaire (IRQ).
  • In addition, studies utilizing OCTRI nursing and/or bionutrition services need to check question 2.6.15.

Consent Forms

  • Because OCTRI is funded by NIH, the federally funded liability statement must be added to the liability section of the consent form. Template language can be found on the OHSU IRB website Non-OHSU studies should use this or the language suggested by their IRB.
  • NIH must be listed in the confidentiality section as authorized to receive public health information.
  • View template language on the OHSU IRB web site.


  • NIH must be listed as authorized to receive public health information.