OHSU Research Policies

Research Policies

OHSU University Research Policies

OHSU Distinguishing Gifts from Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Projects 04-40-01

OHSU Sponsored Project Budgets and Cost Coverage 04-40-020

Research Record Retention Requirement Summary

Scope of Practice for Research Assistants/Associates

Research Development and Administration (RDA)

OHSU Research-Related Health System Policies

Admitting OHSU Patients Involved in Research

Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting, HC-MM-100-RR

Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information, HC-IM-100-RR

Charges for Research Support, HC-LD-125-POL

Communicating Research Instructions in EPIC

EPIC for Research

EPIC Access for External Auditors

Innovative Procedures or Therapies, HC-PC-125-POL

Inpatient Orders in Epic

Investigational Agents Consisting of Recombinant DNA or Infectious Agents, HC-MM-109-POL

Permitted Uses & Disclosures of Protected Health Information, HC-IM-103_RR

Research Documentation in the Integrated Health Record, HC-RC-123-POL

Research Pharmacy Policies

Research Study Participant Registration, for Medical Record Number (MRN) HC-LD-138-POL

Billing of Research-Related Clinical Services, Research Rates, and Research Account Setup, HC-LD-126-POL

Right to an Accounting of Disclosures of Health Information, HC-IM-104_RR

Right to Request Access to Inspect or Obtain a Copy of Protected Health Information, HC-IM-105-RR

Scope of Practice for Research Assistants/Associates

Scheduling Research Patients for Outpatient Appointments in Practices on Cadence

Use of Research Devices and Equipment

Other OHSU Administrative Guidance

Budget Development

Guidance Regarding Clinical Trial Registration

Information Security and Research Data Resource Guide

OHSU Compliance with 21 CFR11:

Proposal Development

OHSU Clinical Research Administrative Processes

Training Requirements Checklist for Clinical Research Coordinators

OHSU Clinical ResearchCore Facilities and Shared Resources

Knight Cancer Institute CRM

Portland VA Medical Center (PVAMC) Research and Development Service